A utility Vim plugin used by some of my Vim plugins.
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CRDispatcher Vim Plugin

This is a utility plugin which is used in my other Vim plugins. It allows registering callback functions which transform the command line after hitting enter: for example EnchantedVim is using it to add \v to patterns.

It also has a nice hack to make c_CTRL-F work nicely: it will transform the line when entering the command line. The crdispatcher#CRDsiaptcher dict which is passed to callbacks has ctrl_f entry which is 1 in this case. This is useful if a callback should only be used with <CR> or c_CTRL-F.

The plugins that depend on it are:


Every callback function accepts one argument: the crdispatcher#CRDispatcher dictionary, and it can modify the cmdline value. A callback can also be a dictionary with a dict function __transform_cmd__. You can copy the crdispatcher#CallbackClass and use its __init__ method. For more examples look at EnchantedVim.


You can use the expression register with Vim 7.3.686 or later. With an earlier version you will not be able to use it.


This plugin is a simple example of OO programing in VimL.

  • Copyright: © Marcin Szamotulski, 2014
  • License: vim-license, see :help license