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* Changes between 0.4.0 to 0.5.0
API Changes
* http module has been largely refactored/rewritten to be node-like.
New Features
* New http module - posts, chunking, and headers now work (Ryan Phillips)
* New https module - leverages the new http submodule (Ryan Phillips)
* Improved fiber module (Tim Caswell)
* Changes between 0.3.1 to 0.4.0
API Changes
* dns.isIPv* has been renamed and moved to net.*
New Features
* Memory usage improvements (Ryan Phillips, Paul Querna, Brandon Philips, Tim Caswell)
* Callback State infrastructure (Brandon Philips)
* TLS Ticketing (Michael Kandrashoff)
* Reference counting (Tim Caswell)
* Improve timers (Ryan Phillips)
* Add os.clock (Tadeusz Wojcik)
* (Michael Kandrashoff)
* zlib (Paul Querna)
* OpenSSL w/ Skinny Option (Paul Querna)
Bug Fixes
* C89 Improvements (Antal Szabó)
* Assertion fixes (Antal Szabó)
* url.parse parseQueryString (Tomaz Muraus)
* process.spawn environment passing on windows (Ryan Phillips)
* Solaris build fixes (Ben Noordhuis)
* DNS IPv6 resolving (Ryan Phillips)
* TCP Connect IPv6 (Ryan Phillips)
* TLS Fixes (Brandon Philips)
* TLS Tests (Brandon Philips)
* Various Windows fixes (Brandon Philips, Ryan Phillips)
* luv_zlib uninitialized variable (Paul Querna)
* Use gyp submodule (Brandon Philips)
* Changes between 0.3.0 to 0.3.1
Bug Fixes
* Fix socket double 'error' emit
* Fix clearTimer
* Changes between 0.2.0 to 0.3.0
API Changes
* Stream objects now call destroy() instead of close()
New Features
* TLS/SSL Support (Ryan Phillips)
* Crypto Support (Brandon Philips)
* Zlib Binding (Vladimir Dronnikov)
* Chaining Emitters (Vladimir Dronnikov)
* Socket Timeout (Ryan Phillips)
* Socket Drain (Ryan Phillips)
* OS Path Module (Brandon Philips)
* Suppress color output (-n switch) (radare)
* Listen() now supports backlog size (Vladimir Dronnikov)
* obj:removeListener(name, nil) will remove all listeners (Vladimir Dronnikov)
* Buffer writes before a connect (Ryan Phillips)
* Debug Interface (Ryan Phillips)
* Add process.nextTick() (Brandon Philips)
Bug Fixes
* Timer (Ryan Phillips)
* Module loading with relative paths (Brandon Philips)
* Chunking HTTP Fixes (Vladimir Dronnikov)
* HTTP Parser Fixes (Paul Querna)
* Keep Alive EPIPE Fix (Vladimir Dronnikov)
* Windows Fixes (Brandon Philips)
* Socket error handling (Brandon Philips)