An alternative implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol, written in Golang
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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE Update issue templates Oct 11, 2018
conf set default value for conf.Cfg.P2PNet.BanDuration, fix #208 Dec 6, 2018
crypto refactor checklows Nov 22, 2018
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errcode update scripterror_test.go Nov 15, 2018
log test log level and add some unit test case Nov 13, 2018
logic Update checkpoint in unit test, fix #227 Dec 18, 2018
model Remove logs in fetchHeaderBlocks for issue #216 Dec 14, 2018
net Remove logs in fetchHeaderBlocks for issue #216 Dec 14, 2018
peer fix issue #207, using getdata to fetch missing txns Dec 8, 2018
persist blockIndex's TxCount will be 0, if blockIndex was created during head… Dec 3, 2018
rpc Remove unnecessary IF condition of InitRPCServer Dec 17, 2018
service Relay new PoW valid block before WriteBlockToDisk Dec 13, 2018
tools Delete coperctl Nov 29, 2018
util add lock for knowIDs Nov 28, 2018
.fsw.yml add travis Jun 6, 2018
.gitignore send NewPowValid block to peer if not during InitialBlockDownload. Dec 3, 2018
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Dockerfile fix ci Dec 5, 2018
Dockerfile.basic add walle in travis Oct 23, 2018 Fix coperctl access config file. And fix dockerfile Nov 28, 2018
LICENSE add LICENSE for project Jun 8, 2018
Makefile add GOFAIL_ENABLE and GOFAIL_DISABLE for Makfile Jun 8, 2018 Update (#197) Dec 3, 2018 enable misspell Oct 10, 2018 When execute dockerpush, should exit 0 and alert ci Nov 24, 2018
glide.lock Update secp256k1 version and docker build. Nov 26, 2018
glide.yaml build: bind bcrypto version to 0.1.0 Oct 3, 2018
initmain.go add cmd argument: minichainwork Dec 3, 2018 add debug symbol for easier debugging Dec 4, 2018
main.go fix some build error after rebase Dec 3, 2018
signal.go fix the exiting problem in functional test side, revert the code in c… Sep 29, 2018


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Copernicus is an alternative implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol, written in Golang .

Why Go? Go has the following advantages:

  • Multi-platform compilation
  • Simple deployment, direct compilation to machine code
  • High performance
  • Built-in support for high concurrency
  • Garbage Collection
  • Rich standard library
  • Static type
  • Type judgment
  • C support friendly
  • Clean code
  • Go is a well-designed programming language , eg: Code Style , Tool Chain ...
  • ...

A driven team of architects are heading the development, we welcome all developers to join the development of Bitcoin to contribute to the Bitcoin Community.

Quick Start

Read the Quick Start


All documentation will be continually updated and can be found at docs Website