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Removing something from pool #23

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Sometimes you need to remove something from pool. For example you have a redis connection in pool and sometimes it's get corrpuped and pool keeps to borrow it to clients and there's no obvious way to stop it from borrowing it. Maybe you can keep it forever so it won't be borrowed, but it's not a good idea I guess. Maybe I miss something here?


theoretically, that is achieved through the Pool.destroy(object) method, where 'object' is the conn you want to destroy. That would call the "destroy" callback defined when building the pool.

I jjust opened #29 regarding that "destroy" method not completely "destroying" the conn, but leaving kind of a "trace" in the pools conns queue, therefore preventing that "slot" from being available for a newly created conn.


Just doing an issues clean-up. Is this still a problem or is this covered by providing a validate option to the pool factory?

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