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Quick Start

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This page lists some common recipes of pdf2htmlEX

First thing first

  • It is highly recommended that you install ttfautohint and always add --external-hint-tool=ttfautohint to each of the following recipes. This tool enhances font rendering for all browsers on Windows.
  • Double check you have poppler-data installed, for CJK characters.
  • Double check you have run sudo make install, or pdf2htmlEX may not be executed correctly

The simplest case

Suppose you have a PDF file pdf/test.pdf, simply running

pdf2htmlEX --zoom 1.3 pdf/test.pdf

would produce a single HTML file test.html in the current directory.


pdf2htmlEX -f 3 -l 5 --fit-width 1024 --bg-format jpg pdf/test.pdf

would convert only the 3rd, 4th and 5th pages, and fit the page width to 1024 pixels. Background images will be generated in the JPEG format.

For publishers

pdf2htmlEX --embed cfijo --dest-dir out pdf/test.pdf

would produce a test.html and accompanying files in the out directory, in this way all the resources (fonts, images, css and javascript) are stored in separated files such that the viewer can take more advantage of browser caches.

For advanced publishers

pdf2htmlEX --embed cfijo --split-pages 1 --dest-dir out --page-filename pdf/test.pdf

would do something similar above, but each individual page is stored in a separated file. The files are named as, and so on, as specified in the command line. There is still a test.html which loads the pages dynamically through ajax. In this way the publishers are given full control, who can organize the pages as they like, for example, to implement lazy page loading.

The Ultimate Hand

pdf2htmlEX --fallback 1 pdf/test.pdf

would also produce a single test.html, which, however, consists of images and hidden text. This mode provides maximum accuracy and compatibility, at the cost of larger file size. Use this mode only when pdf2htmlEX cannot correctly process your files otherwise.


Just remember man pdf2htmlEX and pdf2htmlEX --help are always your best friends.

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