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pdf2htmlEX is available through several repositories, thanks to all the packagers!

Run from Docker container is the easiest way to convert pdf file to html, which you don't need knowledge on how to compile and install pdf2htmlEX.

How to use this docker container to convert pdf file to html

Suppose you have a PDF file ~/pdf/test.pdf, simply running

docker run -ti --rm -v ~/pdf:/pdf bwits/pdf2htmlex pdf2htmlEX --zoom 1.3 test.pdf

would produce a single HTML file test.html in ~/pdf directory.

Run the docker container as local command

alias pdf2htmlEX='docker run -ti --rm -v `pwd`:/pdf bwits/pdf2htmlex pdf2htmlEX'
pdf2htmlEX -h 
pdf2htmlEX --zoom 1.3 test.pdf

For detail on how to install docker, please refer to

For detail on how to run pdf2htmlEX, please read the wiki

The old Ubuntu PPA has been deprecated. We are looking for a maintainer.

You can also build from source.