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Katuma Reports

Katuma reports is a simple Rails app the generates reports of an Open Food Network application. It reads data from an open food network's database and displays meaningful reports out of it.


You must define the OFN_MAIN_APP_BASE_URL env var with the root URL of the Open Food Network app. That is, the app Katuma reports is going to build reports for. Note the URL must contain the protocol as well.

You would use something like the following for development:

export OFN_MAIN_APP_BASE_URL="http://localhost:3000"

First install the dependencies:

$ bundle install

Katuma Reports reads the session data of the OFN app and so you must log in on it first. To that end OFN must be up and running. In development environment boot the server with:

$ bundle exec rails server

This will make OFN's server listen to the port 3000. You should now log in. Once done we can finally start Katuma reports in a different port:

$ bundle exec rails server -p 4000

All orders placed through the OFN app will be


Besides sharing the database access, Katuma reports does also share user sessions with the OFN app. That is possible due to fact OFN uses server-side sessions. Katuma reports reads the session id present in the cookie to retrieve the session hash from the OFN's database. That implies:

  • Katuma reports needs read access to the OFN's database
  • You must log in/out to OFN to create or destroy your session

That is why Katuma reports redirects to the OFN app on authentication failure.