RunKeeper API Client
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Setting of token

RunKeeper Client API


RunKeeper is available from

$ gem install run_keeper


require 'run_keeper'

runkeeper = 'client_id', 'client_secret'
runkeeper.authorize_url ''
# => ''

runkeeper.get_token 'authorization_code_value', ''

# return the users profile
# => RunKeeper::Profile

Fitness Activities

Fitness Activities ( are a list of past activities completed by a user. Calling fitness_activities without any options will get all activities since the user signed up to RunKeeper.

# => [RunKeeper::Activity, ...]

Fitness Activities takes a series of arguments in the form of an options hash. Supported arguments: start, finish and limit:

# Get all activities starting from the 1st Jan, 2011
runkeeper.fitness_activities(:start => '2011-01-01')

# Get all activities between 1st Jan, 2011 and 1st Feb, 2011
runkeeper.fitness_activities(:start => '2011-01-01', :finish => '2011-02-01')

# Get the last 10 activities
runkeeper.fitness_activities(:limit => 10)


RunKeeper doesn't store users time zones, they rely on the device sending the information for the correct time. Because of this I have decided to format all dates as UTC.

Using RunKeeper mock requests in your App

While developing RunKeeper a few mocked responses were used and have been made available for your test suite.

# helper.rb
require 'run_keeper/mock_requests'
include MockRequests


All errors are a wrapper around the OAuth2::Error class. Errors will be raised on all requests that do not return a 200 or 304 response code.

Final Notes

Do not be afraid to open up the source code and peek inside. The library is built on top of the wonderful OAuth2 gem and should be fairly easy to debug.


Patches welcome!

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a topic branch
  3. Write tests and make changes
  4. Make sure the tests pass by running rake
  5. Push and send a pull request on GitHub


Copyright © 2011 Tim Cooper. RunKeeper is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.