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Co-op CSS foundations contains styles for building Co-op branded digital content.
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Co-op CSS Foundations

Co-op CSS Foundations contains all the core CSS styles needed to build Co-op branded digital content.

The foundations set the basic Co-op look and feel - they should be included in all Co-op services.


Install via npm or Yarn:

$ npm install @coopdigital/css-foundations --save
# OR
$ yarn add @coopdigital/css-foundations


You can include CSS Foundations in your project by referencing it from your existing CSS via @import statement, i.e.:

@import "node_modules/@coopdigital/css-foundations/dist/foundations.css";

If you use PostCSS in your build pipeline, you can reference the sources directly like so:

@import "node_modules/@coopdigital/css-foundations/src/foundations.pcss";

If you use a postcss-import plugin, it gets even easier:

@import "@coopdigital/css-foundations";


Here's a bunch of examples, showing how you can integrate this CSS module in your project, based on most popular stacks of project. You can either use a post-processed and pre-built CSS form the dist directory, ot use PostCSS sources from the src dir.

The latter have certain dependencies, which should be consumed by your frontend toolkit to postprocess the CSS correctly.


In Vue, you can just reference it from a global component like so:

/* Import PostCSS source */
@import "~@coopdigital/css-foundations/src/foundations.pcss";
/* Import postprocessed distributable CSS */
@import "~@coopdigital/css-foundations/dist/foundations.css";


CSS Foundations follows a modular architecture and as such is composed out of several CSS Modules. You are free to use either individual modules or load the entire framework into your project.


How to develop?

This package only serves as a master package for all individual CSS modules. Development should be done within individual package repositories, following general guidelines.

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