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Backbone + Barrister proof of concept app
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Backbone POC


First, install Vagrant

Then, from a shell:

git clone git://
cd backbone-poc
vagrant box add base
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant  (this will take you to the dir containing this on the VM)

To stop the vm:

vagrant halt

Once you're logged in, use make to start/stop the dev server, and run tests:

# build all files
mkdir docs
make all

# clean all generated files
make clean

# start / stop dev server
# server can be reached at:
make start
make stop

# run all tests via phantom
make phantom

# run a single test
make phantom-single TEST=login_test

# 'watch' all .coffee files, and rebuild client .js on changes
make watch

# 'watch' a single test file and all src files. rebuilds .js and runs single test on changes.
make watch-phantom-single TEST=login_test

# restart dev server and watch a test
make stop; make start; make watch-phantom-single TEST=login_test

# translate Barrister .idl to .json
make barrister
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