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A JavaScript-based generator for math practice sheets.
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A JavaScript-based generator for math practice sheets.

Use this to generate either 5-by-5 or 6-by-6 sheets of arithmetic problems. You can set which operators(s) to use and how high the numbers/answers can be.

I made this script because my children are in a great program called Math Facts Scholars, which improves their skills by having them take weekly tests that get progressively harder. I started with code by Dr. Drang and improved on it until it was no longer based on his code. Generating these practice sheets has been extremely helpful for homeschooling.

How to use

  1. Put CustomPractice.htm and Practice.htm in the same folder.
  2. Open CustomPractice.htm in a browser (tested in Firefox and Chrome).

Alternatively, an online version can be found at my web site, CatholicFamily.Fun.

##Ongoing development I plan to continue to update the script whenever my children reach a new level that requires a new kind of practice sheet. Fractions should not be far away. At some point, I hope to add basic algebra too.

##License Available under GNU GPL v.3.0.

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