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self-hosted compiler for a subset of OCaml
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mlml is a self-hosted toy compiler for a tiny subset of OCaml.

a detailed description can be found in my blog post (in Japanese): 自作OCamlコンパイラでセルフホストした - molecular coordinates


  • basic arithmetic
  • variables
  • if-then-else
  • functions
    • recursion
    • mutual recursion
    • closure
    • currying
  • tuples
  • variants
  • records
  • pattern matching
  • structual comparison
  • primitive types
    • string
    • list
    • bytes
    • array
  • formatted output with Printf
  • modules
    • definition
    • aliases
    • open
    • dune-like bundler
  • self-hosting!
  • exceptions
  • type checker & type inference

self hosting

mlml is self-hosted. i.e. mlml can compile itself.

./dev/ ./dev/

To obtain build artifacts, pass a path to local directory as below. You will see compiled binaries under ./self_host.

mkdir self_host
./dev/ ./dev/ ./self_host


  • external definitions are only available for functions
  • all modules and paths are statically-resolved
  • all custom oeprators are left-associative
  • function keyword does not make an expression


If you have docker installed in your system, simply run


to start the development.

You can run tests manually by running the following command:

./dev/ dune runtest


The code and algorithm in parser and lexer is strongly inspired by ushitora-anqou/aqaml

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