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import pprint
import os.path
import string
import unicodedata
def dumper(data):
print pprint.pformat(data)
def id2path(id):
tmp = str(id)
parts = []
while len(tmp) > 3:
tmp = tmp[3:]
if len(tmp):
return os.path.join(*parts)
def clean_meta_name(name, allow_punctuation=[]):
name = name.strip()
name = name.lower()
name = remove_accents(name)
for c in string.punctuation:
if c in allow_punctuation:
name = name.replace(c, "")
name = name.replace(" ", "-")
name = name.replace("--", "-")
return name
def remove_accents(input_str):
nkfd_form = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', unicode(input_str))
only_ascii = nkfd_form.encode('ASCII', 'ignore')
return only_ascii
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