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Scripts to retrieve videos, upload them to YouTube, and retrieve the automatically-generated transcriptions. Requires you to first register a YouTube Data API-consuming application with Google.


The scripts require a files called config.yaml (formatted like the included file config.yaml.example) containing your YouTube auth information. Note that if your YouTube account has two-factor authentication enabled, you'll have to generate an application-specific password, rather than providing your Google account's password.

Accepts a json manifest with video URLs and metadata values. Retrieves the videos, uploads them to YouTube, and outputs a modified manifest including YouTube IDs.


  • -i --input-file (required): the full path of the json manifest
  • -o --output-file (optional): the full path of the modified manifest

If -o is not specified, the script will write the YT IDs to the input file.

Accepts the modified manifest produced by Retrieves all transcripts associated with the videos and stores them in the supplied output directory.


  • -i --input-file (required): the full path of the json manifest
  • -o --output-dir (optional): the path of the directory in which to store the transcripts

-o defaults to -, which outputs transcription(s) to stdout.

Format for input manifest (json):

"": {
  "title": "Title",
  "category_term": "Film",
  "category_label": "Film & Animation",
  "keywords": "some, useful, keywords",
  "description": "A nice description"