Adds a new file, which is a heavily Google-refined version of objects.csv #1

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Might have made sense to just overwrite objects.csv, but if this is accepted and downstream merges try to happen, reconciling would be...difficult.

  • Nounifies many fields -- There was a mix of nouns and adjectives, especially in culture. In hopes of easier reconciliation with DBPedia, most are now nouns. Adjectival qualifiers mostly moved to the end, so , e.g., "Late Nazca" becomes "Nazca, Late", so an alpha-sorted display keeps like things together

  • Lots of broad-stroke work with Google Refine to line up minor typos, near-miss punctuation, etc. Makes no claim to follow a consistent style. Usually went with the majority of the records, but sometimes not for consistency (like not including trailing punctuation)

If this looks like an improvement, I figure it could either replace objects.csv, or the two could live side-by-side. For what I'm working on, I imagine more changes with google refine will come along eventually.

Thanks for releasing this's sparked many thoughts!

Cooper Hewitt member

Patrick, can you put this in a "Google-Refined" folder? and also, is it possible to add in your GoogleRefine scripts?

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