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After receiving a takedown notice in my e-mail today (Oct 19th 2012), I've modified the test such that it does not directly provide the color-code test.

It has been brought to our attention that your blog, coolaj86 includes code for a personality assessment based on the intellectual property of Color Code International.

We appreciate your interest in the Color Code, however, in order to preserve the integrity of the copyright we have to be diligent in enforcing that the Color Code personality assessment be delivered as written by Dr. Hartman. Because of this, we do not allow our copyrighted intellectual property to be published except online at, in our published materials, and those published by Simon and Schuster.

Because you may not be aware of the copyright violation, we are sending this letter to inform you as such and to ask you to remove the assessment from Your immediate compliance in removing the assessment will prevent us from seeking legal action.


Teresa Glenn

Color Code International

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