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Copico is a PoS-based cryptocurrency.

Copico uses libsecp256k1, libgmp, Boost1.55, OR Boost1.57,
Openssl1.01m, Berkeley DB 4.8, QT5 to compile

Block Spacing: 90 Seconds Stake Minimum Age: 12 Hours

Port: 17356 RPC Port: 17358

BUILD LINUX (see the Wiki for dependencies)

  1. git clone Copico

  2. cd Copico/src

  3. sudo make -f makefile.unix # Headless Copico


  1. strip Copicod

  2. sudo cp Copicod /usr/local/bin


  1. Download from and unpack to C:/

  2. Download Copico source from

2.1) Unpack to C:/Copico

  1. Install Perl for windows from the homepage

  2. Download Python 2.7

4.1) While installing python make sure to add python.exe to the path.

  1. Run msys.bat located in C:\MinGW49-32\msys\1.0

  2. cd /C/Copico/src/leveldb

  3. Type "TARGET_OS=NATIVE_WINDOWS make libleveldb.a libmemenv.a" and hit enter to build leveldb

  4. Exit msys shell

  5. Open windows command prompt

  6. cd C:/dev

  7. Type "49-32-qt5.bat" and hit enter to run

  8. cd ../Copico

  9. Type "qmake USE_UPNP=0" and hit enter to run

  10. Type "mingw32-make" and hit enter to start building. When it's finished you can find your .exe in the release folder.