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The personal website of Harshvardhan Pandit at

If you're evaluating me or want to know more about me as a developer, I have a page describing myself here

Sections and Subdomains

Creative & Writing

  • blog - Personal blog containing my thoughts, reactions, musings, and abstract tangents running around.
  • stories - Short stories that I write. Inspired and derived from various day-dreams, inspirations, and thoughtful encounters.
  • poems - Poetry as means of expressions. Sometimes I just feel the need to sing, and to write, and to tell. What comes out is poetry.
  • articles - Thoughts and opinions about non-personal things such as politics, technology, love, friends, and everyday life.


  • journal - Personal/Private/Public journal containing entries related to my daily life.
  • lifeX - Life Experiments are something I do to make living exciting. I experiment with certain like the sleeping pattern, diets, calling people, time management, technologies to learn and a lot more. It's a great way to do and try things that I would otherwise have made excuses for citing lack of time. Know more about Life Experiments through a (quite good in my opinion) presentation based on a talk I gave on the topic.
  • friends - the place for my friends where I keep my messages and gifts for them.
  • hobbies - My hobbies are Books (Reading), Movies, TV Shows (Watching), Games (Playing), Photography. I keep a log of them with details such as duration, whether I completed it, how much did I like it, whether I recommend it, making lists, etc.
  • finance - Personal finance management. Keeping track of expenditure, income, expenses, sorting it by tags and categories, creating budgets, bank accounts, etc.

Research / Dev / CompSci

  • dev - A dev blog for posting and discussing development related technical issues. Contains code, deployment, and design related posts.
  • brainbank - A repository to store all the ideas and projects that I find interesting to think about. Some of them remain as ideas, others graduate into pieces of code with functionality and then eventually into projects.
  • research - My research related articles, publications, thesis, thoughts, and ideas.

About me

  • about me - A personalised About Me section with details ranging from personal hobbies to professional resumes.

Development Stack

Server-side stack

  • hosting: AWS EC2
  • server/reverse-proxy: nginx
  • server/application: gunicorn
  • web framework: django/python3
  • database: PostgreSQL
  • cache: redis

Client-side stack

  • semantic ui
  • jquery
  • highcharts (lifeX goals)

APIs & Services

  • None as of now

v1 & v2

v1 & v2 - available in legacy branch

what has changed

  • complete rewrite of code
  • porting from python2.7 to python3
  • change in functionality, models, database, structure
  • introduction of automation and services / scripts