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HTTP Chat Engine

Implement a chat server that only stores messages for 60 seconds.

Clients should be able to query for messages in ranges from since to until (in ms).

If since is omitted, the server should assume since=0

If until is in the past, the server should assume until={now} (and respond immediately).

If until is omitted, the server should respond the next time a message is sent to that room.

If until is in the future, the server should not respond until the appointed time, including all new messages in the room.

Node.JS Boilerplate:

npm install -g spark

cd ~/http-chat-nodejs
npm install # reads in package.json for deps
spark & # starts server.js according to config.js

Ender.JS Boilerplate:

npm install -g ender

cd ~/http-chat-nodejs/public
ender build jeesh querystring ahr2


rm -rf json-chat-nodejs/node_modules
rm -rf json-chat-nodejs/public/node_modules
rm -rf json-chat-nodejs/public/ender.*
tar czf json-chat.tar.gz json-chat-nodejs/
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