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title: Barrister RPC - JSON-RPC plus IDL
# JSON-RPC + IDL = Barrister RPC
* Define your interface in a human readable IDL
* Run `barrister` to convert IDL to JSON and produce [docco style HTML docs]( for your interface
* Write your server implementation
* Consume it
### Overview
Barrister is a RPC system that uses an external interface definition (IDL) file to describe the
interfaces and data structures that a component implements. It is similar to
tools like Protocol Buffers, Thrift, Avro, and SOAP.
Barrister emphasizes:
* **Ease of use.** You should be able to write a client and server in minutes.
* **Interface as documentation.** The interface definition should be human readable. The collection
of interfaces of a system's components can be an excellent way to understand the system.
* **Being idiomatic.** Provide code generation for static languages which can enforce type safety
at compile time. Don't use code generation for dynamic languages. Language bindings should
feel natural for developers of each language.
* **Interoperability.** You shouldn't have to worry about whether your Python client will work with
a Node.js server. Barrister has a conformance suite that validates all supported language
bindings enforce the IDL rules uniformly.
RPC calls are encoded as [JSON-RPC 2.0]( requests/responses.
Consequently, any JSON-RPC 2.0 client should be able to consume a Barrister RPC service, but Barrister
clients are preferred as they provide client side type validation and IDL discovery.
### Example
To convert `calc.idl` to JSON and HTML forms, run:
barrister -t "Calculator Interface" -d calc.html -j calc.json calc.idl
Output files:
* `calc.html` - [A human readable interface doc](calc.html)
* `calc.json` - [A computer readable JSON file](calc.json)
### Nifty, now what?
* [Download](download.html) Barrister and install it
* Peruse [more examples](examples.html) of Barrister
* Try writing some IDL files to get comfortable with the syntax
* Join the [mailing list](!forum/barrister-rpc)
* [Contribute](contribute.html) to the project by writing a [new language binding](binding.html), a blog article, or a demo app
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