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import numpy as np
import itertools
def evenly_distribute(bucket_weights, number_of_points):
normalized = bucket_weights / bucket_weights.sum()
distributed = np.around(normalized * number_of_points).astype(np.int32)
return distributed
def sample_from_heatmap(heatmap, num_targets, sampling_method='random'):
TODO: what this does
for each pixel, sample uniformly within that pixel
allowed_methods = {'random', 'even'}
assert sampling_method in allowed_methods, f'Incorrect sampling method {sampling_method}. Allowed {allowed_methods}'
assert heatmap.shape[0] == heatmap.shape[1]
width = heatmap.shape[0]
probability_buckets = heatmap.flatten() / heatmap.sum()
coordinates_of_buckets = np.array([
[i % width, i // width] for i in range(len(probability_buckets))
assert coordinates_of_buckets.max() == width - 1
if sampling_method == 'random':
sampled_flattened_pixel_indices = np.random.choice(
elif sampling_method == 'even':
bucket_counts = evenly_distribute(probability_buckets, num_targets)
sampled_flattened_pixel_indices = np.concatenate([
np.ones(bucket_count, dtype=np.int64) * i for i, bucket_count in enumerate(bucket_counts)
# there is always some missing indices due to rounding down, or too many from rounding up
sampled_flattened_pixel_indices = np.concatenate(
max(num_targets - len(sampled_flattened_pixel_indices), 0),
sampled_flattened_pixel_indices = sampled_flattened_pixel_indices[:num_targets]
sample_pixel_coordinates = [
for sampled_index in sampled_flattened_pixel_indices
unnormalized_points = np.array([
[np.random.uniform(x, x + 1), np.random.uniform(y, y + 1)]
for x, y in sample_pixel_coordinates
return unnormalized_points / width
def bucket_into_sub_regions(points, bounds=((0, 1), (0, 1)), buckets=(20, 20)):
Produce a ND array where the (i,j...)th entry is a list of all indices in points which exist in that bucketed area
# TODO: maybe allow non-linear bucketing?
dimensions = points.shape[1]
assert len(buckets) == dimensions, \
f'buckets must have the same dimensions as the noise, expected {dimensions}, got {len(buckets)}'
assert len(bounds) == dimensions, \
f'bounds must have the same dimensions as the noise, expected {dimensions}, got {len(bounds)}'
assert all(len(bound) == 2 for bound in bounds), 'all dimension bounds must be (low, high)'
# calculate the bucket step size for each dimension
step_sizes = np.array([
(max_bound - min_bound) / num_buckets
for (min_bound, max_bound), num_buckets in zip(bounds, buckets)
def bucket_lookup(points):
Return the index tuple (x_indices, y_indices, ....) for each point in points
essentially, bucketed[index_fn(point)] will return the buckets for each point in point
points can be single point or multiple points
nonlocal dimensions
nonlocal step_sizes
nonlocal bounds
if points.ndim == 1:
points = np.reshape(points, (1, -1))
single_point = True
single_point = False
# for each dimension, find the index for each point
indices_for_each_dimension = tuple([
# point - min_bound / step_size
((points[:, i] - bounds[i][0]) / step_sizes[i]).astype(np.int32)
for i in range(dimensions)
if single_point:
indices_for_each_dimension = tuple([
index[0] for index in indices_for_each_dimension
return indices_for_each_dimension
# truncate to integers to find the indices
# create a n-dimensional bucket array (A bit hacky, but everything else was much too fiddly)
bucketed = np.zeros(buckets).tolist()
for index in itertools.product(*[range(num_buckets) for num_buckets in buckets]):
# drill into the list
bucket_view = bucketed
for coord in index[:-1]:
bucket_view = bucket_view[coord]
bucket_view[index[-1]] = []
bucket_indices = bucket_lookup(points)
# stack the indices into an array of indices per point
# (i.e. point_indices[0] is the index of points[0])
point_indices = np.stack(bucket_indices, axis=1)
# add the index of each target to the corresponding buckets
for i, point_index in enumerate(point_indices):
bucket_view = bucketed
for index in point_index:
bucket_view = bucket_view[index]
return np.array(bucketed), bucket_lookup