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We relieve nurses in documentation and planning by using the Omaha System and support care teams in cooperation and in strengthening their clients.

Developing and building

Install the dependencies

npm install

Generate all required icons and splash screens:

npm run icons

Start the app in development mode

Including hot-code reloading, error reporting, etc.

Developing and testing in a browser:

npm run dev:web

Developing and testing the demo version in a browser:

npm run dev:demo

Developing and testing the app installed on a device or simulator, depending on the desired platform:

npm run dev:ios

npm run dev:android

npm run dev:electron

Build the app for production

Build the browser-based demo version:

npm run build:demo

Build the app for a specific platform:

npm run build:ios

npm run build:android

npm run build:electron

Customize the configuration

See Configuring quasar.config.js.


Please read our Contributing Guide.