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Android Multipicker Library (Images, Videos, Files, Audios, Contacts)

Makes it easy and simple to integrate "Attach that file" feature into your android apps.

Don't worry about various devices/OS variations.

Don't worry about out-of-memory errors.

Don't worry about creating thumbnails to show a preview.

Picking up any file for your app, and it's details.

Picking up audio files.

Code less for capturing images/videos/files
  • Choose images from device or take a photo
  • Choose videos from device or record one
  • Choose files available on your device
  • Choose audio files available on your device
  • Choose a contact from the phonebook
  • Works with almost all content providers
  • Get all metadata about the media that you would probably need
  • Similar code base to implement irrespective of Android version of device.
compile 'com.kbeanie:multipicker:1.1.31@aar'

See Wiki Pages for code snippets.

Try out the sample app if you want to test it out first.

Get it on Google Play

Recent changes
Version 1.1.31
  • #60: Bug: resource leak found in strict mode
  • Take picture/video with CacheLocation.INTERNAL_APP_DIR
  • By default logs are disabled. Use PickerManager.setDebuggable(boolean debug) to enable logging
  • Fix for Xiaomi Devices when picking images/files
Version 1.1.2
  • Pull Request: #43
  • #44: Crash when application label is not specified
  • #37: Set Custom folder name
  • #46: FileUriExposedException
  • #48: Provider Conflict
  • #50: Wrong file name for
  • #56: If use ensureMaxSize with CameraImagePicker, unable to delete original photo
  • #55: resultCode always return RESULT_CANCELED when configure CameraImagePicker to use internal app directory
Version 1.1.1
  • Fixed problem where for some files, mimetypes were not being properly set
  • Removed Intent.createChooser implementation Issue #33
  • Added option for CacheLocation.INTERNAL_APP_DIR for saving files into application's internal storage.

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