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The easiest way to use Bluetooth (BLE )in ios,even bady can use. 简单易用的蓝牙库,基于CoreBluetooth的封装,并兼容ios和mac osx.


  • 1:基于原生CoreBluetooth框架封装的轻量级的开源库,可以帮你更简单地使用CoreBluetooth API。
  • 2:CoreBluetooth所有方法都是通过委托完成,代码冗余且顺序凌乱。BabyBluetooth使用block方法,可以重新按照功能和顺序组织代码,并提供许多方法减少蓝牙开发过程中的代码量。
  • 3:链式方法体,代码更简洁、优雅。
  • 4:通过channel切换区分委托调用,并方便切换
  • 5:便利的工具方法
  • 6:完善的文档,且项目处于活跃状态,不断的更新中
  • 7:github上star最多的纯Bluetooth类库
  • 8:包含多种类型的demo和ios蓝牙开发教程
  • 9:同时支持蓝牙设备中心模式和外设模式(central model and peripheral model)

当前版本 0.7.0




  • 1:CoreBluetooth wrap,simple and eary for use.
  • 2:CoreBluetooth is dependency on delegate ,and most times,call method at delegate then go into delegate,and over and over,it's messy.BabyBluetooth favor to using block.
  • 3:call methor in a serial,it's simple and elegant syntax.
  • 4:using channel switch blcoks in a group.
  • 5:convenience tools class
  • 6:comprehensive documentation and active project
  • 7:more star library for ios bluetooch in github(not PhoneGap and SensorTag)
  • 8:include demo and tutorial
  • 9:works with both central model and peripheral model

current verison 0.7.0

update histroy

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