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Avro Change Log
Avro 1.6.0 (unreleased)
Avro 1.5.1 (unreleased)
Avro 1.5.0 (10 March 2011)
AVRO-751. C: Each avro_datum_t instance now contains a reference to
the schema that the datum is an instance of. As a result, the
signatures of several of the functions that operate on avro_datum_t
instances have changed.
AVRO-647. Java: Break avro.jar up into multiple parts: avro.jar,
avro-compiler.jar, avro-ipc.jar, avro-mapred.jar, avro-tools.jar,
and avro-maven-plugin.jar.
Summary of artifacts:
* avro.jar
Contains 'core' avro features: schemas, data files,
specific, generic, and reflect APIs.
Dependencies: slf4j, Paranamer, Jackson.
* avro-ipc.jar
Contains Trancievers, Requestors, and Responders.
Dependencies: avro.jar, Jetty, Netty, and Velocity
* avro-compiler.jar
Contains SpecificCompiler, IDL compiler and Ant tasks.
Dependencies: avro.jar, commmons-lang, and Velocity.
* avro-maven-plugin.jar
A Maven plugin for Avro's compiler.
Dependencies: avro-compiler.jar
* avro-mapred.jar
API for Hadoop MapReduce with Avro data.
Dependencies: avro-ipc.jar, hadoop-core, and jopt-simple.
* avro-tools.jar
Avro command-line tools stand-alone jar.
Dependencies are contained within the jar.
Dependencies: all of the above.
AVRO-737. Java: Improve correlation between packages and modules.
Each module introduced by AVRO-647 now exclusively provides
different java packages. This required moving several classes
around into new packages and will therefore require users to
change their package imports when upgrading to Avro 1.5.0.
Summary of changes:
* AvroRemoteException has moved to org.apache.avro
* ByteBufferInputStream and ByteBufferInputStream have moved
to org.apache.avro.util
* InduceSchemaTool has moved to
* SpecificCompiler, SchemaTask, and ProtocolTask have moved
to org.apache.avro.compiler.specific
* The Idl compiler has moved to org.apache.avro.compiler.idl
* ReflectRequestor and ReflectResponder have moved to
* GenericRequestor and GenericResponder have moved to
* SpecificRequestor and SpecificResponder have moved to
AVRO-753. Java: Improve BinaryEncoder Performance.
The Encoder API has several resulting changes:
* Construction and configuration is handled by EncoderFactory. All
Constructors are hidden, and Encoder.init(OutputStream) is removed.
* Some Encoders previously did not buffer output. Users must call
Encoder.flush() to ensure output is written unless the EncoderFactory
method used to construct an instance explicitly states that the Encoder
does not buffer output.
AVRO-769. Java: Align Decoder/Encoder APIs for consistency and long term
stability. Avro's Decoder and Encoder APIs are aligned and now consist of
only read and write operations. EncoderFactory and DecoderFactory handle
all construction and common configuration. Some specialized implementations
have separate configuration APIs.
AVRO-670. Allow DataFileWriteTool to accept schema files as input with new
--schema-file and --schema command-line flags. (Ron Bodkin via philz)
AVRO-671. Java: Check that type and field names conform to
specified requirements. (cutting)
AVRO-678. Java: Implement ReflectData#compare(). Incompatibly
moves some protected GenericDatumReader/Writer methods to
GenericData, potentially breaking subclasses. (cutting)
AVRO-696. Java: Make DataFileWriter.setMetaInternal(String,String)
private. (Patrick Linehan via cutting)
AVRO-741. C: Minor API change to handling of bytes data.
(Douglas Creager via brucem)
AVRO-246. Java: Add required Schema parameter to GenericData.Fixed
and GenericData.EnumSymbol constructors. Also fix union dispatch
to conform to specification, using full schema name for records,
enums and fixed.
AVRO-762. C: New and improved schema resolution API. The new API
correctly handles all of the schema resolution rules listed in the
spec. It performs resolution against two schemas separately from
reading in any data, so that we don't have to re-resolve for each
data record. Please see the avro/consumer.h header file for
details. (dcreager)
AVRO-463. C: Error message API. The new avro_strerror() function
can be used to get a textual description of the error codes returned
by the other C API functions. In particular, this includes any JSON
parse errors that occur while trying to load a schema. (dcreager)
AVRO-684. Java: Add command-line "recodec" tool to change file
compression codecs. (Patrick Linehan via cutting)
AVRO-689. Java: Permit setting timeout of HttpTransceiver. (cutting)
AVRO-687. Java: Permit RPC applications to view remote protocol. (cutting)
AVRO-159 Java: Allow maven builds to use avro: avro-maven-plugin
(Hiram Chirino, Patrick Hunt via Scott Carey)
AVRO-549. C: Route all memory allocations through an interface. (Douglas
Creager via brucem)
AVRO-729. C: JSON encoded Avro values. (Douglas Creager via brucem)
AVRO-757. Java: Permit data files to be re-opened without
re-reading the header. (Stu Hood via cutting)
AVRO-750. C: Install a pkg-config file
AVRO-730. Java: Add set() and remove() methods to GenericData.Array.
(Chase Bradford via cutting)
AVRO-711. JSON encoder and decoder for C++.
AVRO-701 and AVRO-772. Java: Add new constructors for HttpServer
and an example of using SSL for the HTTP RPC. (brucem)
AVRO-771. Java: Update dependency versions
AVRO-726. Java: Make GenericDatum{Reader,Writer} easier to extend.
AVRO-765. Java: Improvement to BinaryDecoder readLong performance
AVRO-716. Java: integrate AVRO-647 changes with top level build
AVRO-752. Java: Enhanced Performance Test Suite
AVRO-682. Java: Add method DataFileStream.getMetaKeys().
(Harsh J Chouraria via cutting)
AVRO-683. Java: Fix RPC proxy factories to not require casting.
(Stephen Gargan via cutting)
AVRO-642. Java, Python: Pretty-print schemas in some validation
error messages. (Harsh J Chouraria via cutting)
AVRO-648. Java: Use Velocity templates to generate specific code.
(philz via cutting)
AVRO-698. Java: Add MapReduce tests and documentation for jobs
that mix Avro and non-Avro data. (cutting)
AVRO-692. Java: Permit Avro 1.2 format files to be read. (cutting)
AVRO-707. Java: Promote SASL-based RPC. (cutting)
AVRO-714. Fix Forrest to work with Java 6. (Carl Steinbach via cutting)
AVRO-669. Java: Make MapReduce to work with reflection-based data.
AVRO-723. Java: Pass error messages for unexpected RPC exceptions
through to client. (Stephen Gargan via cutting)
AVRO-719. Java: Permit MapReduce programs to alter output file
sync interval. (Joe Crobak via cutting)
AVRO-725. C: avro_schema_get_subschema function. (Douglas Creager via
AVRO-630. C: Add size accessors for map and list data. (Douglas Creager
via brucem)
AVRO-727. C: Add many new accessor and mutator functions. (Douglas Creager
via brucem)
AVRO-729. C: avro_schema_to_json can take const schema. (Douglas Creager
via brucem)
AVRO-729. C: Update to Jansson 1.3. (Douglas Creager via brucem)
AVRO-731. Documentation: Improve identification of Apache
trademarks. (cutting)
AVRO-734. Java: Update maven build plugin versions. (Holger Hoffstätte
via scottcarey)
AVRO-700. Change C++ build system to CMake (thiru)
AVRO-749. Don't install Jansson build artifacts. (Douglas Creager via
AVRO-744. C: Helper macros for extracting and setting record field
values (dcreager)
AVRO-773. Java: Add no-arg constructor to AvroWrapper.
(Jan Prach via cutting)
AVRO-774. Java: Clean up repositories in pom.xml. (Lars Francke via cutting)
AVRO-754. Java: Permit passing custom channel factory to NettyTransceiver.
(Bruno Dumon via cutting)
AVRO-764. Java: Bug in with offset comparison.
(Harsh J Chouraria via scottcarey)
AVRO-743. Java: Performance Regression and memory pressure with
GenericDatumReader. (scottcarey)
AVRO-675. C: Bytes and fixed setters don't update datum size.
(Douglas Creager via massie)
AVRO-681. IDL: Fix documentation example with illegal syntax.
(Jingguo Yao via cutting)
AVRO-685. Java: Fix Schema#equals() and hashCode() to not require
exponential time for some recursive schemas.
(Richard Ahrens via cutting)
AVRO-693. Java: Configure Velocity to use null logger, removing a
dependency that was breaking the build. (Stephen Gargan via cutting)
AVRO-702. Java: Fix a bug printing nested record namespaces. (cutting)
AVRO-706. Java: Type promotion not succeeding for long -> float. (thiru)
AVRO-704. Java: Fix SocketServer connection threads to exit rather
than busywait when client closes connection. (cutting)
AVRO-705. Java: Fix DirectBinaryDecoder to correctly reinitialize.
(thiru via cutting)
AVRO-710. Java: Add bounds checking to GenericData.Array#get(int).
(Bo Shi via cutting)
AVRO-713. Java: Fix GenericData.Record#toString() to produce valid
JSON for enum symbols. (Jay Kreps via cutting)
AVRO-643. Java: Fix intermittent failures in TestTraceCollection. (cutting)
AVRO-722. Java: Fix ordering of calls to RPC plugins.
(Stephen Gargan via cutting)
AVRO-708. Java: Fix Netty-based RPC to keep connection open.
(Stephen Gargan via cutting)
AVRO-694. Python: Fix schema parse error for maps of records.
(hammer via cutting)
AVRO-663. Java: avro-tools.jar does not meet maven2 layout standard.
AVRO-688. Java: Only require that one-way'ness of messages match
over stateful connections, permitting interoperability with
Python and Ruby, which drop the one-way message attribute. (cutting)
AVRO-759. Java: Fix NullPointerException when some but not all
fields are aliased. (Xiaolu Ye via cutting)
AVRO-755. Java: Fix SpecificResponder to correctly handle message
parameter lists that differ between client and server. (cutting)
AVRO-775. Java: Fix a file handle leak in DataFileReader. (cutting)
AVRO-761. Java: Fix Requestor to not send client's protocol on
each handshake with stateless (HTTP) transport when protocol
differs from server's. (cutting)
Avro 1.4.1 (13 October 2010)
AVRO-674. Vim editor support for IDL files (Daniel Lundin via philz)
AVRO-641. Java: Add SASL security for socket-based RPC. (cutting)
AVRO-634. Java: Add support for reading Hadoop sequence files as
Avro data to MapReduce API. (cutting)
AVRO-673. Python: Remove unneeded schema validations.
(Erik Frey via cutting)
AVRO-655. Change build so that 'dist' target no longer also runs C
and C++ unit tests. (cutting)
AVRO-634. IDL: Add support for aliases. (cutting)
AVRO-668. Java: Reduce object allocations while writing strings.
AVRO-537. Ruby: Reuse client connection for multiple requests.
(Gabor Torok via cutting)
AVRO-666. Remove an extraneous pdb.set_trace() that crept into
AVRO-657. Fix build so that md5 and sha1 checksum files contain
only the file's basename without any directories. (cutting)
AVRO-664. Ruby server takes a long time to start in interop tests. (thiru)
AVRO-667. GenericArray fails to compare with List. SpecificRecord
compare gets ClassCastException. (scottcarey & cutting)
AVRO-717. Java: Fix SpecificDatumWriter default constructor to
correctly reference SpecificData. (Joe Crobak via cutting)
Avro 1.4.0 (31 August 2010)
AVRO-372. Rename GenAvro to be Avro IDL. The tool name is now
'idl'. The file suffix is now '.avdl'. (cutting)
AVRO-544. Java: Change Server interface, adding start() and join()
methods. Servers are no longer started in their constructor.
(hammer & cutting)
AVRO-605. Java: Change Utf8 to implement CharSequence and change
specific, generic & reflect APIs to accept any CharSequence
implementation for string schemas, including java.lang.String.
This incompatibly changes method signatures of generated protocol
interfaces. It also incompatibly changes the generic
representation of enum symbols from java.lang.String to
AVRO-637. Java: Change GenericArray to implement List. Also
incompatibly change generated array signatures to List. The
runtime will now accept any Collection implementation for array
types. (cutting)
AVRO-627. Add PHP implementation. (Michael Glaesemann via cutting)
AVRO-613. Create basic frontend to view trace results.
(Patrick Wendell via philz)
AVRO-606. Add File-Based Span Storage to TracePlugin
(Patrick Wendell via philz)
AVRO-595. Add Basic Trace Collection and Propagation.
(Patrick Wendell via philz)
AVRO-493. Add support for Hadoop Mapreduce with Avro data files. (cutting)
AVRO-285: Specify one-way messages and implement in Java. (cutting)
AVRO-512. Java: Define and implement MapReduce connector
protocols. (cutting)
AVRO-577. Java: Add MapReduce InputFormat for plain text files.
(Tom White via cutting)
AVRO-567. Add command-line tools for text file import & export.
(Patrick Wendell via cutting)
AVRO-578. Java: add payload data to RPC context for use by
plugins. (Patrick Wendell via cutting)
AVRO-405: Java: Add Netty-based RPC transceiver and server
implementation. (Harry Wang via cutting)
AVRO-580. Permit intermixing of generic and specific data.
SpecificDatumReader and SpecificDatumWriter will now use generic
types when no specific class is available. (cutting)
AVRO-600. Add support for type and field name aliases,
facilitating schema migration. (cutting)
AVRO-495. IDL: Add support for file includes. (cutting)
AVRO-611. IDL: Add support for one-way messages. (cutting)
AVRO-528. Python: Add support for Twisted. (Esteve Fernandez via cutting)
AVRO-636. Expose Singleton Method for TracePlugin. (Patrick Wendell via
AVRO-614. Improve Trace frontend UI. (Patrick Wendell via philz)
AVRO-629. Prefer the JSON module of python's stdlib over simplejson.
(Harsh J Chouraria via philz)
AVRO-587. Add Charts and Templating to Stats View
(Patrick Wendell via philz)
AVRO-584. Update Histogram for Stats Plugin
(Patrick Wendell via philz)
AVRO-501. missing function in C api to access array elements after
decoding an array. (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-497. Minor changes to C++ autotools, makefiles, and code
generator. (sbanacho)
AVRO-508. Use page-backed buffers for C++ serialization input or
output. (sbanacho)
AVRO-520. Refactor C++ validation code. (sbanacho)
AVRO-521. Out of memory and other issues with Junit tests for
mapreduce (thiru)
AVRO-540. Java: Make GenericArray reversible. (Eric Evans via cutting)
AVRO-284. Handle namespaces correctly in new Python implementation
(Patrick Wendell via hammer)
AVRO-331. Inline shared state during the Python build process
(version, handshake schemas, and interop data directory)
(Patrick Wendell via hammer)
AVRO-447. Describe implicit protocol "system" error in spec. (cutting)
AVRO-150. Java: fix compiler to not re-generate up-to-date code.
(John Yu via cutting)
AVRO-494. Add support for default values to IDL. (cutting)
AVRO-596. Start Netty server eagerly in constructor.
(Patrick Linehan via cutting)
AVRO-581. Java: Update MapReduce APIs to use key/value pairs for
intermediate data. (cutting)
AVRO-582. Java: Add comment to generated code indicating that
set() and get() are not for use by applications. (cutting)
AVRO-601. Java: Add per-field property support. (cutting)
AVRO-583. Java: Improve error message when types not correctly
nested. (cutting)
AVRO-603. Java: Add a constructor for SpecificDatumReader that
accepts both reader's and writer's schema. Also improve javadoc
for related constructors and setters. (Stu Hood via cutting)
AVRO-557. Java: Cache ResolvingDecoder instances, speeding
DatumReader benchmarks by 5x to 9x. (cutting & scotcarey)
AVRO-586. Java: Permit specification of MapReduce output file
metadata properties. (Ken Krugler via cutting)
AVRO-616. Java: Add comment to generated source files noting that
they should not be edited. (Patrick Wendell via cutting)
AVRO-615. Java: Improve error message for NullPointerException
when writing data. (cutting)
AVRO-534. Java: Permit mapred jobs to specify a different input
schema from the input file. (Harsh J Chouraria via cutting)
AVRO-617. Java: Detect erroneous default field values. (cutting)
AVRO-598. Java: Use generic data structures when reading with
reflect API and classes are not defined. (cutting)
AVRO-631. Java: Make RPC plugin payload reporting consistent.
(Patrick Wendell via cutting)
AVRO-632. Java: Change RPC responder to log stack traces for user
exceptions. (cutting)
AVRO-639. Python: Use namespace-unqualified names for references
to schemas in the same namespace. (cutting)
AVRO-644: PHP: Add requirements to README. (Michael Glaesemann via cutting)
AVRO-652. Java: Expose sync points in DataFileReader.
(Stu Hood via cutting)
AVRO-622. python avro.ipc doesn't work with python2.4 (philz)
AVRO-620. Python implementation doesn't stringify sub-schemas
correctly. (philz)
AVRO-618. Avro doesn't work with python 2.4 (philz)
AVRO-502. Memory leak from parsing JSON schema.
(Robert G. Jakabosky via massie)
AVRO-515. Fix build and compatibility problems. (sbanacho)
AVRO-518. Add link to boost filesystem library. (John Plevyak via sbanacho)
AVRO-566. Java: fix so that JAVA_HOME is bound by build.xml for (cutting)
AVRO-571. Fix how we handle out-of-bounds indexes for union and
enum parsing in Python (hammer)
AVRO-589. ClassCastException:$Alternative cannot be cast to$UnionAdjustAction (thiru)
AVRO-573. Java: Fix various bugs with undeclared RPC exceptions. (cutting)
AVRO-604. Java: Fix missing build dependency for checkstyle target.
(Patrick Wendell via cutting)
AVRO-602. C++: Update documentation to match API. (Jingguo Yao via cutting)
AVRO-609. Java: Fix JsonToBinaryFragmentTool to flush output. (cutting)
AVRO-612. Java: Preserve field documentation when writing schemas. (cutting)
AVRO-590. IDL: Fix order specifications. (cutting)
AVRO-541. Java: Fix sporadic corruption when appending a
compressed file to an uncompressed file. (scottcarey via cutting)
AVRO-86. Java: Fix NullPointerException when reflect API infers
schema for a class without a package. (cutting)
AVRO-510. C: Fix some memory leaks in datafile reader &
writer. (Robert G. Jakabosky via cutting)
AVRO-633. Ruby: Implement skip_union to correct issues with
updating protocols
AVRO-640. Python: Fix path to sources in RPC interop test. (cutting)
AVRO-653. Python: Fix so distribution contains correct files.
(Eric Evans via cutting)
AVRO-650. Java: Fix GenericDatumReader to be thread-safe. (cutting)
Avro 1.3.3 (7 June 2010)
AVRO-525. remove unused imports (Esteve Fernandez via hammer)
AVRO-526. Fall back to pure Python StringIO if cStringIO is not available
(Esteve Fernandez via hammer)
AVRO-560. Python impl should include system errors in every protocol (hammer)
AVRO-486. for the ruby side (jmhodges)
AVRO-559. Handle read_union error where the list index of the union branch
to follow exceeds the size of the union schema (hammer)
AVRO-491. Doing doubles and floats better in the ruby impl. (jmhodges)
AVRO-450. HTTP IPC for ruby. (jmhodges)
AVRO-514. Removing unnecessary ruby StringIO calls. (jmhodges)
AVRO-511. Ruby implementation passes the rpc interop tests.
AVRO-543. Schema comparison is hella slow on the Ruby side. (jmhodges)
AVRO-504. ruby impl could stand better error messages on schema parsing (jmhodges)
AVRO-556. Poor performance for Reader::readBytes improved
(Dave Wright via sbanacho)
AVRO-461. Skipping primitives in the ruby side (jmhodges)
AVRO-496. python is broken (Jeff Hodges via hammer)
AVRO-527. Undefined variable "schm" error (Esteve Fernandez via hammer)
AVRO-548. Python client should handle CLIENT handshake match status
correctly. (hammer)
AVR0-555 Missing license headers in some ruby source
files. (jmhodges)
AVRO-554 Fixing syncing in ruby data file writing. (Grant Rodgers
via jmhodges)
AVRO-562 ruby side had busted client handshaking. (jmhodges)
AVRO-517. Resolving Decoder fails in some cases. (thiru)
AVRO-524. DataFileWriter.appendTo leads to intermittent IOException during write() (thiru)
AVRO-499. Java: Fix protocol reflection to reject interfaces with
multiple methods of the same name. (cutting)
AVRO-489. Skipping complex objects in the ruby impl. (jmhodges)
AVR0-555 Missing license headers in some ruby source
files. (jmhodges)
AVRO-500. ruby side dev packaging (jmhodges)
AVRO-516. ruby: buffer length should not be little-endian in socket rpc (jmhodges)
Avro 1.3.2 (31 March 2010)
AVRO-449. CMake-based build system for Avro/C (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-418. avro.h generates errors when included in C++ code
(Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-480. avro_flush() is in the header, but not implemented
(Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-481. Buildbot warning fixes (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-451. Try to use hashlib in Python implementation and fall
back to md5 if we can't find it (Bruce Mitchener via hammer)
AVRO-423. HTTPTransceiver does not reuse connections
(Eric Evans via hammer)
AVRO-490. Add Ant task to deploy Java artifacts to Maven repo. (cutting)
AVRO-479. Fix 'sign' target in top-level to generate md5
checksums. (cutting)
AVRO-487. Fix Java reflect protocols to transmit error messages. (cutting)
Avro 1.3.1 (16 March 2010)
AVRO-432. Add @Nullable annotation to Java reflect API. (cutting)
AVRO-426. Include a ruby gem in distributions.
(Ryan King via cutting)
AVRO-439. Remove unused headers from being checked in
(Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-438. Clarify spec. (Amichai Rothman via cutting)
AVRO-445. avro_size_data() to pre-calculate the size of an
avro_datum_t in serialized form (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-443. Endianness is determined at configure time rather
than compile time (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-448. encoding_binary.c doesn't build on big endian platforms
(Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-442. sizeof void* and sizeof long detected at configure time
(Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-444. Fix warnings (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-452. Include cleanup (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-453. More warning cleanup (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-440. config.h output not correctly used (Bruce Mitchener via massie)
AVRO-460. Performance improvement to write_long() (Bruce Mitchener
via massie)
AVRO-455. Update Java dependencies. (David Dabbs via cutting)
AVRO-446. Add a task that signs and checksums artifacts. (cutting)
AVRO-454. Change DataFileStream to implement Closeable. (cutting)
AVRO-424. Fix the specification of the deflate codec.
(Scott Carey via cutting)
AVRO-431. Fix Java's mvn-install Ant target to work in clean build.
AVRO-437. Fix some typos in docs. (Amichai Rothman via cutting)
AVRO-433. Fix exceptions in Java reflect RPC. (cutting)
Avro 1.3.0 (24 February 2010)
AVRO-185. Java's specific API no longer depends on reflection.
This reverses the inheritance of most classes in the specific and
reflect packages. (cutting)
AVRO-201. Move Python data file code into its own module.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-80. Java reflect API no longer uses Avro-specific classes
for string and array. Instead now Java strings and arrays or
Lists are used. (cutting)
AVRO-237. Reflect API now represents any Java Collection as an
Avro array. Also inherited fields are included in records, and
inherited methods in protocols. Finally, Java shorts are
supported as integers. (cutting)
AVRO-160. Revised data file format and Java API. Simplified
format now permits streaming but no longer supports multiple
schemas per file. Java API for reading is iterator-based.
AVRO-278. Changed GenericRecord API and implementation to be
array-based rather than Map-based. (cutting)
AVRO-163. Re-organized source tree into separate directories for
each language. (cutting)
AVRO-344. Complete rewrite of C implementation (massie)
AVRO-349. Fix C++ build for post-AVRO-163. (sbanacho)
AVRO-374. Remove and ignore files that are created by autoreconf. (sbanacho)
AVRO-387. Add IndexedRecord interface, common to both specific and
generic records, so that toString() and hashCode() implementations
can be shared. Also fix toString() and hashCode() to not throw
NPE for uninitialized records. (cutting)
AVRO-151. Validating Avro schema parser for C (massie)
AVRO-158. Permit appending to a data file from Java. (cutting)
AVRO-154. Add 'induce' sub-command to avroj command line tool.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-245. Add four new avroj commands:
- fromjson Reads JSON records and writes to an Avro data file.
- tojson Dumps an Avro data file as JSON, one record per line.
- fragtojson Renders a binary-encoded Avro datum as JSON.
- jsontofrag Renders a JSON-encoded Avro datum as binary.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-272. Extend RPCContext to include message.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-258. Add GenAvro language tool. (Todd Lipcon via cutting)
AVRO-267. Add two new avroj commands: rpcsend and rpcreceive.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-271. Add a Java local RPC transceiver. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-273, AVRO-275, & AVRO-279. Add Java RPC statistics collection
and display. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-152. Add support for documentation strings to schemas,
protocols, and messages. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-274. Make Java's data file sync interval configurable. (cutting)
AVRO-346. Add function to validate a datum against a schema. (massie)
AVRO-306. Add Ruby implementation. (Jeff Hodges via cutting)
AVRO-135. Add compression to data files. (philz)
AVRO-368. Reserve avro.* in object container files, and
rename existing reserved words. (philz)
AVRO-380. Avro Container File format change: add block size to block
descriptor. (Scott Carey via philz)
AVRO-322. Add a working client and server to Python implementation
using HTTP as a transport (hammer)
AVRO-287. Make RPC interop tests work with new Python implementation
AVRO-136. Add support for building/releasing python eggs (hammer)
AVRO-414. Add Java support for concatenating and appending data
files. (Scott Carey via cutting)
AVRO-157. Changes from code review comments for C++. (sbanacho)
AVRO-168. Correct shared library versioning for C implementation (massie)
AVRO-142. Remove some Java unused fields and imports. Start
running checkstyle on Java test code. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-147. Use configure to create makefile for C++ builds. (sbanacho)
AVRO-155. Make python iterable.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via sharad)
AVRO-148. Add ant target to build C++ project. (sbanacho)
AVRO-166. Improve error checking in Java schema parser.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-167. Refactor Java SpecificCompiler to simplify testing, and
add some tests. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-146. Add support for using Eclipse to develop Avro's Java.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-149. Add Java command-line executable, "avroj".
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-175. Split the avro_io interface into two interfaces: avro_reader
and avro_writer (massie)
AVRO-179. Add units tests for all Avro C primitives (massie)
AVRO-177. Upgrade Java dependencies to recent versions. (cutting)
AVRO-180. Enhance code generator script and unit tests. (sbanacho)
AVRO-186. Full read-path interoperability test (massie)
AVRO-187. Move top-level source files into separate directories
for easier maintenance (massie)
AVRO-188. Need to update svn ignores (massie)
AVRO-190. Use fixed size C++ types for Avro fixed types. (sbanacho)
AVRO-192. Improved errors for Java schema parsing problems. (cutting)
AVRO-195. Complex type support for write streams (massie)
AVRO-197. Add mapping of name to index for records and enums. (sbanacho)
AVRO-204. Change the way symbolic references are tracked. (sbanacho)
AVRO-205. APIs for checking schema resolution. (sbanacho)
AVRO-203. Reformat license in Python sources.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-199. Make Python test schemas more readable.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-216. Formatting cleanups to
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-202. Add __all__ listing to Python module, to ease import.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-229. Change Java to implement Flushable and Closeable
interfaces where appropriate. (tomwhite via cutting)
AVRO-231. Tutorial added to C++ docs. (sbanacho)
AVRO-220. Dynamic schema resolution from writer to reader. (sbanacho)
AVRO-213. Add Apache RAT to tests, to validate licenses. (cutting)
AVRO-233. Elaborate Java tool API. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-236. Add protocol support to avroj induce tool. (cutting)
AVRO-234. C++ code cleanup. (sbanacho)
AVRO-240. In Python, if simplejson is not available, try using
2.6's built-in json module. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-242. In Java, add support for extensible string-valued
properties to schemas. (cutting)
AVRO-241. In Java, add a union annotation for reflection. (cutting)
AVRO-249. In reflection, implement Java short as an int whose
"java-class" property is set to java.lang.Short. (cutting)
AVRO-247. In reflection, add Stringable annotation to indicate
classes that can be represented by an Avro string. (cutting)
AVRO-246 Java schema parser should take schema from InputStream
in addition to file. (thiru)
AVRO-250. Make reflect's Union annotation applicable to message
parameters and return types too. (cutting)
AVRO-253. Improve documentation of schema names in specification. (cutting)
AVRO-257. Remove some dead Java code and un-needed casts.
(Kevin Oliver via cutting)
AVRO-263. Change avroj command line tools to return exit codes.
(Todd Lipcon via cutting)
AVRO-260. Upgrade to Jackson 1.4.0. (cutting)
AVRO-269. Use java compiler to validate specific compiler's output.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-219. Rework Python API. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-264. Rework Python RPC. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-75. Clarify that missing values with no default values cause
errors, and fix Java implementation. (cutting)
AVRO-259. Add null schema check in GenericData.Record and
GenericData.Array construtors. (Kevin Oliver via cutting)
AVRO-294. Clarify that bytes and fixed are unsigned, and how their
JSON default values are interpreted. (Jeff Hammerbacher & cutting)
AVRO-298. Fix Java's DatumReader and DatumWriter APIs to better
use generics. (philz via cutting)
AVRO-288. Implement schema resolution for Python parameters.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-282. Improve avroj build to better specify dependencies.
(philz via cutting)
AVRO-309. Fix python build, post-AVRO-163. (cutting)
AVRO-310. Improve top-level (cutting)
AVRO-317. Restore Java data interop tests. (cutting)
AVRO-320. Rename avroj to be avro-tools. Also add LICENSE.txt and
NOTICE.txt to it, print the NOTICE.txt and version in help, and
include the tools jar in distributions. (cutting)
AVRO-314. Add mvn-install ant task to publish jar to local Maven
repository. (Aaron Kimball via cutting)
AVRO-243. Use automake generated (sbanacho)
AVRO-198. Fix specification of protocol name, also clarify which
properties are required. (cutting)
AVRO-336. Check that appropriate schemas are passed to
GenericData#Record and #Array. (cutting)
AVRO-353. Publish the C API to avro-doc package when 'dist' target
run (massie)
AVRO-359. Add support for encoding/decoding arrays and maps (massie)
AVRO-360. Standardize on Linux coding style instead of GNU (massie)
AVRO-362. Add test to ensure Python implementation handles Union schema
with two fixed types of different names (hammer)
AVRO-364. Add support for encoding/decoding records (massie)
AVRO-367. Complete memory management for the C implementation (massie)
AVRO-369. Add support for encoding/decoding enum values (massie)
AVRO-370. Add support for encoding/decoding fixed data (massie)
AVRO-371. Add support for encoding/decoding unions (massie)
AVRO-377. Add getters and setters for all Avro datum types (massie)
AVRO-378. Add example code to the C implementation and update
documentation (massie)
AVRO-379. Changed record getter/setter API to match other datatypes (massie)
AVRO-381. Update documentation to talk about reference counting and
memory management (massie)
AVRO-384. Add schema projection to the C implementation (massie)
AVRO-388. Using ResolvingDecoder in GenericDatumReader (thiru)
AVRO-386. Python implementaiton of compression (philz)
AVRO-394. Simplify and consolidate all data structures into hash
tables (massie)
AVRO-393. Add a constructor for Utf8 that accepts byte[].
(Jeff Hodges via cutting)
AVRO-395. Add a cscope Makefile target (Eli Collins via massie)
AVRO-397. Whitespace change and comment clarification in (hammer)
AVRO-340. Define usage of HTTP as RPC transport in spec. (cutting)
AVRO-342. Document that Java's socket and datagram RPC transports
are non-standard. (cutting)
AVRO-208. Clarify that enum symbols must be unique. (cutting)
AVRO-321. Restore Java RPC interop tests. (cutting)
AVRO-402. Add method for writing avro_schema_t structure to an
avro_writer_t (massie)
AVRO-398. avro_read_file doesn't detect eof (Eli Collins via massie)
AVRO-403. Add file object container support to C implementation (massie)
AVRO-400. Adding warning for unused parameters (Eli Collins via massie)
AVRO-409. Update contact database example to use a file object
container for C implementation (massie)
AVRO-420. Add namespace support to C implementation (massie)
AVRO-261. Allow Schemas to be immutable (thiru)
AVRO-412. Allow schema validation to be optional (massie)
AVRO-295. JsonEncoder is not flushed after writing using ReflectDatumWriter (thiru)
AVRO-416. Produce Java source archive. (Ryan Rawson via cutting)
AVRO-417. Produce Java documentation archive. (Scott Carey via cutting)
AVRO-428. Improve file read performance by buffering data (massie)
AVRO-430. Remove subversion directories from Avro C tarball (massie)
AVRO-172. More efficient schema processing (massie)
AVRO-291. Set NODELAY in Java's SocketTransceiver.
(Eric Evans via cutting)
AVRO-315. Performance improvements to BinaryDecoder (thiru)
AVRO-316. Optiminzing inner loop functions of Avro io (thiru)
AVRO-328. Performance improvements Validating encoder/decoder for nested records (thiru)
AVRO-345. Optimization for ResolvingDecoder (thiru)
AVRO-363. estSchema had two tests disabled; new test for named schemas
named after primitives. (philz)
AVRO-354. Performance improvement to BinaryDecoder.readInt() (Kevin Oliver via thiru)
AVRO-343. Minor fixes to Eclipse config after build re-org (philz)
AVRO-383. Optimizing ResolvingDecoder for default values (thiru)
AVRO-411, AVRO-413. Add Ruby data file interop tests. (Jeff Hodges
via cutting)
AVRO-399. Make data file interop tests work with the Python implementation (hammer)
AVRO-392. Overhaul of Java binary decoder to significantly improve
performance. (Scott Carey via cutting)
AVRO-176. Safeguard against bad istreams before reading. (sbanacho)
AVRO-141. Fix a NullPointerException in ReflectData#isRecord().
(Isabel Drost via cutting)
AVRO-156. Fix broken links to Wiki in documentation.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-165. Fix an equals implementation in TestReflect.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-169. Fix a typo in the spec. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-189. test-c target fails (massie)
AVRO-182. Fix Java's generic and specific implementations of
equals() and hashCode() to be consistent with compareTo().
AVRO-193. Fix 'ant test-avroj' on Ubuntu 9.10. (cutting)
AVRO-171. Fix Java's Protocol#toString() to correctly handle
forward-references. (cutting)
AVRO-191. Explicitly include stdint.h for C++. (cutting via sbanacho)
AVRO-194. C++ varint encoding buffer too small. (sbanacho)
AVRO-210. Memory leak with recursive schemas when constructed
by hand. (sbanacho)
AVRO-211. Nested schema does not get parsed in C++. (sbanacho)
AVRO-222. Fix Python interop tests broken by AVRO-201.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-223. Fix test-avroj on Mac OS X. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-224. Code cleanup: cleaner distinction between public and private
methods (massie)
AVRO-221. Mangle Java reserved words in generated code to avoid
name conflicts. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-225. In generated Java, use dollar-sign, not underscore, to
prevent name conflicts. (cutting)
AVRO-227. Fix a typo in the spec document. (Todd Lipcon via cutting)
AVRO-232. Fix C++ build in cygwin. (sbanacho)
AVRO-238. Fix so that slf4j-simple is only required by tests. (cutting)
AVRO-184. Better eclipse configuration support. (thiru)
AVRO-256. Use fully-qualified class names in generated Java code
to eliminate name conflicts. (cutting)
AVRO-255. Fix Java so that, when parsing schemas, unspecified
namespaces are defaulted to nearest enclosing namespace. (cutting)
AVRO-262. Fix two typos in the spec. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-276. Fix GenAvro to specify file encoding as UTF-8.
(Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
AVRO-280. Fix file header schema in specification. Also fix
"forrestdoc" build target to work on clean checkout.
(Jeff Hammerbacher & cutting)
AVRO-292. Fix Python skipping of ints and longs.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-289. Fix Python schema resolution.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-281. Symlink in build.xml does not work well with Cygwin (thiru)
AVRO-299. Fix Python numeric promotion. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-207. Fix Python to detect duplicate enum symbols and add
tests for duplicates in unions. (Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
AVRO-313. Default values for fields or records and array (or map) don't work with ResolvingDecoder (thiru)
AVRO-47. Use void* for byte sequences. (sbanacho)
AVRO-337. ant test-java fails in Cygwin due to CRLF v LF problem (thiru)
AVRO-347. Add the --unsafe flag to asciidoc in order to include source/header files (massie)
AVRO-352. Incorrect binary encoding for strings and bytes (massie)
AVRO-356. RAT fails with "Unknown license" error (massie)
AVRO-355. io.Perf test harness uses different random number seeds for each run (Kevin Oliver via thiru)
AVRO-375. Initializing uninizialized encoders fail (thiru)
AVRO-373. EOF detection broken in JsonDecoder (thiru)
AVRO-382. Avro hashCode throws a NullPointerException when fields are uninitialized (Michael Armbrust via philz)
AVRO-385. Initializing uninizialized BlockingBinaryEncoder fails (thiru)
AVRO-389. ResolvingDecoder does not resolve enum well (thiru)
AVRO-390. ResolvingDecoder does not handle default values for records well (thiru)
AVRO-361. Specific Compiler fails to handle union with two fixed branches (Scott Carey via philz)
AVRO-350. Fix GenericData.Record#get(String) to return null rather than
throw NPE when passed a field name that's not in the record.
(Kevin Oliver via cutting)
AVRO-401. Fix a typo in the specification. (Tom White via cutting)
AVRO-408. lang/c/ 'dist' broken (massie)
AVRO-407. Fix a bug in the Java data file reader. (Scott Carey via cutting)
AVRO-415. Fix Ruby to work with Ruby 1.8.6.
AVRO-421. Fix some dist target issues. (cutting)
AVRO-422. Build c++ docs in correct location. (sbanacho)
Avro 1.2.0 (14 October 2009)
AVRO-115. Remove RPC's session notion to facilliate the use of
stateless transports like UDP and HTTP. Add a UDP transport.
AVRO-120. Improved package and namespace handling, including:
* Removed explicit package-name specification from specific and
reflect public APIs. Package names are now determined either
by namespace declarations or by a Java classes, as appropriate.
* Changed the specific compiler to generate separate java files
per class, rather than nested classes. This permits generated
classes to be in packages declared in their schema namespaces.
* Fix namespace defaulting. The default namespace is declared in
the outermost schema or protocol. Nested schemas can now
declare different namespaces than the default.
* Names may now be specified with a dotted notation, e.g.,
"", to indicate the name "Baz" in namespace
"". This permits one to refer to schemas in a namespace
other than the default.
AVRO-121. Permit reflect and specific datum readers to read data
written with a different version of the schema than is current.
AVRO-129. Add HTTP-based RPC client and server. (cutting)
AVRO-24. Add a simple bulk-data benchmark. (cutting)
AVRO-139. Refactor HTTP servlet to separate, public class. (cutting)
AVRO-99. Use Boost framework for C++ unit tests.
(Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-116. Make C++ compatible with Boost 1.32.
(Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-119. Add Java GenericData.Array#toString() implementation,
to facillitate debugging. (cutting)
AVRO-118. JSON encoder and decoder now permit one to write
multiple instances without flushing or explicitly resetting the
codec between each instance. (Thiruvalluvan M. G. via cutting)
AVRO-133. Update version number in specification document and
documentation tab automatically from build version. (cutting)
AVRO-131. Permit specification of JUnit test output format.
(Giridharan Kesavan via cutting)
AVRO-134. Update data file format specification to include
reserved metadata keys "codec" and "sync". The only codec
currently defined is "null". (Thiruvalluvan M. G. via cutting)
AVRO-138. Add a "unit-test-java" Ant target that runs tests
without running checkstyle or javadoc. (Thiruvalluvan M. G. via
AVRO-140. Add javadoc to public classes with none. (cutting)
AVRO-132. Fix multi-threading race condition when threads share schema objects.
AVRO-113. Fix endian bug with C++ integer/long varint codec.
(Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-117. Fix memory leak in C++ JSON parser.
(Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-122. Fix so that, when multiple Ant targets are specified on
the command line that depend on ivy, ivy does not fail. (phunt
via cutting)
AVRO-123. Fix Java's specific protocol compiler so that
parameters and return types are unboxed. (cutting)
AVRO-125. Fix sample protocol in specification document to use
the correct syntax. (cutting)
AVRO-101. Add Java reflect API test case using nested classes.
(Eelco Hillenius via cutting)
AVRO-124. Remove Ivy's jar from distributions. (cutting)
AVRO-137. Suppress warnings in generated java code. (cutting via sharad)
Avro 1.1.0 (8 September 2009)
AVRO-110. GenericData and ReflectData have been converted to use a
singleton pattern. Calls to static methods on these classes must
be replaced with calls on the singleton instance. (cutting)
AVRO-41. GenericArray's constructor now requires a Schema, so that
it may implement Comparable consistently with AVRO-108. (cutting)
AVRO-41. Several GenericDatumWriter methods (instanceOf(),
isRecord(), etc.) have been moved to GenericData, where they can
better be shared with comparators. Applications which subclassed
GenericDatumWriter overriding these methods must now instead
subclass GenericData and pass their subclass to
GenericDatumWriter. (cutting)
AVRO-41. SpecificRecord's schema() method has been renamed
getSchema(), since it now implements the new GenericContainer
interface shared with GenericRecord. (cutting)
AVRO-50. Implmenent JSON data codec in Java. (Thiruvalluvan
M. G. & cutting)
AVRO-76. Add Java RPC plugin framework. (George Porter)
AVRO-104. Permit null fields in Java reflection.
(Eelco Hillenius via cutting)
AVRO-92. Describe JSON data encoding in specification
document. (cutting)
AVRO-108. Add Java implementation of binary comparator.
AVRO-41. Java generic and specific data instances now implement
Comparable. The implementation is consistent with the binary
comparator added in AVRO-108. (cutting)
AVRO-109. Add Java support for controlling sort order via schema
annotations. Record fields now support an "order" attribute whose
possible values are "increasing" (the default), "decreasing", and
"ignore". (cutting)
AVRO-111. Document sort ordering in the specification. (cutting)
AVRO-71. C++: make deserializer more generic. (Scott Banachowski
via cutting)
AVRO-60. Fix C JSON parser to correctly handle escapes and
multi-byte characters. Add tests. (Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-54. Re-upgrade to testng 5.9 and re-enable listeners. (cutting)
AVRO-82. Add checkstyle to java compilation. (Thiruvalluvan
M. G. via cutting)
AVRO-81. Switch back from TestNG to JUnit. (Konstantin Boudnik via
AVRO-84, AVRO-85. Clarify a few things in the specification
document. (Thiruvalluvan M. G. and cutting)
AVRO-89. In fields of Java generated classes, use unboxed numeric
types. (cutting)
AVRO-83. In generated Java code, elide unions with null. (cutting)
AVRO-98. Fix C++ schema parser to permit JSON attributes in any
order and to ignore extra attributes. (Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-78. Fix Java reflect to work on non-public fields. (cutting)
AVRO-79. Specify format for default fixed values, and implement
correctly in Java. (Thiruvalluvan M. G. via cutting)
AVRO-87. Fix broken links in javadoc introduced by AVRO-82. Also
change test-java build target to fail on javadoc warnings.
(Thiruvalluvan M. G. and cutting)
AVRO-90. Fix Java's JSON codec to correctly encode unions. (cutting)
AVRO-95. Fix writing of Java reflect-based unions. Also extend
DataFileWriter to permit adding branches to a union schema while
AVRO-88. Fix Java's BlockingBinaryEncoder to correctly override
writeEnum(). (Ravi Gummadi via cutting)
AVRO-61. Add Python support for reading blocked data.
(Ravi Gummadi via cutting)
AVRO-97. Fix various C++ bugs. (Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-100. In spec, remove warning about blocking being draft. (cutting)
AVRO-107. Fix Protocol#equals() and Protocol#hashCode() to
consider the protocol's types, and also fix Schema#equals() to not
throw ClassCastException when a fixed schema is compared to
non-fixed. (cutting)
AVRO-112. Turn off C++ debug output. (Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-114. Fix "cdoc" Ant target to correctly run doxygen.
(Matt Massie via cutting)
Avro 1.0.0 -- 9 July 2009
AVRO-1. Record fields are now defined with JSON arrays, rather
than JSON objects, since fields are ordered. (cutting & sharad)
AVRO-9. Restrict map keys to strings. (cutting & sharad)
AVRO-2. Optimized RPC handshake protocol for Java. (cutting)
AVRO-57. Make ValueWriter an abstract class named Encoder and make
ValueReader an abstract class named Decoder, and add concrete
implementations named BinaryEncoder and BinaryDecoder. (cutting)
AVRO-46. Optimized RPC handshake protocol for Python. (sharad)
AVRO-66. Add per-call RPC metadata to Java and Python. (George
Porter & cutting)
AVRO-6. Permit easier implementation of alternate generic data
representations, especially records with integer-indexed fields.
(Hong Tang via cutting)
AVRO-8. Add Java support for default values. (cutting)
AVRO-33. C support for primitive types. (Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-18. Add support for enum types. (cutting & sharad)
AVRO-10. Add Java support for fixed-sized types. (cutting)
AVRO-38. Add Python support for fixed-sized types. (sharad)
AVRO-42. Add partial C++ implementation. (Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-25. Add blocking value writer that permits arbitrarily long
arrays and maps to be efficiently written as sequences of blocks.
(Thiruvalluvan M. G. via cutting)
AVRO-48. Add JSON parser for C. (Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-29. Add to Java a validating encoder & decoder, and a
resolving decoder. (Thiruvalluvan M. G. & Raymie Stata)
AVRO-67. Add per-call RPC metadata to spec. (George Porter via cutting)
AVRO-28. Add Python support for default values. (sharad via cutting)
AVRO-11. Re-implement specific and reflect datum readers and
writers to leverage AVRO-6. (cutting)
AVRO-13. Use dictionary instead of if-else in validate. (sharad)
AVRO-5. Add java versus python RPC interoperability tests.
AVRO-16. Minor documentation improvements. (cutting)
AVRO-15. Override __eq__() and __hash__() in Schema classes.
AVRO-26. Switch tests from JUnit to TestNG. (Konstantin Boudnik
via cutting)
AVRO-34. Upgrade to Jackson version 1.0.0. (cutting)
AVRO-37. Add C api docs. Also link to py docs. (Matt Massie & cutting)
AVRO-32. Java specific generated record classes now implement
equals() and hashCode(). (cutting)
AVRO-48. Remove unused imports and annotations.
(Thiruvalluvan M. G. via cutting)
AVRO-53. Use Ivy to retrieve Java dependencies. (cutting)
AVRO-56. Use Jackson to generate JSON from Java. (cutting)
AVRO-36. Correctly encode and decode binary default values.
AVRO-59. C++: make serializer more generic. (Scott Banachowski
via cutting)
AVRO-68. Add license headers to C sources and improve C packaging.
(Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-351. Shorten induce tool description; add check to avoid overly verbose
descriptions. (philz)
AVRO-3. Fix ValueReader to throw an exception at EOF.
(Pat Hunt via cutting)
AVRO-4. Fix so that specific code generation works under Eclipse.
(Pat Hunt via cutting)
AVRO-14. Fix so that EOF is not thrown when one attempts to read
an empty buffer. (sharad via cutting)
AVRO-31. Fix Java package imports in generated specific classes.
(sharad via cutting)
AVRO-21. Default Java namespace from containing definition. (cutting)
AVRO-12. Fix recursive schemas in Java so that equals() and
hashCode() do not cause a stack overflow. (cutting)
AVRO-22. When parsing schemas in Java, do not permit anonymous.
AVRO-39. Fix bug in Java record schema toString(). (sharad)
AVRO-40. Fix typo in specfication, where 'unsigned' was used where
'signed' was intended. (cutting)
AVRO-44. Fix so that 'ant clean' works even if C has not been
built. (Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-45. Fix c++ compliation so that python script need not be
made executable. (Scott Banachowski via cutting)
AVRO-51. Fix to exit correctly. (Philip Zeyliger
via sharad)
AVRO-55. Fix two spec document typos. (cutting)
AVRO-69. Make C's install-sh script executable. (Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-70. Add license header to json_schema.y. (Matt Massie via cutting)
AVRO-74. Add missing license headers in C++. (cutting)
AVRO-73. Workaround in python to fix simplejson bug on Mac OS. (sharad)
AVRO-64. Fix socket and parser issue on Mac OS. (sharad)
AVRO-77. Fix C unit tests on Mac OS. (Matt Massie via cutting)
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