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RapidSMS is a free and open source framework for building interactive SMS applications, which integrates tightly with Django to provide a rich reporting interface. It was created by the Innovation Team at UNICEF, and is under development by the RapidSMS Team.

Please Note

  1. The very old RapidSMS codebase (AKA Tusker) that was living in rapidsms has been moved to rapidsms/rapidsms-legacy. If your clone or fork is still in use, you should update your repository's remote/origin.
  2. The combined repository of the contents of rapidsms-core-dev and rapidsms-contrib-apps-dev has replaced the old codebase in rapidsms.
  3. The search and training apps that were in rapidsms-contrib-apps-dev have been removed and are now submodules of rapidsms-community-apps-dev.
  4. The rapidsms-core-dev and rapidsms-contrib-apps-dev repositories will remain unchanged until the 1.0 release, but should now be considered deprecated.
  5. The PyPi package will now install from rapidsms.
This note will be removed from this README once RapidSMS 1.0 arrives.


RapidSMS is best installed via PyPi. To install the latest stable-ish version:

$ pip install rapidsms

Alternatively, to install the development version from GitHub:

$ pip install git+git://

The RapidSMS project skeleton is identical to the Django project skeleton, with a few of our settings added. To quickly spawn a new project, we've bundled a wrapper around

$ startproject myproject

The runrouter management command starts the router, sends and receives SMS (and other short messages) via the configurable backends:

$ python runrouter

Getting Help

The current documentation is at For community policies and ongoing dicussions, you can also take a look at the RapidSMS wiki, but you may find more useful information on the mailing list for the time being.



RapidSMS is free software, available under the BSD license.


Please file bugs on the RapidSMS issue tracker, and/or submit a pull request.