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Worker-owned cooperative. API, Web and Cloud experts. Creators of @api-platform, and

👋️ Welcome on's GitHub page! is a tech worker cooperative specialized in e-commerce, trainings and free software. We bring your projects to life by combining creativity, durability and cutting-edge development.

If you're interested in the free software we back, check out their dedicated GitHub pages:

  • 🕷 API Platform: create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time, written in PHP and TypeScript
  • 🎼 Symfony: a set of reusable PHP components and a framework for web projects
  • 💌 Mercure: real-time made easy, open protocol and reference implementation written in Go
  • 🔨 Vulcain: fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs, open protocol and reference implementation written in Go
  • ⚡️ React ESI: blazing-fast Server-Side Rendering for React and Next.js, written in TypeScript
  • 🐲 FrankenPHP: modern PHP app server written in Go
  • 📄 Doctrine JSON ODM: an Object-Document Mapper (ODM) for Doctrine ORM leveraging new JSON types of modern RDBMS
  • 🛡️ OAuth2 Server Bundle: a spec compliant, secure by default PHP OAuth 2.0 Server for Symfony
  • 🏄 ESQL: PHP Extended SQL
  • 📦 Our other projects

More information about our company:

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  1. CoopTilleulsSyliusClickNCollectPlugin CoopTilleulsSyliusClickNCollectPlugin Public

    Sell and deliver securely during the COVID-19 pandemic!

    PHP 78 34

  2. UrlSignerBundle UrlSignerBundle Public

    Create and validate signed URLs with a limited lifetime in Symfony

    PHP 76 4

  3. CoopTilleulsForgotPasswordBundle CoopTilleulsForgotPasswordBundle Public

    Provides a "forgot password" complete feature for your API through a Symfony bundle

    PHP 79 25

  4. CoopTilleulsOvhBundle CoopTilleulsOvhBundle Public

    OVH SDK integration in Symfony

    PHP 29 6

  5. CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle Public

    Integrates SonataMediaBundle for Symfony with CKEditor

    Twig 53 41

  6. CoopTilleulsAclSonataAdminExtensionBundle CoopTilleulsAclSonataAdminExtensionBundle Public

    ACL list filtering for SonataAdmin

    PHP 45 21


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