A Sample Application using the new Google Maps API v2 for Android
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A Sample Android App with the Google Maps API v2

To make this project work

1. Get your own API Key and replace it with the one in the manifest file
2. Import the library project from Google in the SDK samples of your sdk directory.
The project can be found in the below location.


3. Once you import this library project, include this project as an Android
library dependency for your application project.

What this application does?

1. On opening the application, you would see a splash screen, and it would try to get
your current location.
2. Once it gets your location, it would switch to the map view, and display your 
current location with a marker.
3. Tapping on an unmarked area of the app, you would see a dialog, through which you 
can add a new place.
4. After saving the new place by providing a name and a description, this place would
be saved into the database and you would be able to see the newly added place on the
5. Tapping on an already visible marker will show you the details of that place.
6. The next time you open the application, all the previously stored places would appear
on the map along with your current location.

Suggested optimisations

1. While loading the points from the database, it would be nice if we can only load the 
places which are within the currently visible area of your app.
2. When the map is resized or moved, we could requery the database for the fresh list of
places and update the markers based on the new visible area.

The VisibleRegion API, currently, doesn't work. Need to think of a workaround for this.