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require 'formula'
class RubyEnterpriseEdition <Formula
url ''
md5 '4df7b09c01adfd711b0ab76837611542'
homepage ''
depends_on 'readline'
skip_clean 'bin/ruby'
def options
[['--enable-shared', "Compile shared, but see caveats."]]
def install
fails_with_llvm "fails with LLVM"
args = ['./installer', "--auto", prefix, '--no-tcmalloc']
args << '-c' << '--enable-shared' if ARGV.include? '--enable-shared'
args << "-c --with-readline-dir=/usr/local"
system *args
def caveats; <<-EOS.undent
Consider using RVM or Cider to manage Ruby environments:
* RVM:
* Cider:
By default we don't compile REE as a shared library. From their documentation:
Please note that enabling --enable-shared will make the Ruby interpreter
about 20% slower.
For desktop environments (particularly ones requiring RubyCocoa) this is
acceptable and even desirable.
If you need REE to be compiled as a shared library, you can re-compile like so:
brew install ruby-enterprise-edition --force --enable-shared