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* Streaming (cooperq)
* Add HTTPS Support
* Add Tor Support (do some benchmarking)
* Properly handle incoming calls
- how do we want to handle incoming calls, messages
*add ability to delete files
-this also requires password protection to change any settings
* add video/audio preview option after recording so users can verify it actually recorded
* comment code so that shit makes sense (this is on Ringo)
* make pre-upload preview mode offer to upload after preview
* make pre-upload preview mode automatically preview most recent file instead of displaying all files as options
* add option to enable/disable auto-preview
* Add an overt audio recording mode (what does this look like?)
* more options for configuring your own server (port, url, etc)--
how can we tell how large server max upload is?
how about uploading large files in chunks? a progress bar would be nice or a time estimate
do we need a protocol to determine this?
low priority/pie-in-sky
* Translation
* gps-based events
* add ability to delete based on timer
* abillity to upload to youtube?
* ability to add metadata gps time etc
* ability to scrub metadata
* call for backup feature