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Bootstrap 4 Joomla! Template


This Joomla! Bootstrap 4 Template is based on the startbootsrap Template from which is released under the MIT License


This template is not a all-in-one Joomla! Template. It does not contain overrides of all core-views. If you use it, you might experience issues with frontend-editing. In fact it does its job on the website it's used on. If you find any bugs or something that can be done better please post an issue or a PR. I am more than happy to test and merge.


Install the template as usual through the Joomla! Extension installer


This template is used on the website /

Template Parameters


You can disable the component area


You can define a Logo Text or a Logo Image


If there is no module in the position copyright, the copyright language string is placed into the footer.

Module positions


Publish the main menu in the main menu position (mod_menu)


Setup a mod_custom module in the header position with the layout clean For the large header image setup the module class suffix: intro-header with a leading space and select a background image in the options tab

If you want a smaller header then use the module class suffix site-header with a leading space.


Setup a mod_breadcrumbs module in the breadcrumbs position ;-)


Setup a mod_custom module with the Layout clean and add the module class suffix banner with a leading space. Setup the Module-tag aside.

If you want a banner with a darker background add the class dark to the existing ones.


Setup a mod_menu module in the footermenu position with the layout footer


Setup a mod_custom module in this position with the layout clean. Put in a paragraph like

Your Copyright Information

If there is no module on this position, the copyright message from the template language file is shown.

Alternate Layout for Category View (Landingpage)

If you have a look at the page / you see that the main menu parent items are showing articles from a category with an alternate Layout and i'´s own menu type. • shows the articles from a category in one column below each other • If there are custom fields or intro-images, the article take 7/12 columns of the bootstrap grid • If any custom field exists, a tab panel for each custom field is created - the content in the tab panel is the field value, the title of the tab panel is the custom field label (does support JTEXT) • If an intro image exists it's shown above the tabs or on its own

Override (Article)

• The article detail view takes 7/12 columns of the bootstrap grid • If any custom field exists, a tab is created - the content in the tab-panel is the field value, the title of the tab panel is the custom field label (does support JTEXT) • If a full image exists it's shown above the Tabs or on its own

Used customFields

On the website /
• the "Icon" tab is a Joomla! core media custom field • the "Image-Instructions" Tab shows this Bootstrap 4 Slider Custom Field -> • the "Video" shows the Youtube Custom Field -> • the "Plugins" tab is a Joomla! core editor Custom Field • the invisible Recaptcha function in the contact form is:

Usage of classes

You can add Bootstrap 4 classes to define spacings.


Coming Soon Plugin

Before I put the site online I used the coming soon plugin from Brian Teeman available at: This plugin shows a nice "coming soon" page with countdown if you want to, and makes the page accessible through a secret word parameter instead of login data. That makes it easy to show your site to others before launch.

Browser detect Plugin

Thank you @zero-24 for the plugin that detects the users environment and redirects to the right page:

Language Domain Plugin

Using different Domains for each language with help from the Language-Domain Plugin from @jissereitsma


• Review and add Accessibility Options • More Overrides for Joomla! Core • Miscellaneous improvements • Adding a sidebar-right and sidebar-left module position

This template is not tested thoroughly so if you find any issues: Suggestions and help are welcome!

Special Thanks to Brian Teeman @brianteeman Benjamin Trenkle @bembelimen Tobias Zulauf @zero-24


Bootstrap 4 Joomla! Template



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