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/Applications/ (architecture ppc):
(__TEXT,__text) section
00001894 or r26,r1,r1
00001898 addi r1,r1,0xfffc
0000189c rlwinm r1,r1,0,0,26
000018a0 li r0,0x0
000018a4 stw r0,0x0(r1)
000018a8 stwu r1,0xffc0(r1)
000018ac lwz r3,0x0(r26)
000018b0 addi r4,r26,0x4
000018b4 addi r27,r3,0x1
000018b8 rlwinm r27,r27,2,0,29
000018bc add r5,r4,r27
000018c0 lis r11,0x0
000018c4 ori r11,r11,0x18d4
000018c8 mtspr ctr,r11
000018cc bctrl
000018d0 trap
000018d4 mfspr r0,lr
000018d8 stmw r28,0xfff0(r1)
000018dc stw r0,0x8(r1)
000018e0 stwu r1,0xffa0(r1)
000018e4 bcl 20,31,0x18e8
000018e8 mfspr r31,lr
000018ec or r28,r3,r3
000018f0 or r29,r4,r4
000018f4 or r30,r5,r5
000018f8 bl 0x1e04
000018fc addis r2,r31,0x0
00001900 stw r28,0x7718(r2)
00001904 addis r2,r31,0x0
00001908 stw r29,0x771c(r2)
0000190c addis r2,r31,0x0
00001910 stw r30,0x7720(r2)
00001914 addis r2,r31,0x0
00001918 lwz r2,0x7764(r2)
0000191c lwz r12,0x0(r2)
00001920 cmpwi cr7,r12,0x0
00001924 beq cr7,0x1930
00001928 mtspr ctr,r12
0000192c bctrl
00001930 addis r2,r31,0x0
00001934 lwz r2,0x776c(r2)
00001938 lwz r12,0x0(r2)
0000193c cmpwi cr7,r12,0x0
00001940 beq cr7,0x194c
00001944 mtspr ctr,r12
00001948 bctrl
0000194c bl 0x7b40 ; symbol stub for: ___keymgr_dwarf2_register_sections
00001950 addis r2,r31,0x0
00001954 lwz r12,0x7728(r2)
00001958 lwz r0,0x0(r12)
0000195c cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001960 beq+ cr7,0x196c
00001964 mtspr ctr,r12
00001968 bctrl
0000196c bl 0x1b48
00001970 bl 0x1c48
00001974 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001978 addi r3,r3,0x65fc
0000197c addi r4,r1,0x38
00001980 bl 0x1e5c
00001984 lwz r3,0x38(r1)
00001988 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
0000198c beq cr7,0x1994
00001990 bl 0x7b60 ; symbol stub for: _atexit
00001994 li r0,0x0
00001998 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000199c lwz r2,0x7768(r2)
000019a0 stw r0,0x0(r2)
000019a4 lwz r11,0x0(r29)
000019a8 cmpwi cr7,r11,0x0
000019ac bne+ cr7,0x1a2c
000019b0 b 0x19f4
000019b4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x2f
000019b8 bne+ cr7,0x19c0
000019bc or r10,r2,r2
000019c0 or r2,r9,r9
000019c4 lbz r0,0x0(r9)
000019c8 addi r9,r9,0x1
000019cc extsb. r0,r0
000019d0 bne 0x19b4
000019d4 cmpwi cr7,r10,0x0
000019d8 beq cr7,0x19ec
000019dc addi r0,r10,0x1
000019e0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000019e4 stw r0,0x7724(r2)
000019e8 b 0x19f4
000019ec addis r2,r31,0x0
000019f0 stw r11,0x7724(r2)
000019f4 lwz r0,0x0(r30)
000019f8 or r6,r30,r30
000019fc cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001a00 beq cr7,0x1a14
00001a04 or r6,r30,r30
00001a08 lwzu r0,0x4(r6)
00001a0c cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001a10 bne cr7,0x1a08
00001a14 or r3,r28,r28
00001a18 or r4,r29,r29
00001a1c or r5,r30,r30
00001a20 addi r6,r6,0x4
00001a24 bl _main
00001a28 bl 0x7b20 ; symbol stub for: _exit
00001a2c lbz r0,0x0(r11)
00001a30 extsb. r0,r0
00001a34 beq- 0x19ec
00001a38 addi r9,r11,0x1
00001a3c or r2,r11,r11
00001a40 li r10,0x0
00001a44 b 0x19b4
00001a48 mfspr r0,lr
00001a4c bcl 20,31,0x1a50
00001a50 mfspr r12,lr
00001a54 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001a58 mtspr lr,r0
00001a5c addi r12,r12,0x60d0
00001a60 mtspr ctr,r12
00001a64 bctr
00001a68 mfspr r0,lr
00001a6c bcl 20,31,0x1a70
00001a70 mfspr r12,lr
00001a74 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001a78 mtspr lr,r0
00001a7c addi r12,r12,0x578c
00001a80 mtspr ctr,r12
00001a84 bctr
00001a88 mfspr r0,lr
00001a8c bcl 20,31,0x1a90
00001a90 mfspr r12,lr
00001a94 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001a98 mtspr lr,r0
00001a9c addi r12,r12,0x60d0
00001aa0 mtspr ctr,r12
00001aa4 bctr
00001aa8 mfspr r0,lr
00001aac bcl 20,31,0x1ab0
00001ab0 mfspr r12,lr
00001ab4 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001ab8 mtspr lr,r0
00001abc addi r12,r12,0x3ac
00001ac0 mtspr ctr,r12
00001ac4 bctr
00001ac8 mfspr r0,lr
00001acc bcl 20,31,0x1ad0
00001ad0 mfspr r12,lr
00001ad4 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001ad8 mtspr lr,r0
00001adc addi r12,r12,0x178
00001ae0 mtspr ctr,r12
00001ae4 bctr
00001ae8 mfspr r0,lr
00001aec bcl 20,31,0x1af0
00001af0 mfspr r12,lr
00001af4 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001af8 mtspr lr,r0
00001afc addi r12,r12,0x58
00001b00 mtspr ctr,r12
00001b04 bctr
00001b08 mfspr r0,lr
00001b0c bcl 20,31,0x1b10
00001b10 mfspr r12,lr
00001b14 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001b18 mtspr lr,r0
00001b1c addi r12,r12,0x6030
00001b20 mtspr ctr,r12
00001b24 bctr
00001b28 mfspr r0,lr
00001b2c bcl 20,31,0x1b30
00001b30 mfspr r12,lr
00001b34 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001b38 mtspr lr,r0
00001b3c addi r12,r12,0x2d4
00001b40 mtspr ctr,r12
00001b44 bctr
00001b48 mfspr r0,lr
00001b4c stw r31,0xfffc(r1)
00001b50 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00001b54 stwu r1,0xffa0(r1)
00001b58 bcl 20,31,0x1b5c
00001b5c mfspr r31,lr
00001b60 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001b64 addi r3,r3,0x63a0
00001b68 addi r4,r1,0x38
00001b6c bl 0x1e5c
00001b70 lwz r12,0x38(r1)
00001b74 mtspr ctr,r12
00001b78 bctrl
00001b7c addi r1,r1,0x60
00001b80 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00001b84 mtspr lr,r0
00001b88 lwz r31,0xfffc(r1)
00001b8c blr
00001b90 mfspr r0,lr
00001b94 bcl 20,31,0x1b98
00001b98 mfspr r12,lr
00001b9c addis r12,r12,0x0
00001ba0 mtspr lr,r0
00001ba4 addi r12,r12,0x2c4
00001ba8 mtspr ctr,r12
00001bac bctr
00001bb0 or r2,r3,r3
00001bb4 lbz r0,0x0(r3)
00001bb8 extsb. r0,r0
00001bbc beqlr
00001bc0 or r3,r2,r2
00001bc4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x2f
00001bc8 beq cr7,0x1bd4
00001bcc addi r2,r2,0x1
00001bd0 b 0x1bdc
00001bd4 addi r3,r2,0x1
00001bd8 or r2,r3,r3
00001bdc lbz r0,0x0(r2)
00001be0 extsb. r0,r0
00001be4 bne 0x1bc4
00001be8 blr
00001bec lbz r0,0x0(r4)
00001bf0 extsb. r2,r0
00001bf4 beq 0x1c30
00001bf8 lbz r0,0x0(r3)
00001bfc extsb r0,r0
00001c00 cmpw cr7,r0,r2
00001c04 bne+ cr7,0x1c38
00001c08 b 0x1c40
00001c0c lbzx r0,r3,r9
00001c10 extsb r0,r0
00001c14 cmpw cr7,r0,r11
00001c18 bne cr7,0x1c38
00001c1c addi r2,r2,0x1
00001c20 or r9,r2,r2
00001c24 lbzx r0,r4,r2
00001c28 extsb. r11,r0
00001c2c bne 0x1c0c
00001c30 li r3,0x1
00001c34 blr
00001c38 li r3,0x0
00001c3c blr
00001c40 li r2,0x0
00001c44 b 0x1c1c
00001c48 mfspr r0,lr
00001c4c stmw r27,0xffec(r1)
00001c50 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00001c54 stwu r1,0xff80(r1)
00001c58 bcl 20,31,0x1c5c
00001c5c mfspr r31,lr
00001c60 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001c64 addi r3,r3,0x62d0
00001c68 addi r4,r1,0x38
00001c6c bl 0x1e5c
00001c70 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001c74 addi r3,r3,0x62e4
00001c78 addi r4,r1,0x3c
00001c7c bl 0x1e5c
00001c80 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001c84 addi r3,r3,0x62fc
00001c88 addi r4,r1,0x40
00001c8c bl 0x1e5c
00001c90 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001c94 addi r3,r3,0x6314
00001c98 addi r4,r1,0x44
00001c9c bl 0x1e5c
00001ca0 addis r3,r31,0x0
00001ca4 addi r3,r3,0x6334
00001ca8 addi r4,r1,0x48
00001cac bl 0x1e5c
00001cb0 lwz r12,0x38(r1)
00001cb4 cmpwi cr7,r12,0x0
00001cb8 beq cr7,0x1d90
00001cbc lwz r0,0x3c(r1)
00001cc0 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001cc4 beq cr7,0x1d90
00001cc8 lwz r0,0x40(r1)
00001ccc cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001cd0 beq cr7,0x1d90
00001cd4 lwz r0,0x44(r1)
00001cd8 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001cdc beq cr7,0x1d90
00001ce0 lwz r0,0x48(r1)
00001ce4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001ce8 beq cr7,0x1d90
00001cec mtspr ctr,r12
00001cf0 bctrl
00001cf4 or. r29,r3,r3
00001cf8 beq+ 0x1d90
00001cfc li r30,0x0
00001d00 addis r28,r31,0x0
00001d04 addis r27,r31,0x0
00001d08 or r3,r30,r30
00001d0c lwz r12,0x3c(r1)
00001d10 mtspr ctr,r12
00001d14 bctrl
00001d18 bl 0x1bb0
00001d1c addi r4,r28,0x6350
00001d20 bl 0x1bec
00001d24 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00001d28 beq+ cr7,0x1d84
00001d2c or r3,r30,r30
00001d30 lwz r12,0x40(r1)
00001d34 mtspr ctr,r12
00001d38 bctrl
00001d3c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00001d40 beq cr7,0x1d84
00001d44 addi r4,r27,0x6358
00001d48 li r5,0x4
00001d4c lwz r12,0x44(r1)
00001d50 mtspr ctr,r12
00001d54 bctrl
00001d58 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00001d5c beq cr7,0x1d84
00001d60 lwz r12,0x48(r1)
00001d64 mtspr ctr,r12
00001d68 bctrl
00001d6c cmpwi r3,0x0
00001d70 beq+ 0x1d84
00001d74 or r12,r3,r3
00001d78 mtspr ctr,r3
00001d7c bctrl
00001d80 b 0x1d90
00001d84 addi r30,r30,0x1
00001d88 cmpw cr7,r29,r30
00001d8c bne cr7,0x1d08
00001d90 addi r1,r1,0x80
00001d94 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00001d98 mtspr lr,r0
00001d9c lmw r27,0xffec(r1)
00001da0 blr
00001da4 mfspr r0,lr
00001da8 bcl 20,31,0x1dac
00001dac mfspr r12,lr
00001db0 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001db4 mtspr lr,r0
00001db8 addi r12,r12,0xfe40
00001dbc mtspr ctr,r12
00001dc0 bctr
00001dc4 mfspr r0,lr
00001dc8 bcl 20,31,0x1dcc
00001dcc mfspr r12,lr
00001dd0 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001dd4 mtspr lr,r0
00001dd8 addi r12,r12,0xfde4
00001ddc mtspr ctr,r12
00001de0 bctr
00001de4 mfspr r0,lr
00001de8 bcl 20,31,0x1dec
00001dec mfspr r12,lr
00001df0 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001df4 mtspr lr,r0
00001df8 addi r12,r12,0x70
00001dfc mtspr ctr,r12
00001e00 bctr
00001e04 lis r11,0x1
00001e08 lwz r11,0x90d8(r11)
00001e0c cmpwi cr1,r11,0x0
00001e10 bnelr++ cr1
00001e14 li r5,0x4e
00001e18 lis r4,0x0
00001e1c ori r4,r4,0x7fc0
00001e20 li r3,0x2
00001e24 li r0,0x4
00001e28 sc
00001e2c nop
00001e30 li r3,0x3b
00001e34 li r0,0x1
00001e38 sc
00001e3c trap
00001e40 trap
00001e44 lis r12,0x1
00001e48 lwz r0,0x90d8(r12)
00001e4c mtspr ctr,r0
00001e50 lis r12,0x0
00001e54 ori r12,r12,__mh_execute_header
00001e58 bctr
00001e5c lis r11,0x1
00001e60 lwz r11,0x90dc(r11)
00001e64 mtspr ctr,r11
00001e68 bctr
00001e6c mfspr r0,lr
00001e70 stmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
00001e74 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00001e78 stwu r1,0xffa0(r1)
00001e7c or r30,r1,r1
00001e80 stw r3,0x78(r30)
00001e84 stw r4,0x7c(r30)
00001e88 li r3,0x1
00001e8c li r4,0x28
00001e90 bl 0x7c60 ; symbol stub for: _calloc
00001e94 or r0,r3,r3
00001e98 stw r0,0x38(r30)
00001e9c lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00001ea0 lwz r0,0x78(r30)
00001ea4 stw r0,0x4(r2)
00001ea8 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00001eac lwz r0,0x7c(r30)
00001eb0 stw r0,0x8(r2)
00001eb4 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00001eb8 li r0,0x28
00001ebc stw r0,0x0(r2)
00001ec0 li r3,0x12d
00001ec4 bl 0x7be0 ; symbol stub for: __keymgr_get_and_lock_processwide_ptr
00001ec8 or r0,r3,r3
00001ecc lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00001ed0 stw r0,0x10(r2)
00001ed4 li r3,0x12d
00001ed8 lwz r4,0x38(r30)
00001edc bl 0x7c40 ; symbol stub for: __keymgr_set_and_unlock_processwide_ptr
00001ee0 lwz r1,0x0(r1)
00001ee4 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00001ee8 mtspr lr,r0
00001eec lmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
00001ef0 blr
00001ef4 mfspr r0,lr
00001ef8 bcl 20,31,0x1efc
00001efc mfspr r12,lr
00001f00 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001f04 mtspr lr,r0
00001f08 addi r12,r12,0x5d44
00001f0c mtspr ctr,r12
00001f10 bctr
00001f14 mfspr r0,lr
00001f18 bcl 20,31,0x1f1c
00001f1c mfspr r12,lr
00001f20 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001f24 mtspr lr,r0
00001f28 addi r12,r12,0x5cc4
00001f2c mtspr ctr,r12
00001f30 bctr
00001f34 mfspr r0,lr
00001f38 bcl 20,31,0x1f3c
00001f3c mfspr r12,lr
00001f40 addis r12,r12,0x0
00001f44 mtspr lr,r0
00001f48 addi r12,r12,0x5d24
00001f4c mtspr ctr,r12
00001f50 bctr
00001f54 mfspr r0,lr
00001f58 stmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
00001f5c stw r0,0x8(r1)
00001f60 stwu r1,0xffa0(r1)
00001f64 or r30,r1,r1
00001f68 stw r3,0x78(r30)
00001f6c stw r4,0x7c(r30)
00001f70 li r0,0x0
00001f74 stw r0,0x38(r30)
00001f78 li r3,0x12d
00001f7c bl 0x7be0 ; symbol stub for: __keymgr_get_and_lock_processwide_ptr
00001f80 or r0,r3,r3
00001f84 stw r0,0x40(r30)
00001f88 addi r0,r30,0x40
00001f8c stw r0,0x3c(r30)
00001f90 b 0x2004
00001f94 lwz r2,0x3c(r30)
00001f98 lwz r2,0x0(r2)
00001f9c lwz r2,0x4(r2)
00001fa0 lwz r0,0x78(r30)
00001fa4 cmpw cr7,r2,r0
00001fa8 bne cr7,0x1ff4
00001fac lwz r2,0x3c(r30)
00001fb0 lwz r2,0x0(r2)
00001fb4 lwz r2,0x8(r2)
00001fb8 lwz r0,0x7c(r30)
00001fbc cmpw cr7,r2,r0
00001fc0 bne cr7,0x1ff4
00001fc4 lwz r2,0x3c(r30)
00001fc8 lwz r0,0x0(r2)
00001fcc stw r0,0x38(r30)
00001fd0 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00001fd4 lwz r0,0x10(r2)
00001fd8 lwz r2,0x3c(r30)
00001fdc stw r0,0x0(r2)
00001fe0 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00001fe4 lwz r0,0x0(r2)
00001fe8 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x28
00001fec beq cr7,0x2014
00001ff0 bl 0x7b80 ; symbol stub for: _abort
00001ff4 lwz r2,0x3c(r30)
00001ff8 lwz r2,0x0(r2)
00001ffc addi r0,r2,0x10
00002000 stw r0,0x3c(r30)
00002004 lwz r2,0x3c(r30)
00002008 lwz r0,0x0(r2)
0000200c cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00002010 bne cr7,0x1f94
00002014 lwz r0,0x40(r30)
00002018 li r3,0x12d
0000201c or r4,r0,r0
00002020 bl 0x7c40 ; symbol stub for: __keymgr_set_and_unlock_processwide_ptr
00002024 lwz r0,0x38(r30)
00002028 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
0000202c beq cr7,0x2060
00002030 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00002034 lwz r0,0xc(r2)
00002038 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
0000203c beq cr7,0x2058
00002040 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00002044 lwz r0,0xc(r2)
00002048 lwz r3,0x38(r30)
0000204c or r12,r0,r0
00002050 mtspr ctr,r12
00002054 bctrl
00002058 lwz r3,0x38(r30)
0000205c bl 0x7c20 ; symbol stub for: _free
00002060 lwz r1,0x0(r1)
00002064 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00002068 mtspr lr,r0
0000206c lmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
00002070 blr
00002074 mfspr r0,lr
00002078 bcl 20,31,0x207c
0000207c mfspr r12,lr
00002080 addis r12,r12,0x0
00002084 mtspr lr,r0
00002088 addi r12,r12,0x5ba4
0000208c mtspr ctr,r12
00002090 bctr
00002094 mfspr r0,lr
00002098 bcl 20,31,0x209c
0000209c mfspr r12,lr
000020a0 addis r12,r12,0x0
000020a4 mtspr lr,r0
000020a8 addi r12,r12,0x5ba4
000020ac mtspr ctr,r12
000020b0 bctr
000020b4 mfspr r0,lr
000020b8 bcl 20,31,0x20bc
000020bc mfspr r12,lr
000020c0 addis r12,r12,0x0
000020c4 mtspr lr,r0
000020c8 addi r12,r12,0x5ac4
000020cc mtspr ctr,r12
000020d0 bctr
000020d4 mfspr r0,lr
000020d8 bcl 20,31,0x20dc
000020dc mfspr r12,lr
000020e0 addis r12,r12,0x0
000020e4 mtspr lr,r0
000020e8 addi r12,r12,0x5b04
000020ec mtspr ctr,r12
000020f0 bctr
000020f4 mfspr r0,lr
000020f8 stmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
000020fc stw r0,0x8(r1)
00002100 stwu r1,0xffa0(r1)
00002104 or r30,r1,r1
00002108 bcl 20,31,0x210c
0000210c mfspr r31,lr
00002110 bl 0x7c00 ; symbol stub for: __init_keymgr
00002114 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002118 lwz r2,0x6f4c(r2)
0000211c lwz r0,0x8(r2)
00002120 stw r0,0x38(r30)
00002124 lwz r0,0x38(r30)
00002128 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
0000212c beq cr7,0x2144
00002130 lwz r2,0x38(r30)
00002134 lhz r0,0x4(r2)
00002138 rlwinm r0,r0,0,16,31
0000213c cmplwi cr7,r0,0x2
00002140 bgt cr7,0x215c
00002144 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002148 addi r3,r2,0xfd60
0000214c bl 0x7ba0 ; symbol stub for: __dyld_register_func_for_add_image
00002150 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002154 addi r3,r2,0xfe48
00002158 bl 0x7bc0 ; symbol stub for: __dyld_register_func_for_remove_image
0000215c lwz r1,0x0(r1)
00002160 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00002164 mtspr lr,r0
00002168 lmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
0000216c blr
00002170 mfspr r0,lr
00002174 bcl 20,31,0x2178
00002178 mfspr r12,lr
0000217c addis r12,r12,0x0
00002180 mtspr lr,r0
00002184 addi r12,r12,0x5a48
00002188 mtspr ctr,r12
0000218c bctr
00002190 mfspr r0,lr
00002194 bcl 20,31,0x2198
00002198 mfspr r12,lr
0000219c addis r12,r12,0x0
000021a0 mtspr lr,r0
000021a4 addi r12,r12,0x5a08
000021a8 mtspr ctr,r12
000021ac bctr
000021b0 mfspr r0,lr
000021b4 bcl 20,31,0x21b8
000021b8 mfspr r12,lr
000021bc addis r12,r12,0x0
000021c0 mtspr lr,r0
000021c4 addi r12,r12,0x5a48
000021c8 mtspr ctr,r12
000021cc bctr
000021d0 cmpwi r3,0x0
000021d4 beqlr
000021d8 lwz r2,0x0(r3)
000021dc addi r2,r2,0xffff
000021e0 stw r2,0x0(r3)
000021e4 blr
000021e8 mfspr r0,lr
000021ec bcl 20,31,0x21f0
000021f0 stmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
000021f4 li r9,0x0
000021f8 mfspr r31,lr
000021fc stw r0,0x8(r1)
00002200 stwu r1,0xffb0(r1)
00002204 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002208 lbz r0,0x6f08(r2)
0000220c cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00002210 bne+ cr7,0x23f4
00002214 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002218 li r0,0x1
0000221c addi r3,r3,0x6338
00002220 li r4,0x3
00002224 stb r0,0x6f08(r2)
00002228 bl 0x7d60 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddImage
0000222c or. r30,r3,r3
00002230 beq+ 0x23f0
00002234 addis r4,r31,0x0
00002238 li r5,0x4
0000223c addi r4,r4,0x6350
00002240 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
00002244 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002248 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
0000224c bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
00002250 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002254 addis r4,r31,0x0
00002258 stw r3,0x6fcc(r2)
0000225c addi r4,r4,0x6360
00002260 or r3,r30,r30
00002264 li r5,0x4
00002268 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
0000226c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002270 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
00002274 bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
00002278 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000227c addis r4,r31,0x0
00002280 stw r3,0x6fd0(r2)
00002284 addi r4,r4,0x636c
00002288 or r3,r30,r30
0000228c li r5,0x4
00002290 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
00002294 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002298 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
0000229c bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
000022a0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000022a4 stw r3,0x6fd4(r2)
000022a8 addis r3,r31,0x0
000022ac addi r3,r3,0x637c
000022b0 li r4,0x3
000022b4 bl 0x7d60 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddImage
000022b8 or. r30,r3,r3
000022bc beq+ 0x23f0
000022c0 addis r4,r31,0x0
000022c4 li r5,0x4
000022c8 addi r4,r4,0x63b0
000022cc bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
000022d0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000022d4 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
000022d8 bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
000022dc addis r2,r31,0x0
000022e0 addis r4,r31,0x0
000022e4 stw r3,0x6fd8(r2)
000022e8 addi r4,r4,0x63b8
000022ec or r3,r30,r30
000022f0 li r5,0x4
000022f4 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
000022f8 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000022fc beq+ cr7,0x23f0
00002300 bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
00002304 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002308 addis r4,r31,0x0
0000230c stw r3,0x6fdc(r2)
00002310 addi r4,r4,0x63cc
00002314 or r3,r30,r30
00002318 li r5,0x4
0000231c bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
00002320 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002324 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
00002328 bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
0000232c addis r2,r31,0x0
00002330 stw r3,0x6fe0(r2)
00002334 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002338 addi r3,r3,0x63e0
0000233c li r4,0x3
00002340 bl 0x7d60 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddImage
00002344 or. r30,r3,r3
00002348 beq+ 0x23f0
0000234c addis r4,r31,0x0
00002350 li r5,0x4
00002354 addi r4,r4,0x6430
00002358 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
0000235c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002360 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
00002364 bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
00002368 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000236c addis r4,r31,0x0
00002370 stw r3,0x6f24(r2)
00002374 addi r4,r4,0x6444
00002378 or r3,r30,r30
0000237c li r5,0x4
00002380 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
00002384 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002388 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
0000238c bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
00002390 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002394 addis r4,r31,0x0
00002398 stw r3,0x6f28(r2)
0000239c addi r4,r4,0x6458
000023a0 or r3,r30,r30
000023a4 li r5,0x4
000023a8 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
000023ac cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000023b0 beq+ cr7,0x23f0
000023b4 bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
000023b8 addis r2,r31,0x0
000023bc addis r4,r31,0x0
000023c0 stw r3,0x6f1c(r2)
000023c4 addi r4,r4,0x6468
000023c8 or r3,r30,r30
000023cc li r5,0x4
000023d0 bl 0x7d40 ; symbol stub for: _NSLookupSymbolInImage
000023d4 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000023d8 beq cr7,0x23f0
000023dc bl 0x7e00 ; symbol stub for: _NSAddressOfSymbol
000023e0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000023e4 li r9,0x0
000023e8 stw r3,0x6f20(r2)
000023ec b 0x23f4
000023f0 li r9,0xffff
000023f4 addi r1,r1,0x50
000023f8 or r3,r9,r9
000023fc lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00002400 lmw r30,0xfff8(r1)
00002404 mtspr lr,r0
00002408 blr
0000240c mfspr r0,lr
00002410 bcl 20,31,0x2414
00002414 stmw r26,0xffe8(r1)
00002418 lis r5,0x800
0000241c mfspr r31,lr
00002420 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002424 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00002428 li r3,0x0
0000242c stwu r1,0xff50(r1)
00002430 addis r30,r31,0x0
00002434 addis r27,r31,0x0
00002438 lwz r0,0x6d34(r30)
0000243c addis r2,r31,0x0
00002440 lwz r4,0x6c30(r27)
00002444 or r12,r0,r0
00002448 mtspr ctr,r0
0000244c lwz r26,0x6cfc(r2)
00002450 bctrl
00002454 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002458 li r3,0x0
0000245c beq cr7,0x24f4
00002460 lwz r0,0x6d34(r30)
00002464 lis r5,0x800
00002468 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000246c lwz r4,0x6c30(r27)
00002470 or r12,r0,r0
00002474 mtspr ctr,r0
00002478 addis r28,r31,0x0
0000247c addis r29,r31,0x0
00002480 lwz r28,0x6d3c(r28)
00002484 lwz r29,0x6cf4(r29)
00002488 bctrl
0000248c or r12,r28,r28
00002490 or r4,r3,r3
00002494 mtspr ctr,r28
00002498 or r3,r29,r29
0000249c addis r29,r31,0x0
000024a0 bctrl
000024a4 lwz r0,0x6d34(r30)
000024a8 lis r5,0x800
000024ac lwz r4,0x6c30(r27)
000024b0 or r12,r0,r0
000024b4 mtspr ctr,r0
000024b8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000024bc li r3,0x0
000024c0 lwz r29,0x6d24(r29)
000024c4 bctrl
000024c8 or r12,r29,r29
000024cc mtspr ctr,r29
000024d0 bctrl
000024d4 lwz r0,0x6d34(r30)
000024d8 lis r5,0x800
000024dc lwz r4,0x6c30(r27)
000024e0 ori r5,r5,0x100
000024e4 li r3,0x0
000024e8 or r12,r0,r0
000024ec mtspr ctr,r0
000024f0 bctrl
000024f4 or r5,r3,r3
000024f8 li r4,0x0
000024fc li r3,0x0
00002500 addi r6,r1,0x38
00002504 li r7,0x0
00002508 or r12,r26,r26
0000250c mtspr ctr,r26
00002510 bctrl
00002514 cmpwi r3,0x0
00002518 bne 0x2538
0000251c addis r2,r31,0x0
00002520 addi r3,r1,0x38
00002524 lwz r2,0x6cf8(r2)
00002528 li r4,0x0
0000252c or r12,r2,r2
00002530 mtspr ctr,r2
00002534 bctrl
00002538 addi r1,r1,0xb0
0000253c lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00002540 lmw r26,0xffe8(r1)
00002544 mtspr lr,r0
00002548 blr
0000254c mfspr r0,lr
00002550 bcl 20,31,0x2554
00002554 stmw r26,0xffe8(r1)
00002558 mfspr r31,lr
0000255c stw r0,0x8(r1)
00002560 stwu r1,0xff90(r1)
00002564 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002568 addis r3,r31,0x0
0000256c lwz r2,0x6c68(r2)
00002570 addi r3,r3,0x6120
00002574 addis r28,r31,0x0
00002578 addis r29,r31,0x0
0000257c or r12,r2,r2
00002580 mtspr ctr,r2
00002584 lwz r26,0x6c70(r28)
00002588 bctrl
0000258c lwz r0,0x6c6c(r29)
00002590 or r27,r3,r3
00002594 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002598 or r12,r0,r0
0000259c mtspr ctr,r0
000025a0 addi r3,r3,0x6130
000025a4 bctrl
000025a8 or r12,r26,r26
000025ac or r4,r3,r3
000025b0 mtspr ctr,r26
000025b4 or r3,r27,r27
000025b8 bctrl
000025bc addis r2,r31,0x0
000025c0 lwz r2,0x6c78(r2)
000025c4 or r27,r3,r3
000025c8 or r12,r2,r2
000025cc mtspr ctr,r2
000025d0 bctrl
000025d4 lwz r29,0x6c6c(r29)
000025d8 addis r3,r31,0x0
000025dc lwz r28,0x6c70(r28)
000025e0 or r12,r29,r29
000025e4 mtspr ctr,r29
000025e8 addi r3,r3,0x6144
000025ec bctrl
000025f0 li r5,0x1
000025f4 or r4,r3,r3
000025f8 or r12,r28,r28
000025fc mtspr ctr,r28
00002600 or r3,r27,r27
00002604 bctrl
00002608 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000260c lwz r2,0x6bc0(r2)
00002610 addi r3,r1,0x38
00002614 or r12,r2,r2
00002618 mtspr ctr,r2
0000261c bctrl
00002620 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002624 bne cr7,0x2640
00002628 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000262c addi r3,r1,0x38
00002630 lwz r2,0x6bc4(r2)
00002634 or r12,r2,r2
00002638 mtspr ctr,r2
0000263c bctrl
00002640 addi r1,r1,0x70
00002644 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00002648 lmw r26,0xffe8(r1)
0000264c mtspr lr,r0
00002650 blr
00002654 mfspr r0,lr
00002658 bcl 20,31,0x265c
0000265c stmw r19,0xffcc(r1)
00002660 or r25,r3,r3
00002664 mfspr r31,lr
00002668 stw r0,0x8(r1)
0000266c stwu r1,0xff80(r1)
00002670 bl 0x21e8
00002674 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002678 beq cr7,0x269c
0000267c addis r3,r31,0x0
00002680 addis r4,r31,0x0
00002684 lwz r3,0x6a00(r3)
00002688 addi r4,r4,0x6058
0000268c or r5,r25,r25
00002690 addi r3,r3,0xb0
00002694 bl 0x79c0
00002698 b 0x2f14
0000269c addis r2,r31,0x0
000026a0 addis r3,r31,0x0
000026a4 lwz r2,0x6b60(r2)
000026a8 addi r3,r3,0x605c
000026ac addis r23,r31,0x0
000026b0 addis r19,r31,0x0
000026b4 or r12,r2,r2
000026b8 mtspr ctr,r2
000026bc lwz r29,0x6b68(r19)
000026c0 addis r27,r31,0x0
000026c4 addis r26,r31,0x0
000026c8 bctrl
000026cc lwz r0,0x6b64(r23)
000026d0 or r28,r3,r3
000026d4 addis r3,r31,0x0
000026d8 or r12,r0,r0
000026dc mtspr ctr,r0
000026e0 addi r3,r3,0x6070
000026e4 bctrl
000026e8 or r12,r29,r29
000026ec or r4,r3,r3
000026f0 mtspr ctr,r29
000026f4 or r3,r28,r28
000026f8 bctrl
000026fc lwz r0,0x6b64(r23)
00002700 or r28,r3,r3
00002704 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002708 or r12,r0,r0
0000270c mtspr ctr,r0
00002710 addi r3,r3,0x6078
00002714 bctrl
00002718 or r12,r29,r29
0000271c or r4,r3,r3
00002720 mtspr ctr,r29
00002724 or r3,r28,r28
00002728 bctrl
0000272c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002730 lis r5,0x800
00002734 or r20,r3,r3
00002738 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000273c li r3,0x0
00002740 or r4,r25,r25
00002744 or r12,r0,r0
00002748 lwz r30,0x6b6c(r26)
0000274c mtspr ctr,r0
00002750 bctrl
00002754 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002758 li r3,0x0
0000275c beq cr7,0x27f4
00002760 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002764 lis r5,0x800
00002768 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000276c or r4,r25,r25
00002770 or r12,r0,r0
00002774 mtspr ctr,r0
00002778 addis r28,r31,0x0
0000277c addis r29,r31,0x0
00002780 lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002784 lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002788 bctrl
0000278c or r12,r28,r28
00002790 or r4,r3,r3
00002794 mtspr ctr,r28
00002798 or r3,r29,r29
0000279c addis r29,r31,0x0
000027a0 bctrl
000027a4 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
000027a8 lis r5,0x800
000027ac or r4,r25,r25
000027b0 or r12,r0,r0
000027b4 mtspr ctr,r0
000027b8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000027bc li r3,0x0
000027c0 lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
000027c4 bctrl
000027c8 or r12,r29,r29
000027cc mtspr ctr,r29
000027d0 bctrl
000027d4 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
000027d8 lis r5,0x800
000027dc li r3,0x0
000027e0 ori r5,r5,0x100
000027e4 or r4,r25,r25
000027e8 or r12,r0,r0
000027ec mtspr ctr,r0
000027f0 bctrl
000027f4 or r12,r30,r30
000027f8 mtspr ctr,r30
000027fc bctrl
00002800 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002804 lwz r2,0x6b70(r2)
00002808 or r12,r2,r2
0000280c mtspr ctr,r2
00002810 bctrl
00002814 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002818 bne cr7,0x28f4
0000281c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002820 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002824 addi r30,r2,0x6080
00002828 lis r5,0x800
0000282c ori r5,r5,0x100
00002830 or r4,r30,r30
00002834 or r12,r0,r0
00002838 mtspr ctr,r0
0000283c lwz r26,0x6b6c(r26)
00002840 bctrl
00002844 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002848 li r3,0x0
0000284c beq cr7,0x28e4
00002850 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002854 lis r5,0x800
00002858 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000285c or r4,r30,r30
00002860 or r12,r0,r0
00002864 mtspr ctr,r0
00002868 addis r28,r31,0x0
0000286c addis r29,r31,0x0
00002870 lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002874 lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002878 bctrl
0000287c or r12,r28,r28
00002880 or r4,r3,r3
00002884 mtspr ctr,r28
00002888 or r3,r29,r29
0000288c addis r29,r31,0x0
00002890 bctrl
00002894 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002898 lis r5,0x800
0000289c or r4,r30,r30
000028a0 or r12,r0,r0
000028a4 mtspr ctr,r0
000028a8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000028ac li r3,0x0
000028b0 lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
000028b4 bctrl
000028b8 or r12,r29,r29
000028bc mtspr ctr,r29
000028c0 bctrl
000028c4 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
000028c8 lis r5,0x800
000028cc or r4,r30,r30
000028d0 ori r5,r5,0x100
000028d4 li r3,0x0
000028d8 or r12,r0,r0
000028dc mtspr ctr,r0
000028e0 bctrl
000028e4 or r12,r26,r26
000028e8 mtspr ctr,r26
000028ec bctrl
000028f0 b 0x2ee4
000028f4 addis r26,r31,0x0
000028f8 bl 0x254c
000028fc lwz r30,0x6aa0(r26)
00002900 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002904 lwz r21,0x6b74(r2)
00002908 cmpwi cr7,r30,0x0
0000290c bne+ cr7,0x2b34
00002910 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002914 lis r5,0x800
00002918 addis r4,r31,0x0
0000291c ori r5,r5,0x100
00002920 or r12,r0,r0
00002924 mtspr ctr,r0
00002928 addi r4,r4,0x609c
0000292c li r3,0x0
00002930 bctrl
00002934 li r0,0x0
00002938 or. r28,r3,r3
0000293c beq 0x298c
00002940 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002944 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002948 lwz r2,0x6ae0(r2)
0000294c lwz r29,0x6ae4(r29)
00002950 or r12,r2,r2
00002954 mtspr ctr,r2
00002958 bctrl
0000295c or r4,r28,r28
00002960 or r12,r29,r29
00002964 mtspr ctr,r29
00002968 bctrl
0000296c addis r2,r31,0x0
00002970 lwz r2,0x6adc(r2)
00002974 or r30,r3,r3
00002978 or r3,r28,r28
0000297c or r12,r2,r2
00002980 mtspr ctr,r2
00002984 bctrl
00002988 or r0,r30,r30
0000298c cmpwi cr7,r30,0x0
00002990 stw r0,0x6aa0(r26)
00002994 or r4,r0,r0
00002998 bne+ cr7,0x2a1c
0000299c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
000029a0 lis r5,0x800
000029a4 addis r4,r31,0x0
000029a8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000029ac addi r4,r4,0x60ac
000029b0 li r3,0x0
000029b4 or r12,r0,r0
000029b8 mtspr ctr,r0
000029bc li r28,0x0
000029c0 bctrl
000029c4 or. r30,r3,r3
000029c8 beq 0x2a14
000029cc addis r2,r31,0x0
000029d0 addis r29,r31,0x0
000029d4 lwz r2,0x6ae0(r2)
000029d8 lwz r29,0x6ae4(r29)
000029dc or r12,r2,r2
000029e0 mtspr ctr,r2
000029e4 bctrl
000029e8 or r12,r29,r29
000029ec mtspr ctr,r29
000029f0 or r4,r30,r30
000029f4 bctrl
000029f8 addis r2,r31,0x0
000029fc lwz r2,0x6adc(r2)
00002a00 or r28,r3,r3
00002a04 or r3,r30,r30
00002a08 or r12,r2,r2
00002a0c mtspr ctr,r2
00002a10 bctrl
00002a14 stw r28,0x6aa0(r26)
00002a18 or r4,r28,r28
00002a1c cmpwi cr7,r4,0x0
00002a20 beq cr7,0x2a64
00002a24 addis r9,r31,0x0
00002a28 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002a2c lwz r9,0x6af4(r9)
00002a30 lwz r3,0x6aac(r3)
00002a34 or r12,r9,r9
00002a38 mtspr ctr,r9
00002a3c bctrl
00002a40 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002a44 lwz r2,0x6adc(r2)
00002a48 lwz r3,0x6aa0(r26)
00002a4c or r12,r2,r2
00002a50 mtspr ctr,r2
00002a54 bctrl
00002a58 lwz r30,0x6aa0(r26)
00002a5c cmpwi cr7,r30,0x0
00002a60 bne+ cr7,0x2b34
00002a64 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002a68 addis r30,r31,0x0
00002a6c lis r5,0x800
00002a70 li r3,0x0
00002a74 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002a78 lwz r4,0x69e4(r30)
00002a7c or r12,r0,r0
00002a80 mtspr ctr,r0
00002a84 li r24,0x0
00002a88 bctrl
00002a8c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002a90 beq cr7,0x2c5c
00002a94 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002a98 lis r5,0x800
00002a9c ori r5,r5,0x100
00002aa0 lwz r4,0x69e4(r30)
00002aa4 or r12,r0,r0
00002aa8 mtspr ctr,r0
00002aac li r3,0x0
00002ab0 addis r28,r31,0x0
00002ab4 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002ab8 lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002abc lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002ac0 bctrl
00002ac4 or r12,r28,r28
00002ac8 or r4,r3,r3
00002acc mtspr ctr,r28
00002ad0 or r3,r29,r29
00002ad4 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002ad8 bctrl
00002adc lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002ae0 lis r5,0x800
00002ae4 lwz r4,0x69e4(r30)
00002ae8 or r12,r0,r0
00002aec mtspr ctr,r0
00002af0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002af4 li r3,0x0
00002af8 lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
00002afc bctrl
00002b00 or r12,r29,r29
00002b04 mtspr ctr,r29
00002b08 bctrl
00002b0c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002b10 lis r5,0x800
00002b14 lwz r4,0x69e4(r30)
00002b18 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002b1c li r3,0x0
00002b20 or r12,r0,r0
00002b24 mtspr ctr,r0
00002b28 bctrl
00002b2c or r24,r3,r3
00002b30 b 0x2c5c
00002b34 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002b38 addis r26,r31,0x0
00002b3c lis r5,0x800
00002b40 li r3,0x0
00002b44 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002b48 lwz r4,0x69e0(r26)
00002b4c or r12,r0,r0
00002b50 mtspr ctr,r0
00002b54 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002b58 lwz r24,0x6b44(r2)
00002b5c bctrl
00002b60 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002b64 li r3,0x0
00002b68 beq cr7,0x2c00
00002b6c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002b70 lis r5,0x800
00002b74 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002b78 lwz r4,0x69e0(r26)
00002b7c or r12,r0,r0
00002b80 mtspr ctr,r0
00002b84 addis r28,r31,0x0
00002b88 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002b8c lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002b90 lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002b94 bctrl
00002b98 or r12,r28,r28
00002b9c or r4,r3,r3
00002ba0 mtspr ctr,r28
00002ba4 or r3,r29,r29
00002ba8 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002bac bctrl
00002bb0 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002bb4 lis r5,0x800
00002bb8 lwz r4,0x69e0(r26)
00002bbc or r12,r0,r0
00002bc0 mtspr ctr,r0
00002bc4 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002bc8 li r3,0x0
00002bcc lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
00002bd0 bctrl
00002bd4 or r12,r29,r29
00002bd8 mtspr ctr,r29
00002bdc bctrl
00002be0 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002be4 lis r5,0x800
00002be8 lwz r4,0x69e0(r26)
00002bec ori r5,r5,0x100
00002bf0 li r3,0x0
00002bf4 or r12,r0,r0
00002bf8 mtspr ctr,r0
00002bfc bctrl
00002c00 or r5,r3,r3
00002c04 or r12,r24,r24
00002c08 mtspr ctr,r24
00002c0c or r6,r30,r30
00002c10 li r3,0x0
00002c14 li r4,0x0
00002c18 bctrl
00002c1c or. r24,r3,r3
00002c20 beq 0x2c5c
00002c24 addis r9,r31,0x0
00002c28 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002c2c lwz r9,0x6af4(r9)
00002c30 or r4,r24,r24
00002c34 lwz r3,0x6aac(r3)
00002c38 or r12,r9,r9
00002c3c mtspr ctr,r9
00002c40 bctrl
00002c44 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002c48 lwz r2,0x6adc(r2)
00002c4c or r3,r24,r24
00002c50 or r12,r2,r2
00002c54 mtspr ctr,r2
00002c58 bctrl
00002c5c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002c60 lis r5,0x800
00002c64 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002c68 li r3,0x0
00002c6c or r4,r25,r25
00002c70 or r12,r0,r0
00002c74 mtspr ctr,r0
00002c78 li r22,0x0
00002c7c bctrl
00002c80 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002c84 beq cr7,0x2d24
00002c88 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002c8c lis r5,0x800
00002c90 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002c94 or r4,r25,r25
00002c98 or r12,r0,r0
00002c9c mtspr ctr,r0
00002ca0 li r3,0x0
00002ca4 addis r28,r31,0x0
00002ca8 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002cac lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002cb0 lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002cb4 bctrl
00002cb8 or r12,r28,r28
00002cbc or r4,r3,r3
00002cc0 mtspr ctr,r28
00002cc4 or r3,r29,r29
00002cc8 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002ccc bctrl
00002cd0 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002cd4 lis r5,0x800
00002cd8 or r4,r25,r25
00002cdc or r12,r0,r0
00002ce0 mtspr ctr,r0
00002ce4 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002ce8 li r3,0x0
00002cec lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
00002cf0 bctrl
00002cf4 or r12,r29,r29
00002cf8 mtspr ctr,r29
00002cfc bctrl
00002d00 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002d04 lis r5,0x800
00002d08 or r4,r25,r25
00002d0c ori r5,r5,0x100
00002d10 li r3,0x0
00002d14 or r12,r0,r0
00002d18 mtspr ctr,r0
00002d1c bctrl
00002d20 or r22,r3,r3
00002d24 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002d28 addis r30,r31,0x0
00002d2c lis r5,0x800
00002d30 li r3,0x0
00002d34 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002d38 lwz r4,0x69dc(r30)
00002d3c or r12,r0,r0
00002d40 mtspr ctr,r0
00002d44 li r26,0x0
00002d48 bctrl
00002d4c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002d50 beq cr7,0x2df0
00002d54 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002d58 lis r5,0x800
00002d5c ori r5,r5,0x100
00002d60 lwz r4,0x69dc(r30)
00002d64 or r12,r0,r0
00002d68 mtspr ctr,r0
00002d6c li r3,0x0
00002d70 addis r28,r31,0x0
00002d74 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002d78 lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002d7c lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002d80 bctrl
00002d84 or r12,r28,r28
00002d88 or r4,r3,r3
00002d8c mtspr ctr,r28
00002d90 or r3,r29,r29
00002d94 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002d98 bctrl
00002d9c lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002da0 lis r5,0x800
00002da4 lwz r4,0x69dc(r30)
00002da8 or r12,r0,r0
00002dac mtspr ctr,r0
00002db0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002db4 li r3,0x0
00002db8 lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
00002dbc bctrl
00002dc0 or r12,r29,r29
00002dc4 mtspr ctr,r29
00002dc8 bctrl
00002dcc lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002dd0 lis r5,0x800
00002dd4 lwz r4,0x69dc(r30)
00002dd8 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002ddc li r3,0x0
00002de0 or r12,r0,r0
00002de4 mtspr ctr,r0
00002de8 bctrl
00002dec or r26,r3,r3
00002df0 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002df4 addis r30,r31,0x0
00002df8 lis r5,0x800
00002dfc li r3,0x0
00002e00 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002e04 lwz r4,0x69d8(r30)
00002e08 or r12,r0,r0
00002e0c mtspr ctr,r0
00002e10 bctrl
00002e14 li r6,0x0
00002e18 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002e1c beq cr7,0x2ebc
00002e20 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002e24 lis r5,0x800
00002e28 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002e2c lwz r4,0x69d8(r30)
00002e30 or r12,r0,r0
00002e34 mtspr ctr,r0
00002e38 li r3,0x0
00002e3c addis r28,r31,0x0
00002e40 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002e44 lwz r28,0x6af4(r28)
00002e48 lwz r29,0x6aac(r29)
00002e4c bctrl
00002e50 or r12,r28,r28
00002e54 or r4,r3,r3
00002e58 mtspr ctr,r28
00002e5c or r3,r29,r29
00002e60 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002e64 bctrl
00002e68 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002e6c lis r5,0x800
00002e70 lwz r4,0x69d8(r30)
00002e74 or r12,r0,r0
00002e78 mtspr ctr,r0
00002e7c ori r5,r5,0x100
00002e80 li r3,0x0
00002e84 lwz r29,0x6adc(r29)
00002e88 bctrl
00002e8c or r12,r29,r29
00002e90 mtspr ctr,r29
00002e94 bctrl
00002e98 lwz r0,0x6aec(r27)
00002e9c lis r5,0x800
00002ea0 lwz r4,0x69d8(r30)
00002ea4 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002ea8 li r3,0x0
00002eac or r12,r0,r0
00002eb0 mtspr ctr,r0
00002eb4 bctrl
00002eb8 or r6,r3,r3
00002ebc or r3,r24,r24
00002ec0 or r4,r22,r22
00002ec4 or r5,r26,r26
00002ec8 li r7,0x0
00002ecc or r12,r21,r21
00002ed0 mtspr ctr,r21
00002ed4 bctrl
00002ed8 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002edc bne+ cr7,0x2ee4
00002ee0 bl 0x240c
00002ee4 lwz r0,0x6b64(r23)
00002ee8 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002eec addi r3,r3,0x60c0
00002ef0 lwz r29,0x6b68(r19)
00002ef4 or r12,r0,r0
00002ef8 mtspr ctr,r0
00002efc bctrl
00002f00 or r12,r29,r29
00002f04 or r4,r3,r3
00002f08 mtspr ctr,r29
00002f0c or r3,r20,r20
00002f10 bctrl
00002f14 addi r1,r1,0x80
00002f18 li r3,0xffff
00002f1c lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00002f20 lmw r19,0xffcc(r1)
00002f24 mtspr lr,r0
00002f28 blr
00002f2c mfspr r0,lr
00002f30 bcl 20,31,0x2f34
00002f34 stmw r24,0xffe0(r1)
00002f38 mfspr r31,lr
00002f3c stw r0,0x8(r1)
00002f40 stwu r1,0xff90(r1)
00002f44 or r30,r1,r1
00002f48 addis r26,r31,0x0
00002f4c addi r5,r30,0x40
00002f50 addi r6,r30,0x44
00002f54 addi r3,r30,0x38
00002f58 addi r4,r30,0x3c
00002f5c bl 0x7d80 ; symbol stub for: _NSLinkEditError
00002f60 addis r3,r31,0x0
00002f64 lwz r3,0x6128(r3)
00002f68 addis r27,r31,0x0
00002f6c lwz r4,0x44(r30)
00002f70 addi r3,r3,0xb0
00002f74 bl 0x79c0
00002f78 lwz r0,0x6214(r26)
00002f7c lis r5,0x800
00002f80 li r3,0x0
00002f84 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002f88 lwz r4,0x60fc(r27)
00002f8c or r12,r0,r0
00002f90 mtspr ctr,r0
00002f94 addis r2,r31,0x0
00002f98 lwz r25,0x626c(r2)
00002f9c bctrl
00002fa0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00002fa4 bne+ cr7,0x2fb0
00002fa8 addis r24,r31,0x0
00002fac b 0x3048
00002fb0 lwz r0,0x6214(r26)
00002fb4 lis r5,0x800
00002fb8 ori r5,r5,0x100
00002fbc lwz r4,0x60fc(r27)
00002fc0 or r12,r0,r0
00002fc4 mtspr ctr,r0
00002fc8 li r3,0x0
00002fcc addis r28,r31,0x0
00002fd0 addis r29,r31,0x0
00002fd4 lwz r28,0x621c(r28)
00002fd8 lwz r29,0x61d4(r29)
00002fdc addis r24,r31,0x0
00002fe0 bctrl
00002fe4 or r12,r28,r28
00002fe8 or r4,r3,r3
00002fec mtspr ctr,r28
00002ff0 or r3,r29,r29
00002ff4 bctrl
00002ff8 lwz r0,0x6214(r26)
00002ffc lis r5,0x800
00003000 lwz r4,0x60fc(r27)
00003004 or r12,r0,r0
00003008 mtspr ctr,r0
0000300c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003010 li r3,0x0
00003014 lwz r29,0x6204(r24)
00003018 bctrl
0000301c or r12,r29,r29
00003020 mtspr ctr,r29
00003024 bctrl
00003028 lwz r0,0x6214(r26)
0000302c lis r5,0x800
00003030 lwz r4,0x60fc(r27)
00003034 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003038 li r3,0x0
0000303c or r12,r0,r0
00003040 mtspr ctr,r0
00003044 bctrl
00003048 or r5,r3,r3
0000304c lwz r6,0x40(r30)
00003050 li r4,0x0
00003054 or r12,r25,r25
00003058 mtspr ctr,r25
0000305c li r3,0x0
00003060 addis r29,r31,0x0
00003064 bctrl
00003068 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000306c lwz r2,0x6230(r2)
00003070 or r28,r3,r3
00003074 lwz r29,0x6284(r29)
00003078 or r12,r2,r2
0000307c mtspr ctr,r2
00003080 bctrl
00003084 lis r4,0x800
00003088 or r12,r29,r29
0000308c mtspr ctr,r29
00003090 ori r4,r4,0x100
00003094 bctrl
00003098 lwz r0,0x0(r1)
0000309c addi r3,r3,0x1e
000030a0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000030a4 rlwinm r3,r3,0,0,27
000030a8 lwz r2,0x6254(r2)
000030ac neg r3,r3
000030b0 lis r6,0x800
000030b4 stwux r0,r1,r3
000030b8 or r12,r2,r2
000030bc addi r29,r1,0x40
000030c0 mtspr ctr,r2
000030c4 or r4,r29,r29
000030c8 ori r6,r6,0x100
000030cc li r5,0x4
000030d0 or r3,r28,r28
000030d4 bctrl
000030d8 lwz r0,0x6204(r24)
000030dc or r3,r28,r28
000030e0 or r12,r0,r0
000030e4 mtspr ctr,r0
000030e8 bctrl
000030ec or r3,r29,r29
000030f0 bl 0x2654
000030f4 lwz r1,0x0(r1)
000030f8 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
000030fc lmw r24,0xffe0(r1)
00003100 mtspr lr,r0
00003104 blr
00003108 mfspr r0,lr
0000310c mfcr r2
00003110 cmpwi cr4,r4,0x0
00003114 stmw r13,0xffb4(r1)
00003118 stw r2,0x4(r1)
0000311c bcl 20,31,0x3120
00003120 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00003124 mfspr r31,lr
00003128 stwu r1,0xfb30(r1)
0000312c or r27,r3,r3
00003130 or r30,r1,r1
00003134 or r18,r5,r5
00003138 stw r4,0x468(r30)
0000313c beq cr4,0x32cc
00003140 cmpwi cr7,r5,0x0
00003144 beq cr7,0x32cc
00003148 addis r23,r31,0x0
0000314c lis r5,0x800
00003150 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003154 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003158 li r3,0x0
0000315c or r4,r27,r27
00003160 or r12,r0,r0
00003164 mtspr ctr,r0
00003168 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000316c lwz r26,0x6080(r2)
00003170 bctrl
00003174 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00003178 bne+ cr7,0x3188
0000317c addis r19,r31,0x0
00003180 addis r15,r31,0x0
00003184 b 0x3220
00003188 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000318c lis r5,0x800
00003190 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003194 or r4,r27,r27
00003198 or r12,r0,r0
0000319c mtspr ctr,r0
000031a0 li r3,0x0
000031a4 addis r19,r31,0x0
000031a8 addis r29,r31,0x0
000031ac lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
000031b0 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
000031b4 addis r15,r31,0x0
000031b8 bctrl
000031bc or r12,r28,r28
000031c0 or r4,r3,r3
000031c4 mtspr ctr,r28
000031c8 or r3,r29,r29
000031cc bctrl
000031d0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000031d4 lis r5,0x800
000031d8 or r4,r27,r27
000031dc or r12,r0,r0
000031e0 mtspr ctr,r0
000031e4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000031e8 li r3,0x0
000031ec lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
000031f0 bctrl
000031f4 or r12,r29,r29
000031f8 mtspr ctr,r29
000031fc bctrl
00003200 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003204 lis r5,0x800
00003208 or r4,r27,r27
0000320c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003210 li r3,0x0
00003214 or r12,r0,r0
00003218 mtspr ctr,r0
0000321c bctrl
00003220 or r5,r3,r3
00003224 lwz r6,0x468(r30)
00003228 or r7,r18,r18
0000322c li r4,0x0
00003230 or r12,r26,r26
00003234 mtspr ctr,r26
00003238 li r3,0x0
0000323c addis r29,r31,0x0
00003240 bctrl
00003244 addis r2,r31,0x0
00003248 lwz r2,0x6044(r2)
0000324c or r28,r3,r3
00003250 lwz r29,0x6098(r29)
00003254 or r12,r2,r2
00003258 mtspr ctr,r2
0000325c bctrl
00003260 lis r4,0x800
00003264 or r12,r29,r29
00003268 mtspr ctr,r29
0000326c ori r4,r4,0x100
00003270 bctrl
00003274 lwz r0,0x0(r1)
00003278 addi r3,r3,0x1e
0000327c addis r2,r31,0x0
00003280 rlwinm r3,r3,0,0,27
00003284 lwz r2,0x6068(r2)
00003288 neg r3,r3
0000328c lis r6,0x800
00003290 stwux r0,r1,r3
00003294 or r12,r2,r2
00003298 addi r20,r1,0x40
0000329c mtspr ctr,r2
000032a0 ori r6,r6,0x100
000032a4 or r3,r28,r28
000032a8 or r4,r20,r20
000032ac li r5,0x4
000032b0 bctrl
000032b4 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
000032b8 or r3,r28,r28
000032bc or r12,r0,r0
000032c0 mtspr ctr,r0
000032c4 bctrl
000032c8 b 0x32dc
000032cc or r20,r27,r27
000032d0 addis r23,r31,0x0
000032d4 addis r19,r31,0x0
000032d8 addis r15,r31,0x0
000032dc addis r13,r31,0x0
000032e0 addis r14,r31,0x0
000032e4 lwz r0,0x6010(r13)
000032e8 li r4,0x0
000032ec lwz r5,0x600c(r14)
000032f0 li r3,0x0
000032f4 or r12,r0,r0
000032f8 mtspr ctr,r0
000032fc bctrl
00003300 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003304 lis r5,0x800
00003308 addis r4,r31,0x0
0000330c or r25,r3,r3
00003310 addi r4,r4,0x5604
00003314 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003318 li r3,0x0
0000331c or r12,r0,r0
00003320 mtspr ctr,r0
00003324 bctrl
00003328 or. r27,r3,r3
0000332c bne+ 0x333c
00003330 addis r2,r31,0x0
00003334 stw r2,0x47c(r30)
00003338 b 0x33dc
0000333c addis r9,r31,0x0
00003340 addis r29,r31,0x0
00003344 lwz r0,0x601c(r9)
00003348 stw r9,0x47c(r30)
0000334c or r12,r0,r0
00003350 mtspr ctr,r0
00003354 lwz r29,0x6020(r29)
00003358 bctrl
0000335c or r4,r27,r27
00003360 or r12,r29,r29
00003364 mtspr ctr,r29
00003368 bctrl
0000336c lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003370 or r28,r3,r3
00003374 or r3,r27,r27
00003378 or r12,r0,r0
0000337c mtspr ctr,r0
00003380 bctrl
00003384 cmpwi cr7,r28,0x0
00003388 beq cr7,0x33dc
0000338c addis r2,r31,0x0
00003390 li r0,0x0
00003394 stw r2,0x470(r30)
00003398 or r3,r28,r28
0000339c lwz r2,0x6024(r2)
000033a0 stw r0,0x40(r30)
000033a4 or r12,r2,r2
000033a8 mtspr ctr,r2
000033ac bctrl
000033b0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000033b4 lwz r2,0x607c(r2)
000033b8 or r6,r3,r3
000033bc stw r3,0x44(r30)
000033c0 or r4,r28,r28
000033c4 or r3,r25,r25
000033c8 lwz r5,0x40(r30)
000033cc or r12,r2,r2
000033d0 mtspr ctr,r2
000033d4 bctrl
000033d8 b 0x33e4
000033dc addis r2,r31,0x0
000033e0 stw r2,0x470(r30)
000033e4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000033e8 addis r2,r31,0x0
000033ec addi r27,r2,0x5614
000033f0 lis r5,0x800
000033f4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000033f8 li r3,0x0
000033fc or r4,r27,r27
00003400 or r12,r0,r0
00003404 mtspr ctr,r0
00003408 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000340c bctrl
00003410 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00003414 li r3,0x0
00003418 beq cr7,0x34a8
0000341c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003420 lis r5,0x800
00003424 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003428 or r4,r27,r27
0000342c or r12,r0,r0
00003430 mtspr ctr,r0
00003434 addis r29,r31,0x0
00003438 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000343c lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00003440 bctrl
00003444 or r12,r28,r28
00003448 or r4,r3,r3
0000344c mtspr ctr,r28
00003450 or r3,r29,r29
00003454 bctrl
00003458 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000345c lis r5,0x800
00003460 or r4,r27,r27
00003464 or r12,r0,r0
00003468 mtspr ctr,r0
0000346c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003470 li r3,0x0
00003474 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00003478 bctrl
0000347c or r12,r29,r29
00003480 mtspr ctr,r29
00003484 bctrl
00003488 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000348c lis r5,0x800
00003490 or r4,r27,r27
00003494 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003498 li r3,0x0
0000349c or r12,r0,r0
000034a0 mtspr ctr,r0
000034a4 bctrl
000034a8 or r4,r3,r3
000034ac or r12,r28,r28
000034b0 mtspr ctr,r28
000034b4 or r3,r25,r25
000034b8 bctrl
000034bc lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000034c0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000034c4 lis r5,0x800
000034c8 addi r27,r2,0x5620
000034cc ori r5,r5,0x100
000034d0 li r3,0x0
000034d4 or r4,r27,r27
000034d8 or r12,r0,r0
000034dc mtspr ctr,r0
000034e0 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
000034e4 bctrl
000034e8 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000034ec li r3,0x0
000034f0 beq cr7,0x3580
000034f4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000034f8 lis r5,0x800
000034fc ori r5,r5,0x100
00003500 or r4,r27,r27
00003504 or r12,r0,r0
00003508 mtspr ctr,r0
0000350c addis r29,r31,0x0
00003510 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00003514 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00003518 bctrl
0000351c or r12,r28,r28
00003520 or r4,r3,r3
00003524 mtspr ctr,r28
00003528 or r3,r29,r29
0000352c bctrl
00003530 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003534 lis r5,0x800
00003538 or r4,r27,r27
0000353c or r12,r0,r0
00003540 mtspr ctr,r0
00003544 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003548 li r3,0x0
0000354c lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00003550 bctrl
00003554 or r12,r29,r29
00003558 mtspr ctr,r29
0000355c bctrl
00003560 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003564 lis r5,0x800
00003568 or r4,r27,r27
0000356c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003570 li r3,0x0
00003574 or r12,r0,r0
00003578 mtspr ctr,r0
0000357c bctrl
00003580 or r4,r3,r3
00003584 or r12,r28,r28
00003588 mtspr ctr,r28
0000358c or r3,r25,r25
00003590 bctrl
00003594 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003598 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000359c lis r5,0x800
000035a0 addi r27,r2,0x5630
000035a4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000035a8 li r3,0x0
000035ac or r4,r27,r27
000035b0 or r12,r0,r0
000035b4 mtspr ctr,r0
000035b8 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
000035bc bctrl
000035c0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000035c4 li r3,0x0
000035c8 beq cr7,0x3658
000035cc lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000035d0 lis r5,0x800
000035d4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000035d8 or r4,r27,r27
000035dc or r12,r0,r0
000035e0 mtspr ctr,r0
000035e4 addis r29,r31,0x0
000035e8 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
000035ec lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
000035f0 bctrl
000035f4 or r12,r28,r28
000035f8 or r4,r3,r3
000035fc mtspr ctr,r28
00003600 or r3,r29,r29
00003604 bctrl
00003608 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000360c lis r5,0x800
00003610 or r4,r27,r27
00003614 or r12,r0,r0
00003618 mtspr ctr,r0
0000361c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003620 li r3,0x0
00003624 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00003628 bctrl
0000362c or r12,r29,r29
00003630 mtspr ctr,r29
00003634 bctrl
00003638 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000363c lis r5,0x800
00003640 or r4,r27,r27
00003644 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003648 li r3,0x0
0000364c or r12,r0,r0
00003650 mtspr ctr,r0
00003654 bctrl
00003658 or r4,r3,r3
0000365c or r12,r28,r28
00003660 mtspr ctr,r28
00003664 or r3,r25,r25
00003668 bctrl
0000366c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003670 addis r2,r31,0x0
00003674 lis r5,0x800
00003678 addi r27,r2,0x5640
0000367c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003680 li r3,0x0
00003684 or r4,r27,r27
00003688 or r12,r0,r0
0000368c mtspr ctr,r0
00003690 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00003694 bctrl
00003698 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
0000369c li r3,0x0
000036a0 beq cr7,0x3730
000036a4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000036a8 lis r5,0x800
000036ac ori r5,r5,0x100
000036b0 or r4,r27,r27
000036b4 or r12,r0,r0
000036b8 mtspr ctr,r0
000036bc addis r29,r31,0x0
000036c0 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
000036c4 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
000036c8 bctrl
000036cc or r12,r28,r28
000036d0 or r4,r3,r3
000036d4 mtspr ctr,r28
000036d8 or r3,r29,r29
000036dc bctrl
000036e0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000036e4 lis r5,0x800
000036e8 or r4,r27,r27
000036ec or r12,r0,r0
000036f0 mtspr ctr,r0
000036f4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000036f8 li r3,0x0
000036fc lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00003700 bctrl
00003704 or r12,r29,r29
00003708 mtspr ctr,r29
0000370c bctrl
00003710 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003714 lis r5,0x800
00003718 or r4,r27,r27
0000371c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003720 li r3,0x0
00003724 or r12,r0,r0
00003728 mtspr ctr,r0
0000372c bctrl
00003730 or r4,r3,r3
00003734 or r12,r28,r28
00003738 mtspr ctr,r28
0000373c or r3,r25,r25
00003740 bctrl
00003744 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003748 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000374c lis r5,0x800
00003750 addi r27,r2,0x5650
00003754 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003758 li r3,0x0
0000375c or r4,r27,r27
00003760 or r12,r0,r0
00003764 mtspr ctr,r0
00003768 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000376c bctrl
00003770 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00003774 li r3,0x0
00003778 bne+ cr7,0x37e0
0000377c b 0x3870
00003780 addis r2,r31,0x0
00003784 addi r29,r30,0x40
00003788 lwz r2,0x6048(r2)
0000378c or r5,r29,r29
00003790 li r6,0x400
00003794 li r4,0x1
00003798 or r12,r2,r2
0000379c mtspr ctr,r2
000037a0 bctrl
000037a4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000037a8 lis r5,0x800
000037ac or r4,r29,r29
000037b0 or r12,r0,r0
000037b4 mtspr ctr,r0
000037b8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000037bc li r3,0x0
000037c0 bctrl
000037c4 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
000037c8 or r24,r3,r3
000037cc or r3,r26,r26
000037d0 or r12,r0,r0
000037d4 mtspr ctr,r0
000037d8 bctrl
000037dc b 0x391c
000037e0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000037e4 lis r5,0x800
000037e8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000037ec or r4,r27,r27
000037f0 or r12,r0,r0
000037f4 mtspr ctr,r0
000037f8 li r3,0x0
000037fc addis r29,r31,0x0
00003800 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00003804 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00003808 bctrl
0000380c or r12,r28,r28
00003810 or r4,r3,r3
00003814 mtspr ctr,r28
00003818 or r3,r29,r29
0000381c bctrl
00003820 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003824 lis r5,0x800
00003828 or r4,r27,r27
0000382c or r12,r0,r0
00003830 mtspr ctr,r0
00003834 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003838 li r3,0x0
0000383c lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00003840 bctrl
00003844 or r12,r29,r29
00003848 mtspr ctr,r29
0000384c bctrl
00003850 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003854 lis r5,0x800
00003858 or r4,r27,r27
0000385c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003860 li r3,0x0
00003864 or r12,r0,r0
00003868 mtspr ctr,r0
0000386c bctrl
00003870 or r4,r3,r3
00003874 or r12,r28,r28
00003878 mtspr ctr,r28
0000387c or r3,r25,r25
00003880 bctrl
00003884 lwz r2,0x470(r30)
00003888 or r3,r25,r25
0000388c lwz r0,0x6024(r2)
00003890 or r12,r0,r0
00003894 mtspr ctr,r0
00003898 bctrl
0000389c lwz r2,0x47c(r30)
000038a0 or r28,r3,r3
000038a4 lwz r0,0x601c(r2)
000038a8 or r12,r0,r0
000038ac mtspr ctr,r0
000038b0 bctrl
000038b4 cmpwi cr7,r28,0x0
000038b8 or r27,r3,r3
000038bc ble+ cr7,0x3918
000038c0 li r29,0x0
000038c4 addis r22,r31,0x0
000038c8 addis r24,r31,0x0
000038cc lwz r0,0x602c(r22)
000038d0 or r4,r29,r29
000038d4 or r3,r25,r25
000038d8 or r12,r0,r0
000038dc mtspr ctr,r0
000038e0 bctrl
000038e4 lwz r0,0x6084(r24)
000038e8 or r4,r3,r3
000038ec li r5,0x0
000038f0 or r3,r27,r27
000038f4 li r6,0x0
000038f8 or r12,r0,r0
000038fc mtspr ctr,r0
00003900 bctrl
00003904 or. r26,r3,r3
00003908 bne- 0x3780
0000390c addi r29,r29,0x1
00003910 cmpw cr7,r29,r28
00003914 bne cr7,0x38cc
00003918 li r24,0x0
0000391c lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003920 or r3,r25,r25
00003924 or r12,r0,r0
00003928 mtspr ctr,r0
0000392c bctrl
00003930 cmpwi cr7,r24,0x0
00003934 beq cr7,0x47a4
00003938 bl 0x21e8
0000393c cmpwi cr3,r3,0x0
00003940 beq cr3,0x3950
00003944 li r27,0x0
00003948 cmpwi cr4,r27,0x0
0000394c b 0x3f80
00003950 addis r25,r31,0x0
00003954 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003958 lwz r0,0x609c(r25)
0000395c addi r3,r3,0x5598
00003960 addis r21,r31,0x0
00003964 addis r17,r31,0x0
00003968 or r12,r0,r0
0000396c mtspr ctr,r0
00003970 lwz r27,0x60a4(r17)
00003974 addis r26,r31,0x0
00003978 addi r26,r26,0x55ac
0000397c addis r28,r31,0x0
00003980 addi r28,r28,0x55b4
00003984 bctrl
00003988 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
0000398c or r29,r3,r3
00003990 or r3,r26,r26
00003994 or r12,r0,r0
00003998 mtspr ctr,r0
0000399c bctrl
000039a0 or r12,r27,r27
000039a4 or r4,r3,r3
000039a8 mtspr ctr,r27
000039ac or r3,r29,r29
000039b0 bctrl
000039b4 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
000039b8 or r29,r3,r3
000039bc or r3,r28,r28
000039c0 or r12,r0,r0
000039c4 mtspr ctr,r0
000039c8 bctrl
000039cc or r12,r27,r27
000039d0 or r4,r3,r3
000039d4 mtspr ctr,r27
000039d8 or r3,r29,r29
000039dc bctrl
000039e0 lwz r0,0x609c(r25)
000039e4 stw r3,0x460(r30)
000039e8 addis r3,r31,0x0
000039ec or r12,r0,r0
000039f0 mtspr ctr,r0
000039f4 addi r3,r3,0x5660
000039f8 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
000039fc bctrl
00003a00 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003a04 or r27,r3,r3
00003a08 or r3,r26,r26
00003a0c or r12,r0,r0
00003a10 mtspr ctr,r0
00003a14 bctrl
00003a18 or r12,r29,r29
00003a1c or r4,r3,r3
00003a20 mtspr ctr,r29
00003a24 or r3,r27,r27
00003a28 bctrl
00003a2c lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003a30 or r27,r3,r3
00003a34 or r3,r28,r28
00003a38 or r12,r0,r0
00003a3c mtspr ctr,r0
00003a40 bctrl
00003a44 or r12,r29,r29
00003a48 or r4,r3,r3
00003a4c mtspr ctr,r29
00003a50 or r3,r27,r27
00003a54 bctrl
00003a58 lwz r25,0x609c(r25)
00003a5c or r26,r3,r3
00003a60 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003a64 or r12,r25,r25
00003a68 mtspr ctr,r25
00003a6c addi r3,r3,0x5668
00003a70 lwz r28,0x60a4(r17)
00003a74 bctrl
00003a78 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003a7c or r29,r3,r3
00003a80 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003a84 or r12,r0,r0
00003a88 mtspr ctr,r0
00003a8c addi r3,r3,0x5670
00003a90 bctrl
00003a94 or r12,r28,r28
00003a98 or r4,r3,r3
00003a9c mtspr ctr,r28
00003aa0 or r3,r29,r29
00003aa4 bctrl
00003aa8 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003aac or r16,r3,r3
00003ab0 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003ab4 or r12,r0,r0
00003ab8 mtspr ctr,r0
00003abc addi r3,r3,0x5678
00003ac0 lwz r25,0x60a4(r17)
00003ac4 bctrl
00003ac8 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003acc addis r2,r31,0x0
00003ad0 lis r5,0x800
00003ad4 addi r27,r2,0x5688
00003ad8 or r22,r3,r3
00003adc ori r5,r5,0x100
00003ae0 li r3,0x0
00003ae4 or r4,r27,r27
00003ae8 or r12,r0,r0
00003aec mtspr ctr,r0
00003af0 bctrl
00003af4 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00003af8 li r3,0x0
00003afc beq cr7,0x3b8c
00003b00 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003b04 lis r5,0x800
00003b08 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003b0c or r4,r27,r27
00003b10 or r12,r0,r0
00003b14 mtspr ctr,r0
00003b18 addis r29,r31,0x0
00003b1c lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00003b20 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00003b24 bctrl
00003b28 or r12,r28,r28
00003b2c or r4,r3,r3
00003b30 mtspr ctr,r28
00003b34 or r3,r29,r29
00003b38 bctrl
00003b3c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003b40 lis r5,0x800
00003b44 or r4,r27,r27
00003b48 or r12,r0,r0
00003b4c mtspr ctr,r0
00003b50 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003b54 li r3,0x0
00003b58 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00003b5c bctrl
00003b60 or r12,r29,r29
00003b64 mtspr ctr,r29
00003b68 bctrl
00003b6c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003b70 lis r5,0x800
00003b74 or r4,r27,r27
00003b78 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003b7c li r3,0x0
00003b80 or r12,r0,r0
00003b84 mtspr ctr,r0
00003b88 bctrl
00003b8c or r4,r22,r22
00003b90 or r5,r3,r3
00003b94 or r12,r25,r25
00003b98 mtspr ctr,r25
00003b9c or r3,r26,r26
00003ba0 addis r22,r31,0x0
00003ba4 bctrl
00003ba8 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003bac addis r3,r31,0x0
00003bb0 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003bb4 or r12,r0,r0
00003bb8 mtspr ctr,r0
00003bbc addi r3,r3,0x5690
00003bc0 bctrl
00003bc4 or r5,r16,r16
00003bc8 or r4,r3,r3
00003bcc or r12,r29,r29
00003bd0 mtspr ctr,r29
00003bd4 or r3,r26,r26
00003bd8 bctrl
00003bdc lwz r0,0x6010(r13)
00003be0 li r4,0x0
00003be4 lwz r5,0x600c(r14)
00003be8 or r12,r0,r0
00003bec mtspr ctr,r0
00003bf0 li r3,0x0
00003bf4 bctrl
00003bf8 lwz r0,0x6030(r19)
00003bfc or r4,r24,r24
00003c00 or r27,r3,r3
00003c04 or r12,r0,r0
00003c08 mtspr ctr,r0
00003c0c bctrl
00003c10 lwz r4,0x5fdc(r22)
00003c14 lwz r25,0x6030(r19)
00003c18 cmpwi cr7,r4,0x0
00003c1c bne+ cr7,0x3d70
00003c20 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003c24 lis r5,0x800
00003c28 addis r4,r31,0x0
00003c2c ori r5,r5,0x100
00003c30 addi r4,r4,0x55d8
00003c34 li r3,0x0
00003c38 or r12,r0,r0
00003c3c mtspr ctr,r0
00003c40 bctrl
00003c44 or. r28,r3,r3
00003c48 bne+ 0x3c58
00003c4c li r29,0x0
00003c50 li r0,0x0
00003c54 b 0x3ca0
00003c58 lwz r2,0x47c(r30)
00003c5c addis r29,r31,0x0
00003c60 lwz r29,0x6020(r29)
00003c64 lwz r0,0x601c(r2)
00003c68 or r12,r0,r0
00003c6c mtspr ctr,r0
00003c70 bctrl
00003c74 or r12,r29,r29
00003c78 mtspr ctr,r29
00003c7c or r4,r28,r28
00003c80 bctrl
00003c84 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003c88 or r29,r3,r3
00003c8c or r3,r28,r28
00003c90 or r12,r0,r0
00003c94 mtspr ctr,r0
00003c98 bctrl
00003c9c or r0,r29,r29
00003ca0 cmpwi cr7,r29,0x0
00003ca4 stw r0,0x5fdc(r22)
00003ca8 or r2,r0,r0
00003cac bne+ cr7,0x3d30
00003cb0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003cb4 lis r5,0x800
00003cb8 addis r4,r31,0x0
00003cbc ori r5,r5,0x100
00003cc0 or r12,r0,r0
00003cc4 mtspr ctr,r0
00003cc8 addi r4,r4,0x55e8
00003ccc li r3,0x0
00003cd0 li r28,0x0
00003cd4 bctrl
00003cd8 or. r0,r3,r3
00003cdc stw r0,0x464(r30)
00003ce0 beq 0x3d28
00003ce4 lwz r2,0x47c(r30)
00003ce8 addis r29,r31,0x0
00003cec lwz r29,0x6020(r29)
00003cf0 lwz r0,0x601c(r2)
00003cf4 or r12,r0,r0
00003cf8 mtspr ctr,r0
00003cfc bctrl
00003d00 or r12,r29,r29
00003d04 mtspr ctr,r29
00003d08 lwz r4,0x464(r30)
00003d0c bctrl
00003d10 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003d14 or r28,r3,r3
00003d18 lwz r3,0x464(r30)
00003d1c or r12,r0,r0
00003d20 mtspr ctr,r0
00003d24 bctrl
00003d28 stw r28,0x5fdc(r22)
00003d2c or r2,r28,r28
00003d30 cmpwi cr7,r2,0x0
00003d34 li r4,0x0
00003d38 beq cr7,0x3d70
00003d3c lwz r0,0x6030(r19)
00003d40 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003d44 or r4,r2,r2
00003d48 lwz r3,0x5fe8(r3)
00003d4c or r12,r0,r0
00003d50 mtspr ctr,r0
00003d54 bctrl
00003d58 lwz r2,0x6018(r15)
00003d5c lwz r3,0x5fdc(r22)
00003d60 or r12,r2,r2
00003d64 mtspr ctr,r2
00003d68 bctrl
00003d6c lwz r4,0x5fdc(r22)
00003d70 or r3,r27,r27
00003d74 or r12,r25,r25
00003d78 mtspr ctr,r25
00003d7c bctrl
00003d80 beq cr4,0x3dbc
00003d84 cmpwi cr7,r18,0x0
00003d88 beq cr7,0x3dbc
00003d8c lwz r2,0x6030(r19)
00003d90 or r3,r27,r27
00003d94 lwz r4,0x468(r30)
00003d98 or r12,r2,r2
00003d9c mtspr ctr,r2
00003da0 bctrl
00003da4 lwz r0,0x6030(r19)
00003da8 or r4,r18,r18
00003dac or r3,r27,r27
00003db0 or r12,r0,r0
00003db4 mtspr ctr,r0
00003db8 bctrl
00003dbc lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003dc0 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003dc4 addi r3,r3,0x56a4
00003dc8 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003dcc or r12,r0,r0
00003dd0 mtspr ctr,r0
00003dd4 bctrl
00003dd8 or r5,r27,r27
00003ddc or r4,r3,r3
00003de0 or r12,r29,r29
00003de4 mtspr ctr,r29
00003de8 or r3,r26,r26
00003dec bctrl
00003df0 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003df4 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003df8 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003dfc or r12,r0,r0
00003e00 mtspr ctr,r0
00003e04 addi r3,r3,0x56b4
00003e08 bctrl
00003e0c or r12,r29,r29
00003e10 or r4,r3,r3
00003e14 mtspr ctr,r29
00003e18 or r3,r26,r26
00003e1c bctrl
00003e20 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003e24 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003e28 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003e2c or r12,r0,r0
00003e30 mtspr ctr,r0
00003e34 addi r3,r3,0x56bc
00003e38 bctrl
00003e3c or r12,r29,r29
00003e40 or r4,r3,r3
00003e44 mtspr ctr,r29
00003e48 or r3,r26,r26
00003e4c bctrl
00003e50 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003e54 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003e58 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003e5c or r12,r0,r0
00003e60 mtspr ctr,r0
00003e64 addi r3,r3,0x56cc
00003e68 bctrl
00003e6c or r12,r29,r29
00003e70 or r4,r3,r3
00003e74 mtspr ctr,r29
00003e78 or r3,r16,r16
00003e7c bctrl
00003e80 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003e84 or r28,r3,r3
00003e88 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003e8c or r12,r0,r0
00003e90 mtspr ctr,r0
00003e94 addi r3,r3,0x56e4
00003e98 bctrl
00003e9c or r12,r29,r29
00003ea0 or r4,r3,r3
00003ea4 mtspr ctr,r29
00003ea8 or r3,r28,r28
00003eac bctrl
00003eb0 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003eb4 or r28,r3,r3
00003eb8 or r3,r27,r27
00003ebc or r12,r0,r0
00003ec0 mtspr ctr,r0
00003ec4 bctrl
00003ec8 lwz r2,0x60a0(r21)
00003ecc addis r3,r31,0x0
00003ed0 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003ed4 or r12,r2,r2
00003ed8 mtspr ctr,r2
00003edc addi r3,r3,0x56f8
00003ee0 bctrl
00003ee4 or r12,r29,r29
00003ee8 or r4,r3,r3
00003eec mtspr ctr,r29
00003ef0 or r3,r26,r26
00003ef4 bctrl
00003ef8 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003efc or r2,r3,r3
00003f00 or r3,r26,r26
00003f04 cmpwi cr4,r2,0x0
00003f08 or r12,r0,r0
00003f0c mtspr ctr,r0
00003f10 bctrl
00003f14 bne+ cr4,0x3f4c
00003f18 cmpwi cr7,r28,0x0
00003f1c beq cr7,0x3f4c
00003f20 addis r2,r31,0x0
00003f24 lis r5,0x800
00003f28 lwz r2,0x6000(r2)
00003f2c or r4,r28,r28
00003f30 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003f34 li r3,0x0
00003f38 or r12,r2,r2
00003f3c mtspr ctr,r2
00003f40 bctrl
00003f44 or r27,r3,r3
00003f48 b 0x3f50
00003f4c li r27,0x0
00003f50 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00003f54 addis r3,r31,0x0
00003f58 addi r3,r3,0x55fc
00003f5c lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00003f60 or r12,r0,r0
00003f64 mtspr ctr,r0
00003f68 bctrl
00003f6c or r12,r29,r29
00003f70 or r4,r3,r3
00003f74 mtspr ctr,r29
00003f78 lwz r3,0x460(r30)
00003f7c bctrl
00003f80 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00003f84 or r3,r24,r24
00003f88 or r12,r0,r0
00003f8c mtspr ctr,r0
00003f90 bctrl
00003f94 bne cr4,0x47a4
00003f98 cmpwi cr7,r27,0x0
00003f9c beq+ cr7,0x47a4
00003fa0 lwz r0,0x6010(r13)
00003fa4 addis r2,r31,0x0
00003fa8 li r4,0x0
00003fac lwz r5,0x600c(r14)
00003fb0 or r12,r0,r0
00003fb4 mtspr ctr,r0
00003fb8 stw r2,0x478(r30)
00003fbc li r3,0x0
00003fc0 addi r25,r2,0x570c
00003fc4 addis r16,r31,0x0
00003fc8 bctrl
00003fcc lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00003fd0 lis r5,0x800
00003fd4 or r26,r3,r3
00003fd8 ori r5,r5,0x100
00003fdc li r3,0x0
00003fe0 or r4,r25,r25
00003fe4 or r12,r0,r0
00003fe8 mtspr ctr,r0
00003fec lwz r22,0x6078(r16)
00003ff0 bctrl
00003ff4 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00003ff8 li r3,0x0
00003ffc beq cr7,0x408c
00004000 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004004 lis r5,0x800
00004008 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000400c or r4,r25,r25
00004010 or r12,r0,r0
00004014 mtspr ctr,r0
00004018 addis r29,r31,0x0
0000401c lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004020 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004024 bctrl
00004028 or r12,r28,r28
0000402c or r4,r3,r3
00004030 mtspr ctr,r28
00004034 or r3,r29,r29
00004038 bctrl
0000403c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004040 lis r5,0x800
00004044 or r4,r25,r25
00004048 or r12,r0,r0
0000404c mtspr ctr,r0
00004050 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004054 li r3,0x0
00004058 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
0000405c bctrl
00004060 or r12,r29,r29
00004064 mtspr ctr,r29
00004068 bctrl
0000406c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004070 lis r5,0x800
00004074 or r4,r25,r25
00004078 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000407c li r3,0x0
00004080 or r12,r0,r0
00004084 mtspr ctr,r0
00004088 bctrl
0000408c or r5,r3,r3
00004090 or r4,r27,r27
00004094 or r12,r22,r22
00004098 mtspr ctr,r22
0000409c li r3,0x0
000040a0 addis r17,r31,0x0
000040a4 addis r25,r31,0x0
000040a8 addis r24,r31,0x0
000040ac addis r28,r31,0x0
000040b0 bctrl
000040b4 lwz r9,0x470(r30)
000040b8 li r0,0x0
000040bc or r29,r3,r3
000040c0 lwz r2,0x6024(r9)
000040c4 stw r0,0x40(r30)
000040c8 or r12,r2,r2
000040cc mtspr ctr,r2
000040d0 bctrl
000040d4 lwz r0,0x607c(r17)
000040d8 or r6,r3,r3
000040dc stw r3,0x44(r30)
000040e0 or r4,r29,r29
000040e4 or r3,r26,r26
000040e8 lwz r5,0x40(r30)
000040ec or r12,r0,r0
000040f0 mtspr ctr,r0
000040f4 bctrl
000040f8 lwz r2,0x470(r30)
000040fc or r3,r26,r26
00004100 lwz r0,0x6024(r2)
00004104 or r12,r0,r0
00004108 mtspr ctr,r0
0000410c bctrl
00004110 cmpwi r3,0x0
00004114 bgt+ 0x4150
00004118 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
0000411c or r3,r26,r26
00004120 li r26,0x0
00004124 or r12,r0,r0
00004128 mtspr ctr,r0
0000412c bctrl
00004130 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00004134 or r3,r27,r27
00004138 or r12,r0,r0
0000413c mtspr ctr,r0
00004140 bctrl
00004144 cmpwi cr7,r26,0x0
00004148 bne+ cr7,0x41a0
0000414c b 0x505c
00004150 lwz r2,0x602c(r25)
00004154 addi r29,r3,0xffff
00004158 or r4,r29,r29
0000415c or r3,r26,r26
00004160 or r12,r2,r2
00004164 mtspr ctr,r2
00004168 bctrl
0000416c lwz r0,0x6044(r24)
00004170 or r12,r0,r0
00004174 mtspr ctr,r0
00004178 bctrl
0000417c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004180 bgt- cr7,0x4130
00004184 lwz r0,0x5ffc(r28)
00004188 or r4,r29,r29
0000418c or r3,r26,r26
00004190 or r12,r0,r0
00004194 mtspr ctr,r0
00004198 bctrl
0000419c b 0x40f8
000041a0 lwz r2,0x470(r30)
000041a4 or r3,r26,r26
000041a8 addis r22,r31,0x0
000041ac lwz r0,0x6024(r2)
000041b0 or r12,r0,r0
000041b4 mtspr ctr,r0
000041b8 bctrl
000041bc lwz r0,0x602c(r22)
000041c0 addi r18,r3,0xffff
000041c4 or r24,r3,r3
000041c8 or r12,r0,r0
000041cc mtspr ctr,r0
000041d0 or r4,r18,r18
000041d4 or r3,r26,r26
000041d8 bctrl
000041dc lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000041e0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000041e4 lis r5,0x800
000041e8 addi r27,r2,0x5710
000041ec or r21,r3,r3
000041f0 ori r5,r5,0x100
000041f4 li r3,0x0
000041f8 or r4,r27,r27
000041fc or r12,r0,r0
00004200 mtspr ctr,r0
00004204 addis r2,r31,0x0
00004208 lwz r25,0x6034(r2)
0000420c bctrl
00004210 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004214 li r3,0x0
00004218 beq cr7,0x42a8
0000421c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004220 lis r5,0x800
00004224 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004228 or r4,r27,r27
0000422c or r12,r0,r0
00004230 mtspr ctr,r0
00004234 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004238 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000423c lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004240 bctrl
00004244 or r12,r28,r28
00004248 or r4,r3,r3
0000424c mtspr ctr,r28
00004250 or r3,r29,r29
00004254 bctrl
00004258 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000425c lis r5,0x800
00004260 or r4,r27,r27
00004264 or r12,r0,r0
00004268 mtspr ctr,r0
0000426c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004270 li r3,0x0
00004274 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004278 bctrl
0000427c or r12,r29,r29
00004280 mtspr ctr,r29
00004284 bctrl
00004288 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000428c lis r5,0x800
00004290 or r4,r27,r27
00004294 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004298 li r3,0x0
0000429c or r12,r0,r0
000042a0 mtspr ctr,r0
000042a4 bctrl
000042a8 or r5,r3,r3
000042ac or r4,r21,r21
000042b0 addi r3,r30,0x450
000042b4 li r6,0x0
000042b8 or r12,r25,r25
000042bc mtspr ctr,r25
000042c0 bctrl
000042c4 lwz r0,0x450(r30)
000042c8 lwz r2,0x454(r30)
000042cc cmpwi cr7,r0,0xffff
000042d0 stw r0,0x38(r30)
000042d4 stw r2,0x3c(r30)
000042d8 beq cr7,0x477c
000042dc cmpwi cr7,r2,0x0
000042e0 beq+ cr7,0x477c
000042e4 lwz r0,0x6010(r13)
000042e8 li r4,0x0
000042ec lwz r5,0x600c(r14)
000042f0 li r3,0x0
000042f4 or r12,r0,r0
000042f8 mtspr ctr,r0
000042fc addis r14,r31,0x0
00004300 addi r25,r14,0x571c
00004304 bctrl
00004308 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000430c lis r5,0x800
00004310 or r27,r3,r3
00004314 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004318 li r3,0x0
0000431c or r4,r25,r25
00004320 or r12,r0,r0
00004324 mtspr ctr,r0
00004328 lwz r24,0x6078(r16)
0000432c bctrl
00004330 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004334 li r3,0x0
00004338 beq cr7,0x43c8
0000433c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004340 lis r5,0x800
00004344 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004348 or r4,r25,r25
0000434c or r12,r0,r0
00004350 mtspr ctr,r0
00004354 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004358 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000435c lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004360 bctrl
00004364 or r12,r28,r28
00004368 or r4,r3,r3
0000436c mtspr ctr,r28
00004370 or r3,r29,r29
00004374 bctrl
00004378 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000437c lis r5,0x800
00004380 or r4,r25,r25
00004384 or r12,r0,r0
00004388 mtspr ctr,r0
0000438c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004390 li r3,0x0
00004394 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004398 bctrl
0000439c or r12,r29,r29
000043a0 mtspr ctr,r29
000043a4 bctrl
000043a8 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000043ac lis r5,0x800
000043b0 or r4,r25,r25
000043b4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000043b8 li r3,0x0
000043bc or r12,r0,r0
000043c0 mtspr ctr,r0
000043c4 bctrl
000043c8 or r5,r3,r3
000043cc or r4,r21,r21
000043d0 or r12,r24,r24
000043d4 mtspr ctr,r24
000043d8 li r3,0x0
000043dc addis r28,r31,0x0
000043e0 addis r25,r31,0x0
000043e4 bctrl
000043e8 lwz r0,0x5ffc(r28)
000043ec or r29,r3,r3
000043f0 or r4,r18,r18
000043f4 or r12,r0,r0
000043f8 mtspr ctr,r0
000043fc or r3,r26,r26
00004400 bctrl
00004404 lwz r9,0x470(r30)
00004408 li r0,0x1
0000440c or r3,r29,r29
00004410 lwz r2,0x6024(r9)
00004414 stw r0,0x40(r30)
00004418 or r12,r2,r2
0000441c mtspr ctr,r2
00004420 bctrl
00004424 lwz r9,0x607c(r17)
00004428 addi r3,r3,0xffff
0000442c or r4,r29,r29
00004430 or r6,r3,r3
00004434 stw r3,0x44(r30)
00004438 or r12,r9,r9
0000443c or r3,r27,r27
00004440 mtspr ctr,r9
00004444 lwz r5,0x40(r30)
00004448 bctrl
0000444c lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00004450 or r3,r29,r29
00004454 or r12,r0,r0
00004458 mtspr ctr,r0
0000445c bctrl
00004460 lwz r2,0x470(r30)
00004464 or r3,r27,r27
00004468 lwz r0,0x6024(r2)
0000446c or r12,r0,r0
00004470 mtspr ctr,r0
00004474 bctrl
00004478 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
0000447c ble cr7,0x44cc
00004480 lwz r2,0x602c(r22)
00004484 li r4,0x0
00004488 or r3,r27,r27
0000448c or r12,r2,r2
00004490 mtspr ctr,r2
00004494 bctrl
00004498 lwz r0,0x6044(r25)
0000449c or r12,r0,r0
000044a0 mtspr ctr,r0
000044a4 bctrl
000044a8 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000044ac bne cr7,0x44cc
000044b0 lwz r0,0x5ffc(r28)
000044b4 or r3,r27,r27
000044b8 li r4,0x0
000044bc or r12,r0,r0
000044c0 mtspr ctr,r0
000044c4 bctrl
000044c8 b 0x4460
000044cc lwz r0,0x602c(r22)
000044d0 li r4,0x0
000044d4 or r3,r27,r27
000044d8 addis r29,r31,0x0
000044dc or r12,r0,r0
000044e0 mtspr ctr,r0
000044e4 lwz r29,0x6064(r29)
000044e8 bctrl
000044ec li r5,0x0
000044f0 or r4,r3,r3
000044f4 or r12,r29,r29
000044f8 li r3,0x0
000044fc mtspr ctr,r29
00004500 bctrl
00004504 or. r16,r3,r3
00004508 beq 0x475c
0000450c lwz r0,0x5ffc(r28)
00004510 or r3,r27,r27
00004514 li r4,0x0
00004518 addis r29,r31,0x0
0000451c or r12,r0,r0
00004520 mtspr ctr,r0
00004524 bctrl
00004528 lwz r2,0x470(r30)
0000452c or r3,r27,r27
00004530 lwz r0,0x6024(r2)
00004534 or r12,r0,r0
00004538 mtspr ctr,r0
0000453c bctrl
00004540 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004544 ble cr7,0x4594
00004548 lwz r2,0x602c(r22)
0000454c li r4,0x0
00004550 or r3,r27,r27
00004554 or r12,r2,r2
00004558 mtspr ctr,r2
0000455c bctrl
00004560 lwz r0,0x6044(r29)
00004564 or r12,r0,r0
00004568 mtspr ctr,r0
0000456c bctrl
00004570 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004574 bne cr7,0x4594
00004578 lwz r0,0x5ffc(r28)
0000457c or r3,r27,r27
00004580 li r4,0x0
00004584 or r12,r0,r0
00004588 mtspr ctr,r0
0000458c bctrl
00004590 b 0x4528
00004594 lwz r2,0x470(r30)
00004598 or r3,r27,r27
0000459c lwz r0,0x6024(r2)
000045a0 or r12,r0,r0
000045a4 mtspr ctr,r0
000045a8 bctrl
000045ac cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000045b0 ble cr7,0x4698
000045b4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000045b8 addi r24,r14,0x571c
000045bc lis r5,0x800
000045c0 li r3,0x0
000045c4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000045c8 or r4,r24,r24
000045cc or r12,r0,r0
000045d0 mtspr ctr,r0
000045d4 addis r2,r31,0x0
000045d8 lwz r25,0x606c(r2)
000045dc bctrl
000045e0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000045e4 li r3,0x0
000045e8 beq cr7,0x4678
000045ec lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000045f0 lis r5,0x800
000045f4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000045f8 or r4,r24,r24
000045fc or r12,r0,r0
00004600 mtspr ctr,r0
00004604 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004608 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000460c lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004610 bctrl
00004614 or r12,r28,r28
00004618 or r4,r3,r3
0000461c mtspr ctr,r28
00004620 or r3,r29,r29
00004624 bctrl
00004628 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000462c lis r5,0x800
00004630 or r4,r24,r24
00004634 or r12,r0,r0
00004638 mtspr ctr,r0
0000463c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004640 li r3,0x0
00004644 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004648 bctrl
0000464c or r12,r29,r29
00004650 mtspr ctr,r29
00004654 bctrl
00004658 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000465c lis r5,0x800
00004660 or r4,r24,r24
00004664 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004668 li r3,0x0
0000466c or r12,r0,r0
00004670 mtspr ctr,r0
00004674 bctrl
00004678 or r5,r3,r3
0000467c or r12,r25,r25
00004680 mtspr ctr,r25
00004684 li r3,0x0
00004688 or r4,r27,r27
0000468c bctrl
00004690 or. r25,r3,r3
00004694 bne+ 0x4760
00004698 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000469c addis r25,r31,0x0
000046a0 lis r5,0x800
000046a4 li r3,0x0
000046a8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000046ac lwz r4,0x5f28(r25)
000046b0 or r12,r0,r0
000046b4 mtspr ctr,r0
000046b8 bctrl
000046bc cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000046c0 beq cr7,0x475c
000046c4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000046c8 lis r5,0x800
000046cc ori r5,r5,0x100
000046d0 lwz r4,0x5f28(r25)
000046d4 or r12,r0,r0
000046d8 mtspr ctr,r0
000046dc li r3,0x0
000046e0 addis r29,r31,0x0
000046e4 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
000046e8 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
000046ec bctrl
000046f0 or r12,r28,r28
000046f4 or r4,r3,r3
000046f8 mtspr ctr,r28
000046fc or r3,r29,r29
00004700 bctrl
00004704 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004708 lis r5,0x800
0000470c lwz r4,0x5f28(r25)
00004710 or r12,r0,r0
00004714 mtspr ctr,r0
00004718 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000471c li r3,0x0
00004720 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004724 bctrl
00004728 or r12,r29,r29
0000472c mtspr ctr,r29
00004730 bctrl
00004734 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004738 lis r5,0x800
0000473c lwz r4,0x5f28(r25)
00004740 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004744 li r3,0x0
00004748 or r12,r0,r0
0000474c mtspr ctr,r0
00004750 bctrl
00004754 or r25,r3,r3
00004758 b 0x4760
0000475c li r25,0x0
00004760 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00004764 or r3,r27,r27
00004768 or r24,r18,r18
0000476c or r12,r0,r0
00004770 mtspr ctr,r0
00004774 bctrl
00004778 b 0x4784
0000477c li r16,0x0
00004780 li r25,0x0
00004784 cmpwi cr7,r24,0x0
00004788 ble cr7,0x4790
0000478c beq cr3,0x47b0
00004790 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
00004794 or r3,r26,r26
00004798 or r12,r0,r0
0000479c mtspr ctr,r0
000047a0 bctrl
000047a4 or r3,r20,r20
000047a8 bl 0x2654
000047ac b 0x5060
000047b0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000047b4 addis r3,r31,0x0
000047b8 lwz r0,0x609c(r2)
000047bc addi r3,r3,0x5598
000047c0 stw r2,0x474(r30)
000047c4 addis r21,r31,0x0
000047c8 or r12,r0,r0
000047cc mtspr ctr,r0
000047d0 addis r17,r31,0x0
000047d4 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
000047d8 bctrl
000047dc lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
000047e0 or r28,r3,r3
000047e4 addis r3,r31,0x0
000047e8 or r12,r0,r0
000047ec mtspr ctr,r0
000047f0 addi r3,r3,0x55ac
000047f4 bctrl
000047f8 or r12,r29,r29
000047fc or r4,r3,r3
00004800 mtspr ctr,r29
00004804 or r3,r28,r28
00004808 bctrl
0000480c lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00004810 or r28,r3,r3
00004814 addis r3,r31,0x0
00004818 or r12,r0,r0
0000481c mtspr ctr,r0
00004820 addi r3,r3,0x55b4
00004824 bctrl
00004828 or r12,r29,r29
0000482c or r4,r3,r3
00004830 mtspr ctr,r29
00004834 or r3,r28,r28
00004838 bctrl
0000483c lwz r0,0x602c(r22)
00004840 li r4,0x0
00004844 or r20,r3,r3
00004848 or r12,r0,r0
0000484c mtspr ctr,r0
00004850 or r3,r26,r26
00004854 bctrl
00004858 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000485c lwz r2,0x6014(r2)
00004860 or r22,r3,r3
00004864 or r12,r2,r2
00004868 mtspr ctr,r2
0000486c bctrl
00004870 cmpwi cr7,r22,0x0
00004874 beq cr7,0x48a8
00004878 lwz r0,0x6030(r19)
0000487c addis r3,r31,0x0
00004880 lwz r3,0x5fe8(r3)
00004884 or r4,r22,r22
00004888 or r12,r0,r0
0000488c mtspr ctr,r0
00004890 bctrl
00004894 lwz r2,0x6018(r15)
00004898 or r3,r22,r22
0000489c or r12,r2,r2
000048a0 mtspr ctr,r2
000048a4 bctrl
000048a8 addis r2,r31,0x0
000048ac addis r9,r31,0x0
000048b0 lwz r2,0x5ffc(r2)
000048b4 addi r29,r24,0xffff
000048b8 or r3,r26,r26
000048bc or r4,r29,r29
000048c0 or r12,r2,r2
000048c4 mtspr ctr,r2
000048c8 stw r9,0x46c(r30)
000048cc bctrl
000048d0 lwz r2,0x46c(r30)
000048d4 or r3,r22,r22
000048d8 lwz r0,0x60a8(r2)
000048dc or r12,r0,r0
000048e0 mtspr ctr,r0
000048e4 bctrl
000048e8 cmpwi cr7,r29,0x0
000048ec ble cr7,0x4c10
000048f0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
000048f4 addis r18,r31,0x0
000048f8 addi r24,r18,0x5720
000048fc lis r5,0x800
00004900 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004904 li r3,0x0
00004908 or r4,r24,r24
0000490c or r12,r0,r0
00004910 mtspr ctr,r0
00004914 addis r2,r31,0x0
00004918 lwz r27,0x606c(r2)
0000491c bctrl
00004920 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004924 li r3,0x0
00004928 beq cr7,0x49b8
0000492c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004930 lis r5,0x800
00004934 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004938 or r4,r24,r24
0000493c or r12,r0,r0
00004940 mtspr ctr,r0
00004944 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004948 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
0000494c lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004950 bctrl
00004954 or r12,r28,r28
00004958 or r4,r3,r3
0000495c mtspr ctr,r28
00004960 or r3,r29,r29
00004964 bctrl
00004968 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000496c lis r5,0x800
00004970 or r4,r24,r24
00004974 or r12,r0,r0
00004978 mtspr ctr,r0
0000497c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004980 li r3,0x0
00004984 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004988 bctrl
0000498c or r12,r29,r29
00004990 mtspr ctr,r29
00004994 bctrl
00004998 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
0000499c lis r5,0x800
000049a0 or r4,r24,r24
000049a4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000049a8 li r3,0x0
000049ac or r12,r0,r0
000049b0 mtspr ctr,r0
000049b4 bctrl
000049b8 or r5,r3,r3
000049bc or r4,r26,r26
000049c0 li r3,0x0
000049c4 or r12,r27,r27
000049c8 mtspr ctr,r27
000049cc bctrl
000049d0 or. r24,r3,r3
000049d4 beq 0x4a08
000049d8 lwz r0,0x6030(r19)
000049dc addis r3,r31,0x0
000049e0 lwz r3,0x5fe8(r3)
000049e4 or r4,r24,r24
000049e8 or r12,r0,r0
000049ec mtspr ctr,r0
000049f0 bctrl
000049f4 lwz r2,0x6018(r15)
000049f8 or r3,r24,r24
000049fc or r12,r2,r2
00004a00 mtspr ctr,r2
00004a04 bctrl
00004a08 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00004a0c addis r3,r31,0x0
00004a10 addi r3,r3,0x5724
00004a14 lwz r27,0x60a4(r17)
00004a18 or r12,r0,r0
00004a1c mtspr ctr,r0
00004a20 addi r14,r18,0x5720
00004a24 bctrl
00004a28 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004a2c lis r5,0x800
00004a30 or r18,r3,r3
00004a34 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004a38 li r3,0x0
00004a3c or r4,r14,r14
00004a40 or r12,r0,r0
00004a44 mtspr ctr,r0
00004a48 bctrl
00004a4c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004a50 li r3,0x0
00004a54 beq cr7,0x4ae4
00004a58 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004a5c lis r5,0x800
00004a60 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004a64 or r4,r14,r14
00004a68 or r12,r0,r0
00004a6c mtspr ctr,r0
00004a70 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004a74 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004a78 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004a7c bctrl
00004a80 or r12,r28,r28
00004a84 or r4,r3,r3
00004a88 mtspr ctr,r28
00004a8c or r3,r29,r29
00004a90 bctrl
00004a94 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004a98 lis r5,0x800
00004a9c or r4,r14,r14
00004aa0 or r12,r0,r0
00004aa4 mtspr ctr,r0
00004aa8 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004aac li r3,0x0
00004ab0 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004ab4 bctrl
00004ab8 or r12,r29,r29
00004abc mtspr ctr,r29
00004ac0 bctrl
00004ac4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004ac8 lis r5,0x800
00004acc or r4,r14,r14
00004ad0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004ad4 li r3,0x0
00004ad8 or r12,r0,r0
00004adc mtspr ctr,r0
00004ae0 bctrl
00004ae4 or r4,r18,r18
00004ae8 or r5,r3,r3
00004aec or r12,r27,r27
00004af0 mtspr ctr,r27
00004af4 or r3,r24,r24
00004af8 lwz r2,0x478(r30)
00004afc addi r13,r2,0x570c
00004b00 bctrl
00004b04 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00004b08 or r14,r3,r3
00004b0c addis r3,r31,0x0
00004b10 or r12,r0,r0
00004b14 mtspr ctr,r0
00004b18 addi r3,r3,0x5744
00004b1c bctrl
00004b20 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004b24 lis r5,0x800
00004b28 or r18,r3,r3
00004b2c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004b30 li r3,0x0
00004b34 or r4,r13,r13
00004b38 or r12,r0,r0
00004b3c mtspr ctr,r0
00004b40 bctrl
00004b44 li r5,0x0
00004b48 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004b4c beq cr7,0x4be4
00004b50 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004b54 lis r5,0x800
00004b58 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004b5c or r4,r13,r13
00004b60 or r12,r0,r0
00004b64 mtspr ctr,r0
00004b68 li r3,0x0
00004b6c addis r29,r31,0x0
00004b70 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004b74 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004b78 bctrl
00004b7c or r12,r28,r28
00004b80 or r4,r3,r3
00004b84 mtspr ctr,r28
00004b88 or r3,r29,r29
00004b8c bctrl
00004b90 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004b94 lis r5,0x800
00004b98 or r4,r13,r13
00004b9c or r12,r0,r0
00004ba0 mtspr ctr,r0
00004ba4 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004ba8 li r3,0x0
00004bac lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004bb0 bctrl
00004bb4 or r12,r29,r29
00004bb8 mtspr ctr,r29
00004bbc bctrl
00004bc0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004bc4 lis r5,0x800
00004bc8 or r4,r13,r13
00004bcc ori r5,r5,0x100
00004bd0 li r3,0x0
00004bd4 or r12,r0,r0
00004bd8 mtspr ctr,r0
00004bdc bctrl
00004be0 or r5,r3,r3
00004be4 or r12,r27,r27
00004be8 mtspr ctr,r27
00004bec or r3,r14,r14
00004bf0 or r4,r18,r18
00004bf4 bctrl
00004bf8 lwz r2,0x46c(r30)
00004bfc lwz r0,0x60a8(r2)
00004c00 or r12,r0,r0
00004c04 mtspr ctr,r0
00004c08 bctrl
00004c0c b 0x4cd8
00004c10 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004c14 addis r2,r31,0x0
00004c18 addi r27,r2,0x4dc0
00004c1c lis r5,0x800
00004c20 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004c24 li r3,0x0
00004c28 or r4,r27,r27
00004c2c or r12,r0,r0
00004c30 mtspr ctr,r0
00004c34 li r24,0x0
00004c38 bctrl
00004c3c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004c40 beq cr7,0x4cd8
00004c44 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004c48 lis r5,0x800
00004c4c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004c50 or r4,r27,r27
00004c54 or r12,r0,r0
00004c58 mtspr ctr,r0
00004c5c li r3,0x0
00004c60 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004c64 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004c68 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004c6c bctrl
00004c70 or r12,r28,r28
00004c74 or r4,r3,r3
00004c78 mtspr ctr,r28
00004c7c or r3,r29,r29
00004c80 bctrl
00004c84 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004c88 lis r5,0x800
00004c8c or r4,r27,r27
00004c90 or r12,r0,r0
00004c94 mtspr ctr,r0
00004c98 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004c9c li r3,0x0
00004ca0 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004ca4 bctrl
00004ca8 or r12,r29,r29
00004cac mtspr ctr,r29
00004cb0 bctrl
00004cb4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004cb8 lis r5,0x800
00004cbc or r4,r27,r27
00004cc0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004cc4 li r3,0x0
00004cc8 or r12,r0,r0
00004ccc mtspr ctr,r0
00004cd0 bctrl
00004cd4 or r24,r3,r3
00004cd8 bl 0x254c
00004cdc cmpwi cr7,r16,0x0
00004ce0 bne+ cr7,0x4ea0
00004ce4 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004ce8 addis r27,r31,0x0
00004cec lis r5,0x800
00004cf0 li r3,0x0
00004cf4 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004cf8 lwz r4,0x5f18(r27)
00004cfc or r12,r0,r0
00004d00 mtspr ctr,r0
00004d04 addis r2,r31,0x0
00004d08 li r18,0x0
00004d0c lwz r25,0x60b0(r2)
00004d10 bctrl
00004d14 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004d18 beq cr7,0x4db0
00004d1c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004d20 lis r5,0x800
00004d24 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004d28 lwz r4,0x5f18(r27)
00004d2c or r12,r0,r0
00004d30 mtspr ctr,r0
00004d34 li r3,0x0
00004d38 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004d3c lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004d40 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004d44 bctrl
00004d48 or r12,r28,r28
00004d4c or r4,r3,r3
00004d50 mtspr ctr,r28
00004d54 or r3,r29,r29
00004d58 bctrl
00004d5c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004d60 lis r5,0x800
00004d64 lwz r4,0x5f18(r27)
00004d68 or r12,r0,r0
00004d6c mtspr ctr,r0
00004d70 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004d74 li r3,0x0
00004d78 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004d7c bctrl
00004d80 or r12,r29,r29
00004d84 mtspr ctr,r29
00004d88 bctrl
00004d8c lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004d90 lis r5,0x800
00004d94 lwz r4,0x5f18(r27)
00004d98 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004d9c li r3,0x0
00004da0 or r12,r0,r0
00004da4 mtspr ctr,r0
00004da8 bctrl
00004dac or r18,r3,r3
00004db0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004db4 addis r27,r31,0x0
00004db8 lis r5,0x800
00004dbc li r3,0x0
00004dc0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004dc4 lwz r4,0x5f14(r27)
00004dc8 or r12,r0,r0
00004dcc mtspr ctr,r0
00004dd0 bctrl
00004dd4 li r6,0x0
00004dd8 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004ddc beq cr7,0x4e74
00004de0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004de4 lis r5,0x800
00004de8 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004dec lwz r4,0x5f14(r27)
00004df0 or r12,r0,r0
00004df4 mtspr ctr,r0
00004df8 li r3,0x0
00004dfc addis r29,r31,0x0
00004e00 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004e04 lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004e08 bctrl
00004e0c or r12,r28,r28
00004e10 or r4,r3,r3
00004e14 mtspr ctr,r28
00004e18 or r3,r29,r29
00004e1c bctrl
00004e20 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004e24 lis r5,0x800
00004e28 lwz r4,0x5f14(r27)
00004e2c or r12,r0,r0
00004e30 mtspr ctr,r0
00004e34 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004e38 li r3,0x0
00004e3c lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004e40 bctrl
00004e44 or r12,r29,r29
00004e48 mtspr ctr,r29
00004e4c bctrl
00004e50 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004e54 lis r5,0x800
00004e58 lwz r4,0x5f14(r27)
00004e5c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004e60 li r3,0x0
00004e64 or r12,r0,r0
00004e68 mtspr ctr,r0
00004e6c bctrl
00004e70 or r6,r3,r3
00004e74 or r3,r22,r22
00004e78 or r4,r24,r24
00004e7c or r5,r18,r18
00004e80 li r7,0x0
00004e84 or r12,r25,r25
00004e88 mtspr ctr,r25
00004e8c bctrl
00004e90 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004e94 bne+ cr7,0x5018
00004e98 bl 0x240c
00004e9c b 0x5018
00004ea0 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004ea4 addis r18,r31,0x0
00004ea8 lis r5,0x800
00004eac li r3,0x0
00004eb0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004eb4 lwz r4,0x5f18(r18)
00004eb8 or r12,r0,r0
00004ebc mtspr ctr,r0
00004ec0 addis r2,r31,0x0
00004ec4 lwz r27,0x60b0(r2)
00004ec8 bctrl
00004ecc li r5,0x0
00004ed0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004ed4 beq cr7,0x4f6c
00004ed8 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004edc lis r5,0x800
00004ee0 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004ee4 lwz r4,0x5f18(r18)
00004ee8 or r12,r0,r0
00004eec mtspr ctr,r0
00004ef0 li r3,0x0
00004ef4 addis r29,r31,0x0
00004ef8 lwz r28,0x6030(r19)
00004efc lwz r29,0x5fe8(r29)
00004f00 bctrl
00004f04 or r12,r28,r28
00004f08 or r4,r3,r3
00004f0c mtspr ctr,r28
00004f10 or r3,r29,r29
00004f14 bctrl
00004f18 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004f1c lis r5,0x800
00004f20 lwz r4,0x5f18(r18)
00004f24 or r12,r0,r0
00004f28 mtspr ctr,r0
00004f2c ori r5,r5,0x100
00004f30 li r3,0x0
00004f34 lwz r29,0x6018(r15)
00004f38 bctrl
00004f3c or r12,r29,r29
00004f40 mtspr ctr,r29
00004f44 bctrl
00004f48 lwz r0,0x6028(r23)
00004f4c lis r5,0x800
00004f50 lwz r4,0x5f18(r18)
00004f54 ori r5,r5,0x100
00004f58 li r3,0x0
00004f5c or r12,r0,r0
00004f60 mtspr ctr,r0
00004f64 bctrl
00004f68 or r5,r3,r3
00004f6c or r3,r22,r22
00004f70 or r4,r24,r24
00004f74 or r6,r25,r25
00004f78 li r7,0x0
00004f7c or r12,r27,r27
00004f80 mtspr ctr,r27
00004f84 bctrl
00004f88 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00004f8c bne+ cr7,0x5018
00004f90 lwz r2,0x474(r30)
00004f94 addis r3,r31,0x0
00004f98 addi r3,r3,0x5760
00004f9c lwz r28,0x60a4(r17)
00004fa0 lwz r0,0x609c(r2)
00004fa4 or r12,r0,r0
00004fa8 mtspr ctr,r0
00004fac bctrl
00004fb0 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00004fb4 or r29,r3,r3
00004fb8 addis r3,r31,0x0
00004fbc or r12,r0,r0
00004fc0 mtspr ctr,r0
00004fc4 addi r3,r3,0x576c
00004fc8 bctrl
00004fcc or r12,r28,r28
00004fd0 or r4,r3,r3
00004fd4 mtspr ctr,r28
00004fd8 or r3,r29,r29
00004fdc bctrl
00004fe0 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
00004fe4 or r29,r3,r3
00004fe8 addis r3,r31,0x0
00004fec or r12,r0,r0
00004ff0 mtspr ctr,r0
00004ff4 addi r3,r3,0x577c
00004ff8 lwz r28,0x60a4(r17)
00004ffc bctrl
00005000 or r5,r16,r16
00005004 or r4,r3,r3
00005008 or r12,r28,r28
0000500c or r3,r29,r29
00005010 mtspr ctr,r28
00005014 bctrl
00005018 lwz r0,0x60a0(r21)
0000501c addis r3,r31,0x0
00005020 addi r3,r3,0x55fc
00005024 lwz r29,0x60a4(r17)
00005028 or r12,r0,r0
0000502c mtspr ctr,r0
00005030 bctrl
00005034 or r12,r29,r29
00005038 or r4,r3,r3
0000503c mtspr ctr,r29
00005040 or r3,r20,r20
00005044 bctrl
00005048 lwz r0,0x6018(r15)
0000504c or r3,r26,r26
00005050 or r12,r0,r0
00005054 mtspr ctr,r0
00005058 bctrl
0000505c li r3,0xffff
00005060 lwz r1,0x0(r1)
00005064 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
00005068 lmw r13,0xffb4(r1)
0000506c lwz r11,0x4(r1)
00005070 mtspr lr,r0
00005074 mtcrf 24,r11
00005078 blr
0000507c mfspr r0,lr
00005080 bcl 20,31,0x5084
00005084 stmw r18,0xffc8(r1)
00005088 li r4,0x0
0000508c mfspr r31,lr
00005090 li r3,0x0
00005094 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00005098 stwu r1,0xfb80(r1)
0000509c addis r2,r31,0x0
000050a0 addis r5,r31,0x0
000050a4 lwz r2,0x40ac(r2)
000050a8 addis r27,r31,0x0
000050ac lwz r5,0x40a8(r5)
000050b0 or r12,r2,r2
000050b4 mtspr ctr,r2
000050b8 bctrl
000050bc lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000050c0 lis r5,0x800
000050c4 addis r4,r31,0x0
000050c8 or r26,r3,r3
000050cc addi r4,r4,0x3824
000050d0 ori r5,r5,0x100
000050d4 li r3,0x0
000050d8 or r12,r0,r0
000050dc mtspr ctr,r0
000050e0 bctrl
000050e4 or. r30,r3,r3
000050e8 bne+ 0x50f8
000050ec addis r23,r31,0x0
000050f0 addis r21,r31,0x0
000050f4 b 0x5194
000050f8 addis r23,r31,0x0
000050fc addis r29,r31,0x0
00005100 lwz r0,0x40b8(r23)
00005104 addis r21,r31,0x0
00005108 lwz r29,0x40bc(r29)
0000510c or r12,r0,r0
00005110 mtspr ctr,r0
00005114 bctrl
00005118 or r4,r30,r30
0000511c or r12,r29,r29
00005120 mtspr ctr,r29
00005124 bctrl
00005128 lwz r0,0x40b4(r21)
0000512c or r28,r3,r3
00005130 or r3,r30,r30
00005134 or r12,r0,r0
00005138 mtspr ctr,r0
0000513c bctrl
00005140 cmpwi cr7,r28,0x0
00005144 beq cr7,0x5194
00005148 addis r24,r31,0x0
0000514c li r0,0x0
00005150 lwz r2,0x40c0(r24)
00005154 or r3,r28,r28
00005158 stw r0,0x38(r1)
0000515c or r12,r2,r2
00005160 mtspr ctr,r2
00005164 bctrl
00005168 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000516c lwz r2,0x4118(r2)
00005170 or r6,r3,r3
00005174 stw r3,0x3c(r1)
00005178 or r4,r28,r28
0000517c or r3,r26,r26
00005180 lwz r5,0x38(r1)
00005184 or r12,r2,r2
00005188 mtspr ctr,r2
0000518c bctrl
00005190 b 0x5198
00005194 addis r24,r31,0x0
00005198 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000519c addis r2,r31,0x0
000051a0 addi r30,r2,0x3834
000051a4 lis r5,0x800
000051a8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000051ac li r3,0x0
000051b0 or r4,r30,r30
000051b4 or r12,r0,r0
000051b8 mtspr ctr,r0
000051bc addis r25,r31,0x0
000051c0 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
000051c4 bctrl
000051c8 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000051cc li r3,0x0
000051d0 beq cr7,0x5260
000051d4 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000051d8 lis r5,0x800
000051dc ori r5,r5,0x100
000051e0 or r4,r30,r30
000051e4 or r12,r0,r0
000051e8 mtspr ctr,r0
000051ec addis r29,r31,0x0
000051f0 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
000051f4 lwz r29,0x4084(r29)
000051f8 bctrl
000051fc or r12,r28,r28
00005200 or r4,r3,r3
00005204 mtspr ctr,r28
00005208 or r3,r29,r29
0000520c bctrl
00005210 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005214 lis r5,0x800
00005218 or r4,r30,r30
0000521c or r12,r0,r0
00005220 mtspr ctr,r0
00005224 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005228 li r3,0x0
0000522c lwz r29,0x40b4(r21)
00005230 bctrl
00005234 or r12,r29,r29
00005238 mtspr ctr,r29
0000523c bctrl
00005240 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005244 lis r5,0x800
00005248 or r4,r30,r30
0000524c ori r5,r5,0x100
00005250 li r3,0x0
00005254 or r12,r0,r0
00005258 mtspr ctr,r0
0000525c bctrl
00005260 or r4,r3,r3
00005264 or r12,r28,r28
00005268 mtspr ctr,r28
0000526c or r3,r26,r26
00005270 bctrl
00005274 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005278 addis r2,r31,0x0
0000527c lis r5,0x800
00005280 addi r30,r2,0x3840
00005284 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005288 li r3,0x0
0000528c or r4,r30,r30
00005290 or r12,r0,r0
00005294 mtspr ctr,r0
00005298 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
0000529c bctrl
000052a0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000052a4 li r3,0x0
000052a8 beq cr7,0x5338
000052ac lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000052b0 lis r5,0x800
000052b4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000052b8 or r4,r30,r30
000052bc or r12,r0,r0
000052c0 mtspr ctr,r0
000052c4 addis r29,r31,0x0
000052c8 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
000052cc lwz r29,0x4084(r29)
000052d0 bctrl
000052d4 or r12,r28,r28
000052d8 or r4,r3,r3
000052dc mtspr ctr,r28
000052e0 or r3,r29,r29
000052e4 bctrl
000052e8 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000052ec lis r5,0x800
000052f0 or r4,r30,r30
000052f4 or r12,r0,r0
000052f8 mtspr ctr,r0
000052fc ori r5,r5,0x100
00005300 li r3,0x0
00005304 lwz r29,0x40b4(r21)
00005308 bctrl
0000530c or r12,r29,r29
00005310 mtspr ctr,r29
00005314 bctrl
00005318 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000531c lis r5,0x800
00005320 or r4,r30,r30
00005324 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005328 li r3,0x0
0000532c or r12,r0,r0
00005330 mtspr ctr,r0
00005334 bctrl
00005338 or r4,r3,r3
0000533c or r12,r28,r28
00005340 mtspr ctr,r28
00005344 or r3,r26,r26
00005348 bctrl
0000534c lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005350 addis r2,r31,0x0
00005354 lis r5,0x800
00005358 addi r30,r2,0x3850
0000535c ori r5,r5,0x100
00005360 li r3,0x0
00005364 or r4,r30,r30
00005368 or r12,r0,r0
0000536c mtspr ctr,r0
00005370 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
00005374 bctrl
00005378 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
0000537c li r3,0x0
00005380 beq cr7,0x5410
00005384 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005388 lis r5,0x800
0000538c ori r5,r5,0x100
00005390 or r4,r30,r30
00005394 or r12,r0,r0
00005398 mtspr ctr,r0
0000539c addis r29,r31,0x0
000053a0 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
000053a4 lwz r29,0x4084(r29)
000053a8 bctrl
000053ac or r12,r28,r28
000053b0 or r4,r3,r3
000053b4 mtspr ctr,r28
000053b8 or r3,r29,r29
000053bc bctrl
000053c0 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000053c4 lis r5,0x800
000053c8 or r4,r30,r30
000053cc or r12,r0,r0
000053d0 mtspr ctr,r0
000053d4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000053d8 li r3,0x0
000053dc lwz r29,0x40b4(r21)
000053e0 bctrl
000053e4 or r12,r29,r29
000053e8 mtspr ctr,r29
000053ec bctrl
000053f0 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000053f4 lis r5,0x800
000053f8 or r4,r30,r30
000053fc ori r5,r5,0x100
00005400 li r3,0x0
00005404 or r12,r0,r0
00005408 mtspr ctr,r0
0000540c bctrl
00005410 or r4,r3,r3
00005414 or r12,r28,r28
00005418 or r3,r26,r26
0000541c mtspr ctr,r28
00005420 li r18,0x0
00005424 bctrl
00005428 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000542c addis r2,r31,0x0
00005430 lis r5,0x800
00005434 addi r30,r2,0x3858
00005438 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000543c li r3,0x0
00005440 or r4,r30,r30
00005444 or r12,r0,r0
00005448 mtspr ctr,r0
0000544c bctrl
00005450 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00005454 beq cr7,0x54ec
00005458 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000545c lis r5,0x800
00005460 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005464 or r4,r30,r30
00005468 or r12,r0,r0
0000546c mtspr ctr,r0
00005470 li r3,0x0
00005474 addis r29,r31,0x0
00005478 lwz r29,0x4084(r29)
0000547c lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
00005480 bctrl
00005484 or r12,r28,r28
00005488 or r4,r3,r3
0000548c mtspr ctr,r28
00005490 or r3,r29,r29
00005494 bctrl
00005498 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000549c lis r5,0x800
000054a0 or r4,r30,r30
000054a4 or r12,r0,r0
000054a8 mtspr ctr,r0
000054ac ori r5,r5,0x100
000054b0 li r3,0x0
000054b4 lwz r29,0x40b4(r21)
000054b8 bctrl
000054bc or r12,r29,r29
000054c0 mtspr ctr,r29
000054c4 bctrl
000054c8 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000054cc lis r5,0x800
000054d0 or r4,r30,r30
000054d4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000054d8 li r3,0x0
000054dc or r12,r0,r0
000054e0 mtspr ctr,r0
000054e4 bctrl
000054e8 or r18,r3,r3
000054ec lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000054f0 addis r2,r31,0x0
000054f4 addi r30,r2,0x385c
000054f8 lis r5,0x800
000054fc ori r5,r5,0x100
00005500 li r3,0x0
00005504 or r4,r30,r30
00005508 or r12,r0,r0
0000550c mtspr ctr,r0
00005510 li r19,0x0
00005514 bctrl
00005518 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
0000551c beq cr7,0x55b4
00005520 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005524 lis r5,0x800
00005528 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000552c or r4,r30,r30
00005530 or r12,r0,r0
00005534 mtspr ctr,r0
00005538 li r3,0x0
0000553c addis r29,r31,0x0
00005540 lwz r29,0x4084(r29)
00005544 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
00005548 bctrl
0000554c or r12,r28,r28
00005550 or r4,r3,r3
00005554 mtspr ctr,r28
00005558 or r3,r29,r29
0000555c bctrl
00005560 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005564 lis r5,0x800
00005568 or r4,r30,r30
0000556c or r12,r0,r0
00005570 mtspr ctr,r0
00005574 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005578 li r3,0x0
0000557c lwz r29,0x40b4(r21)
00005580 bctrl
00005584 or r12,r29,r29
00005588 mtspr ctr,r29
0000558c bctrl
00005590 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005594 lis r5,0x800
00005598 or r4,r30,r30
0000559c ori r5,r5,0x100
000055a0 li r3,0x0
000055a4 or r12,r0,r0
000055a8 mtspr ctr,r0
000055ac bctrl
000055b0 or r19,r3,r3
000055b4 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000055b8 addis r2,r31,0x0
000055bc addi r30,r2,0x3860
000055c0 lis r5,0x800
000055c4 ori r5,r5,0x100
000055c8 li r3,0x0
000055cc or r4,r30,r30
000055d0 or r12,r0,r0
000055d4 mtspr ctr,r0
000055d8 li r22,0x0
000055dc bctrl
000055e0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
000055e4 beq cr7,0x567c
000055e8 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
000055ec lis r5,0x800
000055f0 ori r5,r5,0x100
000055f4 or r4,r30,r30
000055f8 or r12,r0,r0
000055fc mtspr ctr,r0
00005600 li r3,0x0
00005604 addis r29,r31,0x0
00005608 lwz r28,0x40cc(r25)
0000560c lwz r29,0x4084(r29)
00005610 bctrl
00005614 or r12,r28,r28
00005618 or r4,r3,r3
0000561c mtspr ctr,r28
00005620 or r3,r29,r29
00005624 bctrl
00005628 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000562c lis r5,0x800
00005630 or r4,r30,r30
00005634 or r12,r0,r0
00005638 mtspr ctr,r0
0000563c ori r5,r5,0x100
00005640 li r3,0x0
00005644 lwz r29,0x40b4(r21)
00005648 bctrl
0000564c or r12,r29,r29
00005650 mtspr ctr,r29
00005654 bctrl
00005658 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
0000565c lis r5,0x800
00005660 or r4,r30,r30
00005664 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005668 li r3,0x0
0000566c or r12,r0,r0
00005670 mtspr ctr,r0
00005674 bctrl
00005678 or r22,r3,r3
0000567c lwz r0,0x40c0(r24)
00005680 or r3,r26,r26
00005684 or r12,r0,r0
00005688 mtspr ctr,r0
0000568c bctrl
00005690 lwz r0,0x40b8(r23)
00005694 or r25,r3,r3
00005698 or r12,r0,r0
0000569c mtspr ctr,r0
000056a0 bctrl
000056a4 cmpwi cr7,r25,0x0
000056a8 or r28,r3,r3
000056ac ble+ cr7,0x57bc
000056b0 li r23,0x0
000056b4 addis r20,r31,0x0
000056b8 addis r24,r31,0x0
000056bc lwz r0,0x40c8(r20)
000056c0 or r4,r23,r23
000056c4 or r3,r26,r26
000056c8 or r12,r0,r0
000056cc mtspr ctr,r0
000056d0 bctrl
000056d4 lwz r0,0x4120(r24)
000056d8 or r29,r3,r3
000056dc or r5,r18,r18
000056e0 or r3,r28,r28
000056e4 or r4,r29,r29
000056e8 li r6,0x0
000056ec or r12,r0,r0
000056f0 mtspr ctr,r0
000056f4 bctrl
000056f8 or. r30,r3,r3
000056fc bne+ 0x5750
00005700 lwz r0,0x4120(r24)
00005704 or r3,r28,r28
00005708 or r4,r29,r29
0000570c or r5,r19,r19
00005710 li r6,0x0
00005714 or r12,r0,r0
00005718 mtspr ctr,r0
0000571c bctrl
00005720 or. r30,r3,r3
00005724 bne 0x5750
00005728 lwz r0,0x4120(r24)
0000572c or r4,r29,r29
00005730 or r3,r28,r28
00005734 or r5,r22,r22
00005738 li r6,0x0
0000573c or r12,r0,r0
00005740 mtspr ctr,r0
00005744 bctrl
00005748 or. r30,r3,r3
0000574c beq+ 0x57b0
00005750 addis r2,r31,0x0
00005754 addi r5,r1,0x38
00005758 lwz r2,0x40e4(r2)
0000575c li r6,0x400
00005760 or r3,r30,r30
00005764 li r4,0x1
00005768 or r12,r2,r2
0000576c mtspr ctr,r2
00005770 bctrl
00005774 lwz r0,0x40c4(r27)
00005778 lis r5,0x800
0000577c addi r4,r1,0x38
00005780 or r12,r0,r0
00005784 mtspr ctr,r0
00005788 ori r5,r5,0x100
0000578c li r3,0x0
00005790 bctrl
00005794 lwz r0,0x40b4(r21)
00005798 or r29,r3,r3
0000579c or r3,r30,r30
000057a0 or r12,r0,r0
000057a4 mtspr ctr,r0
000057a8 bctrl
000057ac b 0x57c0
000057b0 addi r23,r23,0x1
000057b4 cmpw cr7,r23,r25
000057b8 bne cr7,0x56bc
000057bc li r29,0x0
000057c0 lwz r0,0x40b4(r21)
000057c4 or r3,r26,r26
000057c8 or r12,r0,r0
000057cc mtspr ctr,r0
000057d0 bctrl
000057d4 addi r1,r1,0x480
000057d8 lwz r0,0x8(r1)
000057dc or r3,r29,r29
000057e0 lmw r18,0xffc8(r1)
000057e4 mtspr lr,r0
000057e8 blr
000057ec mfspr r0,lr
000057f0 bcl 20,31,0x57f4
000057f4 stmw r13,0xffb4(r1)
000057f8 li r4,0x0
000057fc mfspr r31,lr
00005800 li r3,0x0
00005804 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00005808 stwu r1,0xf760(r1)
0000580c addis r2,r31,0x0
00005810 addis r5,r31,0x0
00005814 lwz r2,0x393c(r2)
00005818 addis r22,r31,0x0
0000581c lwz r5,0x3938(r5)
00005820 addis r29,r31,0x0
00005824 or r12,r2,r2
00005828 mtspr ctr,r2
0000582c addis r20,r31,0x0
00005830 addis r26,r31,0x0
00005834 addi r24,r1,0x38
00005838 addis r16,r31,0x0
0000583c addis r27,r31,0x0
00005840 bctrl
00005844 lwz r0,0x3948(r22)
00005848 lwz r29,0x3980(r29)
0000584c or r23,r3,r3
00005850 or r12,r0,r0
00005854 mtspr ctr,r0
00005858 bctrl
0000585c or r12,r29,r29
00005860 mtspr ctr,r29
00005864 bctrl
00005868 lwz r0,0x3974(r20)
0000586c li r6,0x400
00005870 li r4,0x1
00005874 or r12,r0,r0
00005878 mtspr ctr,r0
0000587c addi r5,r1,0x38
00005880 or r19,r3,r3
00005884 bctrl
00005888 lwz r2,0x3954(r26)
0000588c lis r5,0x800
00005890 or r4,r24,r24
00005894 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005898 or r12,r2,r2
0000589c mtspr ctr,r2
000058a0 li r3,0x0
000058a4 bctrl
000058a8 lwz r2,0x395c(r16)
000058ac or r4,r3,r3
000058b0 or r29,r3,r3
000058b4 or r12,r2,r2
000058b8 mtspr ctr,r2
000058bc or r3,r23,r23
000058c0 bctrl
000058c4 lwz r0,0x3944(r27)
000058c8 or r3,r29,r29
000058cc or r12,r0,r0
000058d0 mtspr ctr,r0
000058d4 bctrl
000058d8 lwz r2,0x3954(r26)
000058dc lis r5,0x800
000058e0 addis r4,r31,0x0
000058e4 addi r4,r4,0x30f4
000058e8 ori r5,r5,0x100
000058ec li r3,0x0
000058f0 or r12,r2,r2
000058f4 mtspr ctr,r2
000058f8 bctrl
000058fc or. r30,r3,r3
00005900 beq 0x5c74
00005904 lwz r0,0x3948(r22)
00005908 addis r29,r31,0x0
0000590c lwz r29,0x394c(r29)
00005910 or r12,r0,r0
00005914 mtspr ctr,r0
00005918 bctrl
0000591c or r4,r30,r30
00005920 or r12,r29,r29
00005924 mtspr ctr,r29
00005928 bctrl
0000592c lwz r0,0x3944(r27)
00005930 or r28,r3,r3
00005934 or r3,r30,r30
00005938 or r12,r0,r0
0000593c mtspr ctr,r0
00005940 or r21,r28,r28
00005944 bctrl
00005948 cmpwi cr7,r28,0x0
0000594c beq cr7,0x5c74
00005950 addis r2,r31,0x0
00005954 or r3,r28,r28
00005958 lwz r0,0x3950(r2)
0000595c stw r2,0x840(r1)
00005960 or r12,r0,r0
00005964 mtspr ctr,r0
00005968 bctrl
0000596c or. r18,r3,r3
00005970 ble+ 0x5c7c
00005974 addis r2,r31,0x0
00005978 addis r9,r31,0x0
0000597c li r25,0x0
00005980 addis r13,r31,0x0
00005984 addis r15,r31,0x0
00005988 addis r14,r31,0x0
0000598c stw r2,0x838(r1)
00005990 addi r17,r1,0x438
00005994 stw r9,0x83c(r1)
00005998 lwz r0,0x3958(r13)
0000599c or r4,r25,r25
000059a0 or r3,r21,r21
000059a4 or r12,r0,r0
000059a8 mtspr ctr,r0
000059ac bctrl
000059b0 lwz r2,0x3994(r15)
000059b4 lis r6,0x800
000059b8 addi r4,r1,0x38
000059bc ori r6,r6,0x100
000059c0 li r5,0x400
000059c4 or r12,r2,r2
000059c8 mtspr ctr,r2
000059cc bctrl
000059d0 lbz r0,0x38(r1)
000059d4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x7e
000059d8 bne cr7,0x5a68
000059dc lbz r0,0x39(r1)
000059e0 extsb r0,r0
000059e4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
000059e8 beq cr7,0x5a38
000059ec cmpwi cr7,r0,0x2f
000059f0 beq cr7,0x5a38
000059f4 li r30,0x1
000059f8 addi r30,r30,0x1
000059fc lbzx r0,r24,r30
00005a00 extsb r29,r0
00005a04 cmpwi cr7,r29,0x0
00005a08 beq cr7,0x5a14
00005a0c cmpwi cr7,r29,0x2f
00005a10 bne cr7,0x59f8
00005a14 cmpwi cr7,r30,0x1
00005a18 beq cr7,0x5a3c
00005a1c li r0,0x0
00005a20 addi r3,r1,0x39
00005a24 stbx r0,r24,r30
00005a28 bl 0x7cc0 ; symbol stub for: _getpwnam
00005a2c cmpwi r3,0x0
00005a30 bne+ 0x5a58
00005a34 b 0x5a50
00005a38 li r30,0x1
00005a3c addis r3,r31,0x0
00005a40 addi r3,r3,0x3108
00005a44 bl 0x7da0 ; symbol stub for: _getenv
00005a48 or r28,r3,r3
00005a4c b 0x5a60
00005a50 li r28,0x0
00005a54 b 0x5a5c
00005a58 lwz r28,0x1c(r3)
00005a5c stbx r29,r24,r30
00005a60 cmpwi cr7,r28,0x0
00005a64 bne+ cr7,0x5a90
00005a68 lwz r0,0x3954(r26)
00005a6c lis r5,0x800
00005a70 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005a74 li r3,0x0
00005a78 addi r4,r1,0x38
00005a7c or r12,r0,r0
00005a80 mtspr ctr,r0
00005a84 bctrl
00005a88 or r28,r3,r3
00005a8c b 0x5b68
00005a90 or r3,r28,r28
00005a94 add r29,r24,r30
00005a98 bl 0x7de0 ; symbol stub for: _strlen
00005a9c lwz r2,0x838(r1)
00005aa0 or r5,r3,r3
00005aa4 or r4,r28,r28
00005aa8 lwz r0,0x3984(r2)
00005aac li r6,0x0
00005ab0 li r3,0x0
00005ab4 addi r29,r29,0x1
00005ab8 or r12,r0,r0
00005abc mtspr ctr,r0
00005ac0 bctrl
00005ac4 or r28,r3,r3
00005ac8 or r3,r29,r29
00005acc bl 0x7de0 ; symbol stub for: _strlen
00005ad0 lwz r2,0x83c(r1)
00005ad4 or r7,r28,r28
00005ad8 or r5,r3,r3
00005adc lwz r0,0x3988(r2)
00005ae0 or r4,r29,r29
00005ae4 li r6,0x0
00005ae8 li r3,0x0
00005aec or r12,r0,r0
00005af0 mtspr ctr,r0
00005af4 bctrl
00005af8 lwz r0,0x3944(r27)
00005afc or r29,r3,r3
00005b00 or r3,r28,r28
00005b04 or r12,r0,r0
00005b08 mtspr ctr,r0
00005b0c bctrl
00005b10 lwz r2,0x3974(r20)
00005b14 li r4,0x1
00005b18 or r5,r17,r17
00005b1c or r12,r2,r2
00005b20 mtspr ctr,r2
00005b24 li r6,0x400
00005b28 or r3,r29,r29
00005b2c bctrl
00005b30 lwz r0,0x3954(r26)
00005b34 lis r5,0x800
00005b38 li r3,0x0
00005b3c or r12,r0,r0
00005b40 mtspr ctr,r0
00005b44 ori r5,r5,0x100
00005b48 or r4,r17,r17
00005b4c bctrl
00005b50 lwz r0,0x3944(r27)
00005b54 or r28,r3,r3
00005b58 or r3,r29,r29
00005b5c or r12,r0,r0
00005b60 mtspr ctr,r0
00005b64 bctrl
00005b68 lwz r0,0x3970(r14)
00005b6c or r3,r28,r28
00005b70 or r12,r0,r0
00005b74 mtspr ctr,r0
00005b78 bctrl
00005b7c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00005b80 beq+ cr7,0x5c50
00005b84 addis r2,r31,0x0
00005b88 or r3,r28,r28
00005b8c lwz r2,0x398c(r2)
00005b90 li r4,0x0
00005b94 or r12,r2,r2
00005b98 mtspr ctr,r2
00005b9c bctrl
00005ba0 cmpwi cr7,r3,0x2f