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General Information

Here we provide the information about the Application Programming Interface (API) for Copernicus Gold services which enables you to create applications, to register users, to open accounts (wallets), to replenish them, to send funds to other people, organizations and even to create own digital assets.

We use the OAuth2 authentication scheme that means you need an access token to work with API queries (see the Authentication section).

API Endpoints

Currently, we use https://testapi.copernicusgold.com/api/ as the test entry point for all API queries. In the production mode the main host should be change to 'api.copernicusgold.com' instead of 'testapi.copernicusgold.com'.

All examples of the API here were prepared with cUrl utility that can be downloaded from: http://curl.haxx.se/download.html and usually is installed on most of OS platforms. The main reason to use it is to provide a clear way how exactly our REST API works and all 'curl' commands can be easily converted to any other languages.

API requests should use https and provide the content type as JSON (application/json) or XML (application/xml). This depends on the "Accept" and "Content-Type" headers you use. The default type is JSON (if you didn't specify any headers).

API Specifications

  1. Application Registration
  2. Authentication
  3. API Reference