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/Applications/ (architecture i386):
(__TEXT,__text) section
00001e30 pushl $0x00
00001e32 movl %esp,%ebp
00001e34 andl $0xf0,%esp
00001e37 subl $0x10,%esp
00001e3a movl 0x04(%ebp),%ebx
00001e3d movl %ebx,0x00(%esp)
00001e41 leal 0x08(%ebp),%ecx
00001e44 movl %ecx,0x04(%esp)
00001e48 addl $0x01,%ebx
00001e4b shll $0x02,%ebx
00001e4e addl %ecx,%ebx
00001e50 movl %ebx,0x08(%esp)
00001e54 calll 0x00001e5a
00001e59 hlt
00001e5a pushl %ebp
00001e5b movl %esp,%ebp
00001e5d pushl %edi
00001e5e pushl %esi
00001e5f pushl %ebx
00001e60 subl $0x2c,%esp
00001e63 movl 0x0c(%ebp),%edi
00001e66 movl 0x10(%ebp),%ebx
00001e69 movl 0x08(%ebp),%eax
00001e6c movl %eax,_NXArgc
00001e71 movl %edi,_NXArgv
00001e77 movl %ebx,_environ
00001e7d movl (%edi),%ecx
00001e7f testl %ecx,%ecx
00001e81 jne 0x00001e8a
00001e83 movl $0x00001f5c,%ecx
00001e88 jmp 0x00001ea3
00001e8a movl %ecx,%edx
00001e8c jmp 0x00001e9c
00001e8e cmpb $0x2f,%al
00001e90 je 0x00001e97
00001e92 addl $0x01,%edx
00001e95 jmp 0x00001e9c
00001e97 addl $0x01,%edx
00001e9a movl %edx,%ecx
00001e9c movzbl (%edx),%eax
00001e9f testb %al,%al
00001ea1 jne 0x00001e8e
00001ea3 movl %ecx,___progname
00001ea9 movl %ebx,%eax
00001eab jmp 0x00001eb0
00001ead addl $0x04,%eax
00001eb0 movl (%eax),%edx
00001eb2 testl %edx,%edx
00001eb4 jne 0x00001ead
00001eb6 leal 0x04(%eax),%esi
00001eb9 movl 0x00003000,%eax
00001ebe movl (%eax),%eax
00001ec0 testl %eax,%eax
00001ec2 je 0x00001ec6
00001ec4 call *%eax
00001ec6 movl 0x00003008,%eax
00001ecb movl (%eax),%eax
00001ecd testl %eax,%eax
00001ecf je 0x00001ed3
00001ed1 call *%eax
00001ed3 calll 0x00003045 ; symbol stub for: ___keymgr_dwarf2_register_sections
00001ed8 leal 0xe0(%ebp),%eax
00001edb movl %eax,0x04(%esp)
00001edf movl $0x00001f60,(%esp)
00001ee6 calll 0x00001f48
00001eeb call *0xe0(%ebp)
00001eee leal 0xe4(%ebp),%eax
00001ef1 movl %eax,0x04(%esp)
00001ef5 movl $0x00001f90,(%esp)
00001efc calll 0x00001f48
00001f01 movl 0xe4(%ebp),%eax
00001f04 testl %eax,%eax
00001f06 je 0x00001f10
00001f08 movl %eax,(%esp)
00001f0b calll 0x0000304a ; symbol stub for: _atexit
00001f10 movl 0x00003004,%eax
00001f15 movl $0x00000000,(%eax)
00001f1b movl %esi,0x0c(%esp)
00001f1f movl %ebx,0x08(%esp)
00001f23 movl %edi,0x04(%esp)
00001f27 movl 0x08(%ebp),%eax
00001f2a movl %eax,(%esp)
00001f2d calll 0x00001f50
00001f32 movl %eax,(%esp)
00001f35 calll 0x0000304f ; symbol stub for: _exit
00001f3a nop
00001f3b nop
00001f3c pushl $__mh_execute_header
00001f41 jmp *0x00002000
00001f47 nop
00001f48 jmp *0x00002004
00001f4e nop
00001f4f nop
00001f50 pushl %ebp
00001f51 movl %esp,%ebp
00001f53 leave
00001f54 jmp 0x00003040 ; symbol stub for: _Py_Main
/Applications/ (architecture ppc):
(__TEXT,__text) section
00001b20 or r26,r1,r1
00001b24 addi r1,r1,0xfffc
00001b28 rlwinm r1,r1,0,0,26
00001b2c li r0,0x0
00001b30 stw r0,0x0(r1)
00001b34 stwu r1,0xffc0(r1)
00001b38 lwz r3,0x0(r26)
00001b3c addi r4,r26,0x4
00001b40 addi r27,r3,0x1
00001b44 rlwinm r27,r27,2,0,29
00001b48 add r5,r4,r27
00001b4c bl 0x1b54
00001b50 trap
00001b54 mfspr r0,lr
00001b58 lis r2,0x0
00001b5c stmw r25,0xffe4(r1)
00001b60 lis r9,0x0
00001b64 or r28,r4,r4
00001b68 or r25,r3,r3
00001b6c or r27,r5,r5
00001b70 stw r0,0x8(r1)
00001b74 stwu r1,0xff80(r1)
00001b78 stw r3,_NXArgc(r2)
00001b7c stw r4,_NXArgv(r9)
00001b80 lis r2,0x0
00001b84 stw r5,_environ(r2)
00001b88 lwz r9,0x0(r4)
00001b8c cmpwi cr7,r9,0x0
00001b90 or r2,r9,r9
00001b94 bne cr7,0x1bcc
00001b98 lis r9,0x0
00001b9c addi r9,r9,0x1f14
00001ba0 b 0x1bdc
00001ba4 mtspr ctr,r3
00001ba8 or r12,r3,r3
00001bac bctrl
00001bb0 b 0x1e08
00001bb4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x2f
00001bb8 beq cr7,0x1bc4
00001bbc addi r2,r2,0x1
00001bc0 b 0x1bcc
00001bc4 addi r9,r2,0x1
00001bc8 or r2,r9,r9
00001bcc lbz r0,0x0(r2)
00001bd0 extsb r0,r0
00001bd4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001bd8 bne cr7,0x1bb4
00001bdc lis r2,0x0
00001be0 or r6,r27,r27
00001be4 stw r9,___progname(r2)
00001be8 b 0x1bf0
00001bec addi r6,r6,0x4
00001bf0 lwz r0,0x0(r6)
00001bf4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001bf8 bne cr7,0x1bec
00001bfc lis r2,0x0
00001c00 addi r26,r6,0x4
00001c04 lwz r2,0x2008(r2)
00001c08 lwz r2,0x0(r2)
00001c0c cmpwi cr7,r2,0x0
00001c10 beq cr7,0x1c20
00001c14 mtspr ctr,r2
00001c18 or r12,r2,r2
00001c1c bctrl
00001c20 lis r2,0x0
00001c24 lwz r2,0x2010(r2)
00001c28 lwz r2,0x0(r2)
00001c2c cmpwi cr7,r2,0x0
00001c30 beq cr7,0x1c40
00001c34 mtspr ctr,r2
00001c38 or r12,r2,r2
00001c3c bctrl
00001c40 bl 0x1ee4 ; symbol stub for: ___keymgr_dwarf2_register_sections
00001c44 lis r2,0x0
00001c48 lwz r2,0x2034(r2)
00001c4c lwz r0,0x0(r2)
00001c50 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001c54 beq cr7,0x1c64
00001c58 mtspr ctr,r2
00001c5c or r12,r2,r2
00001c60 bctrl
00001c64 lis r3,0x0
00001c68 addi r4,r1,0x3c
00001c6c addi r3,r3,0x1f18
00001c70 bl 0x1eb8
00001c74 lwz r0,0x3c(r1)
00001c78 mtspr ctr,r0
00001c7c or r12,r0,r0
00001c80 bctrl
00001c84 lis r3,0x0
00001c88 addi r4,r1,0x40
00001c8c addi r3,r3,0x1f48
00001c90 bl 0x1eb8
00001c94 lis r3,0x0
00001c98 addi r4,r1,0x38
00001c9c addi r3,r3,0x1f5c
00001ca0 bl 0x1eb8
00001ca4 lis r3,0x0
00001ca8 addi r4,r1,0x48
00001cac addi r3,r3,0x1f74
00001cb0 bl 0x1eb8
00001cb4 lis r3,0x0
00001cb8 addi r4,r1,0x4c
00001cbc addi r3,r3,0x1f8c
00001cc0 bl 0x1eb8
00001cc4 lis r3,0x0
00001cc8 addi r4,r1,0x50
00001ccc addi r3,r3,0x1fac
00001cd0 bl 0x1eb8
00001cd4 lwz r2,0x40(r1)
00001cd8 cmpwi cr7,r2,0x0
00001cdc beq cr7,0x1e08
00001ce0 lwz r0,0x38(r1)
00001ce4 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001ce8 beq cr7,0x1e08
00001cec lwz r0,0x48(r1)
00001cf0 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001cf4 beq cr7,0x1e08
00001cf8 lwz r0,0x4c(r1)
00001cfc cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001d00 beq cr7,0x1e08
00001d04 lwz r0,0x50(r1)
00001d08 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001d0c beq cr7,0x1e08
00001d10 mtspr ctr,r2
00001d14 or r12,r2,r2
00001d18 lis r29,0x0
00001d1c li r31,0x0
00001d20 addi r29,r29,0x1fd0
00001d24 bctrl
00001d28 or r30,r3,r3
00001d2c b 0x1e00
00001d30 lwz r0,0x38(r1)
00001d34 or r3,r31,r31
00001d38 mtspr ctr,r0
00001d3c or r12,r0,r0
00001d40 bctrl
00001d44 b 0x1d5c
00001d48 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x2f
00001d4c beq cr7,0x1d58
00001d50 addi r2,r2,0x1
00001d54 b 0x1d60
00001d58 addi r3,r2,0x1
00001d5c or r2,r3,r3
00001d60 lbz r0,0x0(r2)
00001d64 extsb r0,r0
00001d68 cmpwi cr7,r0,0x0
00001d6c bne cr7,0x1d48
00001d70 lis r11,0x0
00001d74 li r9,0x0
00001d78 addi r11,r11,0x1fc8
00001d7c lbz r0,0x0(r11)
00001d80 extsb r2,r0
00001d84 cmpwi cr7,r2,0x0
00001d88 beq cr7,0x1da8
00001d8c lbzx r0,r9,r3
00001d90 addi r11,r11,0x1
00001d94 extsb r0,r0
00001d98 cmpw cr7,r0,r2
00001d9c bne cr7,0x1dfc
00001da0 addi r9,r9,0x1
00001da4 b 0x1d7c
00001da8 lwz r0,0x48(r1)
00001dac or r3,r31,r31
00001db0 mtspr ctr,r0
00001db4 or r12,r0,r0
00001db8 bctrl
00001dbc cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00001dc0 beq cr7,0x1dfc
00001dc4 lwz r0,0x4c(r1)
00001dc8 or r4,r29,r29
00001dcc li r5,0x4
00001dd0 mtspr ctr,r0
00001dd4 or r12,r0,r0
00001dd8 bctrl
00001ddc cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00001de0 beq cr7,0x1dfc
00001de4 lwz r0,0x50(r1)
00001de8 mtspr ctr,r0
00001dec or r12,r0,r0
00001df0 bctrl
00001df4 cmpwi r3,0x0
00001df8 bne 0x1ba4
00001dfc addi r31,r31,0x1
00001e00 cmplw cr7,r31,r30
00001e04 blt cr7,0x1d30
00001e08 lis r3,0x0
00001e0c addi r4,r1,0x44
00001e10 addi r3,r3,0x1fdc
00001e14 bl 0x1eb8
00001e18 lwz r3,0x44(r1)
00001e1c cmpwi cr7,r3,0x0
00001e20 beq cr7,0x1e28
00001e24 bl 0x1ef4 ; symbol stub for: _atexit
00001e28 lis r2,0x0
00001e2c li r0,0x0
00001e30 or r4,r28,r28
00001e34 or r5,r27,r27
00001e38 lwz r2,0x200c(r2)
00001e3c or r6,r26,r26
00001e40 or r3,r25,r25
00001e44 stw r0,0x0(r2)
00001e48 bl 0x1ed0
00001e4c bl 0x1f04 ; symbol stub for: _exit
00001e50 lis r12,0x0
00001e54 ori r12,r12,0x1f04
00001e58 mtspr ctr,r12
00001e5c bctr
00001e60 lis r12,0x0
00001e64 ori r12,r12,0x1ed0
00001e68 mtspr ctr,r12
00001e6c bctr
00001e70 lis r12,0x0
00001e74 ori r12,r12,0x1ef4
00001e78 mtspr ctr,r12
00001e7c bctr
00001e80 lis r12,0x0
00001e84 ori r12,r12,0x1eb8
00001e88 mtspr ctr,r12
00001e8c bctr
00001e90 lis r12,0x0
00001e94 ori r12,r12,0x1ee4
00001e98 mtspr ctr,r12
00001e9c bctr
00001ea0 lis r12,0x0
00001ea4 lwz r12,0x2000(r12)
00001ea8 mtspr ctr,r12
00001eac lis r12,0x0
00001eb0 addi r12,r12,__mh_execute_header
00001eb4 bctr
00001eb8 lis r11,0x0
00001ebc lwz r11,0x2004(r11)
00001ec0 mtspr ctr,r11
00001ec4 bctr
00001ec8 nop
00001ecc nop
00001ed0 b 0x1ed4 ; symbol stub for: _Py_Main
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