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--v2.1.3 October 2014
fixed file logging functionality
added png to automatic file extension detection
--v2.1.2 September 2014
fixed HTML injection problem
fixed handling of non-UTF8 data
fixed browser crash with multiple active netbug tabs
made "lock scroll to bottom" checked by default
modified styling of the web page
--v2.1.1 May 2013
major internal UI rework
more fluid tab navigation
tab location preserved on refresh
disconnect/reconnect from server handled better
page adjusts with window size
more usable in firefox (still doesn't look as good though)
--v2.1.0 May 2013
added support for HTTPS
added a proper argument parser
added support for Node 0.10
put the web socket on the same port as the UI server
expanded list of automatic file extensions
--v2.0.1 August 2012
fixed a bug with dependencies
--v2.0.0 August 2012
major refactor of server code thanks to tigerbot. Logging is more accurate. All three protocols support multiple tabs. Multiple instances of netbug server can now run on the same machine. Multiple browsers can simultaneously view the same netbug server.
--v1.5.6 July 2012
TCP protocol now sorts multiple subscriptions made on the port and organizes them for logging.
--v1.5.1 July 2012
Made more stable. Now warns users if a port is in use.
--v1.5.0 July 2012
Reorganized filenames to sort timestamps by date. Milliseconds field added. Filenames now read (Year-Month-Day_Hour-Min-Sec-Millesec)
--v1.4.5 June 2012
Multiple HTTP tabs can now be opened.