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System Vim Plugin

This is a tiny vim script which might have been discovered ages ago (but I am unaware). Its rather for vim than gvim users.

When executing commands from vim you enter a vim shell where you see the output. In many situations this is not what you want and you'd prefer

    :call system("command")

but it is a lot to type, and you don't have completion. With this snippet every command which starts with:

    :! command

(note the space after the !) will be wrapped into system() and the output will be echoed. The plugin refreshes the history with what you typed rather than the call to the system() function.

There are some configuration variables:

    g:system_expand = 1

by default % (with modifiers) is expanded in the same way as by the :!.

    g:system_echocmd = 0

echo the command together with its output (by default off).

The reason why I like it is that I have different background colors in vim (dark) and terminal (light). If I stay inside vim I am not flushed with bright colors which is a annoying (and may be eyes tiring).

Benefits: you get completion for system commands and system files.

You can use the expression register with Vim 7.3.686. With an earlier version you will not be able to use it.


You have to also install CRDispatcher plugin.

I learned how to do that reading the EmacsCommandLine Plugin.

Other plugins with shell like functionality:


© Marcin Szamotulski, 2012-2014


Vim license, see :help license