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Generates derivatives for every video in a folder.

  1. ./bin/ (only needs to be run once. sets up folder structure and installs brew and ffmpeg)
  • Add source videos to source-to-encode/
  • Optionally add .srt subtitle files to the subtitles directory. The filenames must match, as in: subtitles/<filename>.srt and source-to-encode/<filename>.vidformat
  • ./bin/

Encoded videos will save to encoded/. Source videos will be moved to source-post-encode/ once their derivatives have been generated. Subtitle files will remain in the subtitles directory.

If you've already installed ffmpeg via brew and get codec errors, brew uninstall ffmpeg and ./bin/

##Output Format

VidSmanger outputs videos in the following format: <original_filename>_<scaled_height>_<subtitles>.<file_type>

##Subtitle Burn-In

To enable subtitling, run with the -s flag as so: ./bin/ -s.

If you provide a .srt file for a video, VidSmanger makes a _s.mp4 for every size where the subtitles will be burned-in. If you don't provide an .srt, VidSmanger copies the un-subtitled video to _s.mp4 for consistency. (this might not be the best thing long-term?).

See bin/ for customization of subtitle options (font, position, etc).