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A package manager built atop pakman
JavaScript Shell


An example (and fully functional) package manager built on the pakman and npm APIs.


If you haven't already set your NPM author info, now you should:

npm set "Your Name"
npm set ""
npm set ""

npm adduser

And install pakmanager:

npm install -g pakmanager


In short: run pakmanager build wherever package.json exists

Create your project

mkdir -p ${PROJECT}/lib
touch lib/index.js
npm init

NOTE: Your code will be wrapped in a strict-mode closure - so don't use "The Bad Parts" TM such as using this to refer to the global object. See jshint.

(function () { "use strict";
  var module = { exports: {} };
  /*** your code pasted here ***/ 
  provide('providename', module);

Mark as private if need be by editing package.json and adding "private": true,

Test and build your module

pakmanager deps
pakmanager build
# edit pakmanaged-test.js
# open pakmanaged.html to see about any errors

And you might want to publish your module

npm publish ./


pakmanager deps       # list all dependencies
pakmanager build      # builds package.json.browserDependencies and package.json.main

rm -rf pakmanaged.js ./node_modules # clean old builds

Internal API

#init(cb, config)




jshint code and report errors

Add to API

pakmanager init       # creates / updates package.json
pakmanager install    # installs package.json.browserDependencies into ./node_modules
pakmanager clean      # rm -rf ./node_modules
pakmanager rebuild    # clean, build
pakmanager add        # add module@ver to package.json.browserDependencies
pakmanager set        # set module@ver in package.json.browserDependencies
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