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Is there a concrete reason why only one heel process is allowed at a time? If I specify an alternate port for each new instance, shouldn't that be enough?


You are correct, there is no technical reason you couldn't have more than one heel process running. I'll make this a feature request.

A quick fix would be to have the pid file have the port number in it. I can probably work on that in the next week or so. Or if you like, feel free to submit a pull request. See


👍 This would be awesome.

@copiousfreetime copiousfreetime added a commit that closed this issue Jul 7, 2013
@copiousfreetime Allow for multiple heels running on different ports
Remove the assumption that a person would only run one instance of heel
at a time. Now each instance of heel running stores its pid in a file
that has the port number in the filename.

This allows for multiple heels to run simultanesouly on different ports.

Closes #9

Cheers dude, this is a huge help. I had planned to have a go at implementing it myself but didn't have time this month. :highfive:


@ibroadfo Glad to be of service. Feel free to throw out other ideas you have too.

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