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Jekyll, the ruby-based blog-aware site builder has no default setup.

Jekyll-aid provides a nice "template" for a Jekyll-based site.

  • Disqus Comments
  • Google Analytics
  • categories for posts (in a tag-like fashion)
  • plays well with subdirectories


Add Jekyll-aid to your Jekyll-blog.

git remote add jekyll-aid git://
git pull jekyll-aid gh-pages

You will have conflicts if you already had any content.

git mergetool
git checkout --ours ./path/to/file
git checkout --theirs ./path/to/file

git commit -a -m "now using jekyll-aid"

You Jekyll-aid!

./mkdocument 'Title of my Awesome-blog post!!!'
  • creates _posts/
  • create link edit/
  • adds created_at timestamp
  • creates UUID (for disqus comments)
  • adds to unfinished category


Accounts you'll need:

Files to edit:

  • all.html -- change the title
  • index.html -- change the title
  • _layouts/default.html -- replace ___YOUR_ID_HERE___ and ___YOUR_UA_HERE with your disqus id and google analytics id
  • _layouts/article.html -- replace ___YOUR_ID_HERE___ with your disqus id
  • _config.yml
    • change the destination
    • url_root to /your/subpath
  • CNAME -- if you're hosting on github and have a custom domain, enter it here (without the www prefix)


  • ./editdocument edit/title-of....

    • updates updated_at date automagically
  • join forces with / steal ideas from Jekyll-base

    • use jekyll-base format for url_root, ga_id, google_ajax_search in _config.yml
  • Post about this to the Jekyll mailing list

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