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Output plain strings instead of string objects with Express

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1 parent 610ab0b commit d09bb91fbe7c41f1a109a29b7176695c4d2eeebb Pierre Matri committed Oct 28, 2012
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5 lib/kiwi.js
@@ -45,7 +45,10 @@ exports.__express = function(filename, options, callback) {
viewOptions.lookupPaths = viewOptions.lookupPaths
- new Template(viewOptions).loadAndRender(filename, options, callback);
+ new Template(viewOptions).loadAndRender(filename, options, function(err, result) {
+ if(err) return callback(err);
+ callback(null, result.toString());
+ });
// end

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Thanks for that.


Why didn't you update the NPM package yet?
I just had this problem, and would have had to use another templating engine if it wasn't for a comment in StackOverflow:

I'm looking for a templating engine to use with expressjs, and I like kiwi best so far.
Is the lack of recent changes because it works well, or because you don't have time or interest any more?

coolony member

Oops. Completely forgot this... Just done it. Sorry about that.
At the moment, I'm working on Kiwi 1.0, which will introduce a bunch of new features, and a more robust parser. As it is a complete rewrite of the current engine, I unfortunately don't have the time to introduce these new features for the current branch.

Thanks for noticing, BTW.

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