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+rvm use @amalgalite
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+# Hi there!
+I see you are interested in contributing. That is wonderful. I love
+I guarantee that there are bugs in this software. And I guarantee that there is
+a feature you want that is not in here yet. As such, any and all bugs reports
+are gratefully accepted, bugfixes even more so. Helping out with bugs is the
+easiest way to contribute.
+## The Quick Version
+* Have a [GitHub Account][].
+* Search the [GitHub Issues][] and see if your issue already present. If so
+ add your comments, :thumbsup:, etc.
+* Issue not there? Not a problem, open up a [new issue][].
+ * **Bug reports** please be as detailed as possible. Include:
+ * full ruby engine and version: `ruby -e 'puts RUBY_DESCRIPTION'`
+ * operating system and version
+ * version of fixme `ruby -e 'ruby -rubygems -e "require 'fixme'; puts Fixme::VERSION'`
+ * as much detail about the bug as possible so I can replicated it. Feel free
+ to link in a [gist][]
+ * **New Feature**
+ * What the new feature should do.
+ * What benefit the new feature brings to the project.
+* Fork the [repo][].
+* Create a new branch for your issue: `git checkout -b issue/my-issue`
+* Lovingly craft your contribution:
+ * `rake develop` to get started, or if you prefer bundler `rake develop:using_bunder && bundle`.
+ * `rake test` to run tests
+* Make sure that `rake test` passes. Its important, I said it twice.
+* Add yourself to the contributors section below.
+* Submit your [pull request][].
+# Contributors
+* Jeremy Hinegardner
+[GitHub Account]: "GitHub Signup"
+[GitHub Issues]: "Fixme Issues"
+[new issue]: "New Fixme Issue"
+[gist]: "New Gist"
+[repo]: "Fixme Repo"
+[pull request]: "Using Pull Requests"
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