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A lan based live song request system using voting.

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Song share is a multiple client live update server for song selection at an event. Allowing crowd participation in the choice of songs.


The app is written mostly in coffee script and either run using the coffescript runtime for the backend or compiled to javascript for the frontend.


The backend is fairly self explanatory at the moment using express and (soon) mongo.


The frontend uses a number of technologies, some of which are sourced using bower, some rant and some may not be currently in use. The actual backbone app so to speak it found in the javascripts file and is built into the app.js file whilst the dependencies are compiled into built.js



First install the node dependencies

$ npm install

Then install the fronted dependencies by running from the public folder

$ bower install

Then build the fronted as below and run the backend.

The run

The fronted is built using grunt. Note that the original grunt file is in coffecript and requires compiling before direct use with grunt.

$ grunt

The backend can be run like so:

$ coffee
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