Capella social media client for Mastodon
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💬 Social media client for Mastodon




  1. Multiple timelines
  2. Multiple Account management
  3. Auto-refresh and notifications
  4. Viewing Profiles
  5. Viewing Boosts and Favorites
  6. Following and Unfollowing
  7. Image Previews
  8. Youtube, Imgur and other previews
  9. Tooting
  10. Tooting with images
  11. Native app
  12. Elegant, flat design to blend in with Windows 8 and higher
  13. Supports Windows 7 - 10


Capella is based on Arcturus, a twitter client CoolStar has worked on since 2014. Hence, some of the code in this repository is actually 3 years old. Please don't judge it too much ❤

Capella is made with ❤ by CoolStar, with some design by Jeremy Goulet.