Aegir backend implementation for SymbioTIC hosting
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Provision SymbioTIC

Custom provision submodule for configurations used by Coop SymbioTIC.


  • Block xmlrpc.php access
  • Initial SaaS configuration on verify (if a token was found)
  • Always bind vhosts '*', even for https (therefore using SNI), so that we can also easily support IPv6.
  • Nginx only (for now): strict SSL configurations (thanks ouaibe/duraconf)

This module overrides the vhost template (c.f. 'tpl' directory) for Apache and Nginx.

You can find the latest version of this module at:

NB: To support OCSP stapling, you must provide the certificate chain in the same directory as the SSL key/cert.

For example:


See also


Please use the github issue queue for community support:

Commercial support available from Coop Symbiotic:


Copyright (C) 2013-2016 Mathieu Lutfy (

License: GPL v3 or later.