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Automatic TeX Plugin For Vim version 7.3

Supported OS'es: Linux, Mac OS, Windows (some features are not working).

Visit to get more info: features, videos presenting some functionalities, online help. Just to list the main features:

  • background processing with a progress bar,
  • forward/inverse search for okular, evince, xpdf, open (on MacOs), zathura,
  • compilation of projects, or just parts of projects (using the subfiles LaTeX package),
  • excellent completion, which also closes environments and brackets, and inputting labels by their numbers (as seen in the output) and much more ...
  • table of contents,
  • do you want to see more ... / even that is not complete ... /

ATP is written in Python and VimL.


You can start with ":help atp". You also subscribe to the mailing list and post your question there.


The plugin contains: LatexBox developed by D.Munger. LatexBox is developed on GitHub. It uses latexmk (If you cannot install it, or obtain it there is a command in ATP which does the same, but also prints a progress information on the Vim status line.).

GNU wdiff for making word diffs (see ":help atp-:Wdiff").


The progress bar and callback features are turned off on Windows. The reason is how vim-server works on windows: whenever one calls back it shows a window with message ERROR 0, which is quite annoying especially since compilation script calls back vim several times. ATP is not thoroughly tested on Windows so something might not work. Drop me an email or write to the mailing list, and note that its about ATP on Windows.

Licence note:

ATP is published under GPL v3+.

Copyright: Marcin Szamotulski, © 2011, 2012, 2013