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gke deployment images is a software as a service that integrates any workflow with Slack to give you ChatOps without the need for any coding.

When a deployment is triggered on Slack, will run your deployment image injecting the variables you provide as environment variables to the docker container.

How does it work?

1. You notify about a new build from your CI

Whenever your CI pipeline is completed and you have a new build, you can use our command line interface to notify us about it. Here is the step you can add to your config.yaml file if you use CircleCI:

    image: circleci/classic:latest
  working_directory: ~/core
    - run:
      name: Notify
      command: |
        curl -L | sudo sh
        coolops build:new:circleci -t ${COOLOPS_PROJECT_API_TOKEN} -p DOCKER_TAG=${DOCKER_TAG} -p COMMIT_SHA1=${CIRCLE_SHA1}

The two relevant commands are the following:

curl -L | sudo sh
coolops build:new:circleci -t ${COOLOPS_PROJECT_API_TOKEN} -p DOCKER_TAG=${DOCKER_TAG} -p COMMIT_SHA1=${CIRCLE_SHA1}

First we download the command line interface, then we notify about the new build passing DOCKER_TAG and COMMIT_SHA1 as parameters to the deployment. Whenever a deployment for this build is started on slack, your deployment images will have access to those values as environment variables.

Because we are using the build:new:circleci commands, we already define some parameters (like the build name and some metadata) from teh CircleCI environment variable for you. But you also have the option to use your own custom solution by using the build:new command.

2. We notify you about the build on Slack

As soon as we receive your notification, we will notify the Slack channel you configured for the project.

Here is what the message look like:

Slack Message

Where Api is the name of the project and master-94657536 is the name of the build. There will be one deployment button per Environment that you create for the project (Production and Staging in this example). Job url is a metadata that was passed wit the build. Metadata is only information we will send to Slack, we don't use it for anything else.

3. You click on the deployment button

Once you click on the deployment button, we will run your deployment image injecting the variables of button's the Environment plus the Params that you provided when you notified about the build.

Once we start your deployment, we will update the build message adding one line for each time this build was deployed. The message will look like the following:

Slack Message

Note that you can see the deployment logs by clicking on the See logs url on the message's footer.

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