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Coolstation Welcome to the main repository for the Coolstation fork of the Goonstation branch of Space Station 13.

fuckshitmade with crayonsmade in byond



Here's Goonstation's guide to getting this shit off the ground, it's not our guide. Nevertheless:
Be sure to follow it exactly! If you need help, visit the #imcoder channel on their Discord or holler at us on our Discord. We're still figuring it out and getting our own server up thank you very much please be nice.


Forums We have wonderful formums for announcements and discussion. Feast your eyes, and then make suggestions, discussion about game, leave feedback, like and subscribe, and appeal a ban's.

Wiki You might leave our wiki knowing more than you did before or you might still just be confused but that's cool. It's still under construction don't worry about it.

Coolhub Coolhub doesn't exiust yet but it probably will have like, maps and round info and be a good intro landing page. Right now it is a very good website. Please click on it. Please 🙏🥺

DisCord It's discord. Don't make me say it twice.


Easy! Fork da repo, follow the guide, open a PR, make sure it works, the usual. Just go for it. Really go for it. Just whole hog.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: I'm getting a compilation error like unable to open +secret\__secret.dme.

You’ll need to create a file named __secret.dme in the +secret subdirectory. It should be blank and have no contents. Read the Goonstation Development Guide for additional details.

Q: this is just goonstation

It's goonstation with a twist.

Q: Hey nerd, you got any cool secrets?

watch your tone paisan.



All Coolstation contributions are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. See LICENSE for more details.

Important: This means that code from Coolstation, like Goonstation, cannot be ported to codebases such as /tg/station. If you wish to port a specific feature, you must get the developer(s) to sublicense it to you under a license like AGPLv3. This also applies in the opposite direction for features ported from other codebases.