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This alternate Layout for Joomla shows a price table
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Joomla Alternate layout for price table

This menutype for a blog shows items in a pricetable (current Version is BS2 and works with Protostar) You need a category and inside this category subcategories. This Layout uses:

  • Menu title and / or the category title
  • the category description as an intro above the table
  • The article title as title of the price column
  • The article intro text as subline
  • a custom field named currency for the currency
  • a custom field names price for the price value
  • a repeatable custom field named features -- with the fields: icon-class and feature inside
  • a custom layout for the readmore button

I am doing that for fun and to support the community. However, if you feel like I should have more time for fun things you can support me by "donating" something. I will send you an invoice if needed.



  • Add support for other frameworks and / or framework-less solution
  • Put some if causes around possible empty containers
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