Persistent Very Magic Patterns in Vim Commands.
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Enchanted Vim

This is a vim script which makes searches with \v (very magic) persistent. You can turn it off temporarily with

  let g:VeryMagic = 0 (default is 1)

or if you are already in the command line you can type \m or \M (see :help \m). There are also: very magic substitute, global and vimgrep (lvimgrep), which you have to turn on if you want to use them:

  let g:VeryMagicSubstitute = 1  " (default is 0)
  let g:VeryMagicGlobal = 1  " (default is 0)
  let g:VeryMagicVimGrep = 1  " (default is 0)
  let g:VeryMagicSearchArg = 1  " (default is 0, :edit +/{pattern}))
  let g:VeryMagicFunction = 1  " (default is 0, :fun /{pattern})
  let g:VeryMagicHelpgrep = 1  " (default is 0)
  let g:VeryMagicRange = 1  " (default is 0, search patterns in command ranges)
  let g:VeryMagicEscapeBackslashesInSearchArg = 1  " (default is 0, :edit +/{pattern}))
  let g:SortEditArgs = 1  " (default is 0, see below)

The g:VeryMagicSearchArg turns on the support for very magic :edit +/pat file for various commands which accepts this syntax, i.e. edit, view, visual, ex, split, vsplit, new, vnew, sview, find, sfind. Furthermore with g:VeryMagicEscapeBackslashesInSearchArg the backslashes in the +/ argument will be escaped (yes vim requires that and probably not only I forget about this) if there is at least one unescaped backslash (this prevents from double escaping when resuing the command from command history). You still need to escape backslashes when you run vim +/\\vpat from the command line, e.g. vim +"/\\vpattern" file.vim.

If you set g:SortEditArgs = 1 the arguments for :edit like commands will be reordered. This allows to use :edit file.txt +/pattern which will be reordered into :edit +/pattern file.txt.

If you use incsearch setting, you probably want to use g:VeryMagic = 0 and set two mappings:

nm / /\v
nm ? ?\v

otherwise incsearch will not work for patterns which contains non alphanumeric characters.

How it works

It simply injects \v at the beginning of your pattern after you press enter or after c_CTRL-f.

Note: if you are using one of the two other of my plugins which are defining maps to <CR> in the command line, you need to update them to the latest version so that they will all work:


The plugin works well with vim macros which involve a search command like /. Used register will not contain \v but it will by added when you play it.


You have to also install CRDispatcher plugin.